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  1. 1. STUDY OF THE TELCO TV MARKET Focused on Tier 2 and Tier 3 Carriers and CLECs Prepared for : Thales Broadcast and Multimedia August 1, 2005 Prepared by : IGI Consulting, Inc. A Member of the IGI Group 320 Washington Street, Suite 302 Brighton, MA 02135-3356 Toll-Free: 800-323-1088, Tel: 617-782-5033 Fax: 617-782-5033, Email:
  2. 2. Proposal for Consulting Work For Thales Broadcast and Multimedia 1. Purpose: The purpose of this project described herein is to assist Thales Broadcast and Multimedia (Thales) in the understanding of the US market in IPTV. This report is particularly directed at IPTV as is (or will be) employed by the smaller telcos (‘Tier 2 and 3’ telcos) and the CLECs. It will also include informational material on the RBOCs plans in this area for comparison. 2. Scope: The proposed activity is limited to a search of available sources on the subject. Also included, will be direct discussions with personnel in some smaller telcos who either have, or are in some stage of implementing IPTV. Data on IPTV implementation to date and/or forecasts for future implementation will be included. In addition an effort will be made to differentiate the various approaches to IPTV as well as to the infrastructure necessary to deliver IPTV to the end customers. 3. Prime Researchers: (Resumés available.) This project will be managed by Dr. paul Polishuk and IGI Consulting (IGIC) and performed by an IGIC associate, Mr Cliff Holliday. Dr. Paul Polishuk – President and owner of Information Gatekeepers; Extensive regulatory, technical, consulting, and analyst background in telecommunications and FTTP. Clifford Holliday – B&C Consulting Services, Author of the Lightwave Report Series, and who has extensive planning, business development and engineering background in telecommunications and FTTP for GTE, now Verizon. He has written a recent reports on “IPTV” and FTTP. Both resumés are included in the appendix. 4. Work Statement This project will consist of developing a report specifically for Thales’ needs in this area. The first stage of this project will consist of identifying data sources, and doing a search for relevant material and conducting interviews. 2
  3. 3. The second stage will consist of the preparation of the report itself. Final Report Presentation. A presentation of the deliverables from Phases I & II. It is anticipated that contents of the report will consist of the following: (Note that as the research progresses, it may be deemed appropriate to revise the arrangement of this outline, but the topical content will be as presented.) Introduction IPTV Description Architectural Approaches to Delivering IPTV RBOC IPTV Plans Smaller US Telco IPTV Plans CLEC IPTV Plans Examples of Small Telco/CLEC IPTV Deployments - Access lines by State and By Company - Relationship with Middleware Players Summary 5. Time Frame This report will be completed and available by the end of August, 2005. 6. Project Cost IGIC estimates that this project can be completed at a fixed cost of $15,000 7. Pay and Schedule If Thales agrees to proceed, one half of the professional fee will be due on signing and the remainder on the delivery of the final report. 3
  4. 4. 8. Confidentiality The name of the sponsor will not be disclosed unless specifically approved by the sponsor. Agreed: __________________________ __________________________ Thales Broadcast and Mutlimedia IGI Consulting, Inc. ________ ________ Date Date 4
  5. 5. Appendix: Prime Researcher Resumés 5
  6. 6. Dr. Paul Polishuk Dr. Paul Polishuk is President and Chairman of the Board of the IGI Group of Companies, which includes IGI Consulting Inc., Information Gatekeepers Inc., IGICom and twelve overseas offices. Information Gatekeepers Inc., the original company of the Group, was founded in 1977. All companies are involved in providing information and analysis of fiber optics and telecommunications markets and technology trends worldwide. He is a worldrenown expert on fiber optics technology and markets. Since 1977, Dr. Polishuk has been involved in analyzing, studying, lecturing and promoting the fiber optics industry around the world. He has been and is involved in numerous studies involving the design of fiber optics networks, markets for submarine fiber optic cable, plastic fiber optics, SONET/SDH, video-on-demand, ATM and the application of fiber optics in such industries as the electric utilities. A number of his recent assignments have involved acquisitions, transfer of technology, joint ventures and new fiber optic start-up ventures. Dr. Polishuk has traveled extensively and has lectured on fiber optics in China, Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. He has advised