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The Future of IPTV - Right Here, Right Now


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The Future of IPTV - Right Here, Right Now

  1. 1. The fuTure of IPTV rIghT here, rIghT noW Prepare your business for the future of IPTV with a choice of cost-effective solutions from Sun™.
  2. 2. > Sun IPTV SoLuTIonS: The ChoICe IS YourS IPTV: overcoming Traditional Challenges advertising to offer more value to advertisers by increasing Until now, companies have struggled to implement IPTV the efficiency and removing the limitations of conventional solutions that can generate significant revenue. In addition, the advertising approaches. Then, increase interactivity through astronomical costs of entering the IPTV market have prevented a two-way experience that improves user satisfaction while many smaller players from getting in on the ground floor while enabling features that can directly link advertising with sales, making it difficult for even the largest company to achieve an meeting the needs of both users and advertisers. acceptable return on investment. Sun for IPTV Among the problems early IPTV adopters have faced is Though content and the way it’s presented brings users and differentiation–early IPTV deployments have been no different advertisers to your door, the technology you use to deliver that from traditional broadcasting, so companies have little leverage content experience is of utmost importance. The success of an to negotiate deployment rights to new content. And for IPTV service will largely be determined by the technological multicasting to become lucrative, it needs to deliver content to infrastructure upon which it’s built. The cost and revenue a mass market. Without a huge audience, advertisers simply potential of your solution depend on how you architect and look elsewhere. It all boils down to revenue: Without customers deploy your solution, so it’s important to realize that the and advertisers, an IPTV service is bound to fail. technology you use will greatly impact average revenue per user (ARPU) and will define the kind of ad revenues you can expect The key for IPTV providers is to implement cost-effective on a cost-per-user basis. solutions that allow them to offer services that attract and retain customers as well as advertisers—ensuring both a To help you implement your IPTV solution, Sun offers the healthy revenue stream and a positive return on investment. most open, cost-effective, and massively scalable IPTV technologies. Sun solutions are comprehensive and reliable, Successful IPTV Solutions: It’s All About the users reducing execution, technical, and business risk. They support As your customers increasingly take control of their media all types of IPTV services (e.g., video, image, music, gaming, experience, your infrastructure and business model need location-based) and deliver them to all device types. These to focus on the user experience to be successful. Customers pre-integrated, best-in-breed solutions deliver faster time to are your most valuable asset, so the more customers you revenue, reduce your cost base, limit complexity, and increase can attract with your services, the easier it will be to attract your margins. premium advertising revenues. At the same time, by utilizing user-generated content, you can not only lower your You’ll be able to keep pace with rapidly changing applications dependency upon premium content, but also gain more user and a fast-growing user base—so when demand skyrockets, loyalty and leverage with content providers. you’ll be adequately prepared for explosive growth. At the same time, you’ll be able to deliver the kind of services, and So, how can you attract and retain both customers and experience, that keep users and advertisers interested and advertisers? invested in your offerings. Allow user-personalized content to increase the “stickiness” of your programming while reducing churn. Deploy targeted
  3. 3. “Sun’s high-capacity servers bring next- generation technology, processing power, and storage capacity to the u-verse TV network.” –Ernie Carey, Vice President, Advanced Network Technologies, AT&T Sun IPTV Solutions: The Choice Is Yours Microsoft Mediaroom on Sun Not all IPTV deployments are the same. Some are network-centric; For IPTV providers looking to deploy Microsoft Mediaroom, Sun offers some are distributed. Many providers choose to take an open, an excellent server and storage platform. Mediaroom provides an industry-standard approach to technology, while others choose a end-to-end solution, from your streaming infrastructure all the way to single-vendor solution. No matter what route you choose, Sun is the remote control, that delivers a rich, customizable user experience. the only provider that offers IPTV solutions for multicasting and unicasting, while achieving, in both cases, the lowest total cost of Sun and Microsoft have partnered to deliver this combined solution ownership (TCO). Whatever your approach, with years of experience that takes full advantage of Sun’s affordable server and storage in the media and entertainment industry, we can help guide you, products. Servers and storage from Sun offer: as well as help you implement the solution that best meets your • Extreme cost-effectiveness business and technological needs. • Top performance • Massive scalability Sun Streaming System • Incredible energy efficiency The Sun Streaming System is an affordable solution that allows you to simultaneously deliver a personalized experience to a tremendous The Sun collaboration with Microsoft brings the best of both worlds number of users. Depending on user behavior (e.g., channel surfing), to your IPTV deployment. And to increase the performance of their the system can switch between unicasting and multicasting to deliver combined solution, Microsoft and Sun have built an interoperability a seamless user experience. It delivers its quick-to-market video center on Microsoft’s campus. With such innovative, affordable, high- services on an unparalleled IPTV platform that’s: performing technology, it’s no surprise Sun has become a leading player in Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV deployments. • Remarkably affordable • Incredibly reliable Choose Sun • Extremely efficient For large enterprises or smaller TELCO startups looking to get into • Massively scalable the quickly emerging IPTV market, now is the best time to act. Combining flexible, affordable servers and storage, the As the only IPTV solution provider with more than one option, Sun Sun Streaming System allows you to enter emerging markets is the right place to start. Whether you choose the Sun Streaming at a low cost for first-subscriber roll-outs, then rapidly scale System or Microsoft Mediaroom on Sun, you’ll benefit from incredible as subscribers and services grow. It provides video caching, cost-effectiveness, serious performance, and extremely low TCO. streaming, and optical transport capabilities, all in an integrated No matter what you’re looking for in an IPTV solution, Sun has IP-streaming system. the technology, expertise, and industry experience to make it work for both your business and your customers. Without a doubt, Sun is The Sun Streaming System is a complete, end-to-end system that your best choice for IPTV. works with all the leading user-interface, digital-rights-management, content-management, client, middleware, and set-top-box solutions for IPTV. And, as it’s built on an open platform, it can integrate with any existing infrastructure. By keeping your infrastructure open and ready for the next advancements, you’ll also be able to benefit from future innovations and technology, without interoperability or scalability headaches.
  4. 4. > It’s no surprise that over 150 leading media and entertainment customers around the world already use Sun for digital media—why not you? Award-Winning Products • iogenes Labs and Storage Magazine D Sun was selected ahead of every other systems company by the Diogenes Labs and Storage Magazine quality awards for 2006 Supporting Products • rost & Sullivan Technology Award F Sun’s Digital Asset Manager won Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Media Application Technology of the Year Award in 2006 • un Fire™ X4100 M2 Server S • un Fire x4950 Streaming Switch S Fast, reliable, and energy-efficient 1RU server powered by quad- With up to two terabytes of memory, offers cost-effective, scalable core or dual-core AMD Opteron processors memory-based caching and streaming • un Fire X4140 Server S • un Fire X4500 Storage Server S Built with AMD Opteron processors, it offers eight cores and more Delivers two to three times the density while using 50% less than a terabyte of high-performance internal disk storage in 1RU power and cooling than competing closed-storage systems • un Fire X4150 Server S • un StorageTek™ 2530 Disk Array S Powered by Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processors—offering Offers incredible affordability with reliable RAID functionality and best-in-class performance, expandability, and energy efficiency the highest reliability in its class • un Fire x4600 Server S Packs the power of eight processors into a compact 4RU, featuring quad-core AMD Opteron processors Sun is... One of the world’s most innovative companies.* #1 vendor of archive solutions, storing over 37% of the world’s data and content. #1 vendor of UNIX® storage in both terabytes and units shipped. The holder of over 170 world record performance benchmarks for storage, servers, and software. The inventor of Java™ Technology, with Java-enabled devices totaling over 5.5 billion— including 2.1 billion mobile phones—and growing at over 500 million per year. *“The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies,” Fast Company, March 1, 2008. Learn More To get more information about Contact your Sun IPTV representative at Sun’s IPTV solutions, visit: today. © 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Sun, Sun Microsystems, Sun Fire, Sun StorageTek, Java, and the Sun logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc., or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All other company names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. SunWIN#: 548096 Lit.#: INBR14640-0 11/08