governments on technologypolicy with regard to fiber optics, such as the United States, Russia, India and Bermuda.Finally, he was responsible for the design of a data network for Korea which resulted in DACOM. Information Gatekeepers is the largest publisher and consultant in the fiber optics field worldwide. It publishes eight newsletters on the field, an International Fiber Optics Yellow Pages and over 100 different publications in the fiber optics and related fields. Dr. Polishuk founded Horizon House International in February 1976 and within two years doubled the sales of the company as to compared to its parent company, which had been in business for 20 years. He left Horizon House in November 1977 to form Information Gatekeepers Inc. after successfully organizing the first International Telecommunications Exposition to be held in the United States. In August 1971, he joined the Office of Telecommunications, US Department of Commerce, as Deputy Director. He was Director of the organization's Policy Support Division, which was responsible for Telecommunications Policy Development for the White House. Dr. Polishuk became Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Telecommunications in August 1972 and served in this capacity until February 1976 when he left Federal service. From June 1968 to June 1970, Dr. Polishuk was the first Director of Planning for the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and was Senior Research Scientist at the Laboratory from October 1956 to June 1968. He received a B.S. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1956, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from Ohio State in 1962 and 1964. In 1971, he received and S.M. in Management from MIT, after spending a year as a Sloan Fellow. 6
  7. 7. PROFILE CLIFFORD R. HOLLIDAY PRESIDENT B & C CONSULTING SERVICES • CURRENT CAPABILITIES B & C provides consulting services to industry and governmental agencies in the areas of market, strategic and technology planning. A particular strength is in developing technical plans upon which to base business plans for fiber optic (SONET, ATM, and IP over DWDM) telecommunications and computer networks, and applications for these networks including VoIP, ISP, and LD switching. B & C specializes in providing highly personalized, custom consulting in the identified areas of expertise. B & C only accepts a tightly limited number of clients at any given time, and provides extremely flexible services to meet the needs of accepted clients. • EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND and MEMBERSHIPS BS EE and MBA, University of Kentucky –1963, 1968 Professional Engineer, Kentucky, Texas Member – IEEE, SPIE, National and Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and many others. • WORK BACKGROUND 30 Years – GTE – through November 1993. AVP – Operations and Technology Development 1994 – present – Founder and President B & C Consulting Services • CURRENT CONSULTING WORK B & C consults generally in many areas of telecommunications, and the detailed listing describes that activity. For the last sevearl years, B & C has primarily consulted in (and written about) planning for various fiber optic networks, from large enterprise applications to countrywide networks. • CURRENT PUBLICATIONS B & C is very active in participating in the development and advancing of new telecommunications technologies and applications, through extensive publications. The detail lists contain a complete review of this writing, but the following is a sample of recent activity. 7
  8. 8. - Thirty+ major reports for Information Gatekeepers, Inc, (, including the very popular “Lightwave” series. (Latest reports – “IPTV – The Light Sword of the RBOCs,” and “The Market after the Mergers - The Telecom Economy Today – 2005,” “RODAM Systems,” and “FTTP Going Strong in 2005.”) - Former Columnist for ChipCenter’s Telecommunications Knowledge Center. ( - Invited lead editorialist for the Fiber Optics Product News, - “Bringing the ‘Lightwave’ out of Chaos,” and coming in 2001, “Bring in the DSL Clowns.” - Many years (1996-2004) as a featured author in the Annual Review of Communications, International Engineering Consortium. - Frequent contributor to the major telecommunications magazines – Telephony and America’s Network. - Advisor on the Mark Gerson Council of Technology Advisors – • AFFILIATIONS B & C Consulting Services is a fully independent organization; however, we have various affiliations with other groups to offer expanded capabilities to our clients. These affiliations include: - Information Gatekeepers, Inc. - Apogee International, - ETC Partners – An investment group in the Dallas area. - The Baker Group – A management-consulting group in Northern Texas. 8