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Sun™ Reference Architecture
                                               for IPTV
2 Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV                                                                                     ...
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Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV


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Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV

  1. 1. Sun™ Reference Architecture for IPTV Integrated VoD and nPVR Infrastructure < Fundamental changes are taking place in the ways that people view television and video. Through Video on Demand (VoD), network personal video recording (nPVR), pay per view (PPV), and other technologies, viewers are taking an active role in what, where, and when they watch. These trends offer considerable promise to telecommunications, cable, and wireless providers, as they seek to attract and retain customers with new IPTV services. Based on the massively scalable Sun™ Streaming System, the Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV integrates key partner technologies to provide an end-to-end video services infrastructure. Delivering effective IPTV Beyond the capabilities of individual video No matter what the promise, video services servers, delivering video over IP also requires infrastructure remains challenging to inte- integration of specialized technologies: grate for many organizations. By its very • Effective security and digital rights manage- Highlights nature, video infrastructure can be complex to ment for valuable and vulnerable content design, integrate, and deploy. At the same • Capabilities to ingest, entitle, and distribute • The fully-integrated Sun time, some existing proprietary solutions pose large numbers of digital video assets, while Reference Architecture for IPTV provides personalized information arbitrary limitations, resulting in inflexible, managing bandwidth, and session set-up and entertainment, rich interac- expensive, and non-scalable implementations. • A flexible and compelling custom viewing tive services, and unmatched Complicating matters, video services cus- experience for the applications that run on availability. tomers naturally have very high expectations set top boxes (STBs) • The innovative and massively for seamless and uninterrupted service — • Effective encoding and encryption for distri- scalable Sun Streaming System with low tolerance for outages. bution of titles across the network offers memory-based streaming, storage, and distributed Sun Deploying IPTV effectively requires video To meet these demands, the Sun Reference Streaming Software. services infrastructure that can rise to the Architecture for IPTV brings together multiple • IMAKE OpenVision backoffice challenge. To succeed, effective IPTV infra- leading IPTV vendors with industry-leading components ingest, manage, and structure needs: solutions. Serving as a consolidated founda- distribute video assets, entitle VoD products and services, • Multidimensional scalability — Video tion, the innovative Sun Streaming System manage bandwidth, and provide services solutions must not only provide a can greatly simplify deployment, save on session set-up. seamless service, but need to scale dynami- management costs, cut CAPEX, and reduce • Digisoft’s DigiHost application cally to meet growing demands. OPEX by lowering datacenter floor/rack space, server offers compelling • Consolidated and manageable infrastruc- power consumption, and required cooling. presentation, customizable look ture — The inherent limitations of disk- Breakthrough technology such as the Sun and feel, interactive advertising, Fire™ X4950 Streaming Switch provides very based video servers have caused and next-generation interactive considerable server sprawl and complexity, high levels of video throughput while the Sun services. excessive numbers of components, and Fire X4500 server adds large scale cost-effec- • The Verimatrix Video Content overwhelming management costs. tive storage. The Sun Streaming Software Authority System (VCAS) provides an advanced suite of • Open and standard protocols — Some provides open and standard interfaces that technology that addresses vendors ship proprietary IPTV solutions that allow integration with a carefully selected and content security challenges. are designed to lock organizations into their integrated list of industry-leading third party • Harmonic provides standard product set, arbitrarily limiting innovation. components. Building on these components, definition (SD) and high definition this reference architecture can help take the (HD) encoders for MPEG-4/AVC cost and risk out of deploying IPTV. (H.264) encoding.
  2. 2. 2 Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV The IMAKE OpenVision components used in the entitles VoD products and services, manages Sun Reference Architectures have been Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV include: bandwidth and session set-up, and handles EPG designed, tested, tuned, and documented so • The Asset Management System, comprising feed ingestion and channel mapping. that customers can accelerate time-to-revenue a set of core components to allow for receiv- as well as help reduce the complexity, costs, ing assets, validating metadata, implement- Digisoft DigiHost Platform and risks of deploying new technology in the ing business rules, and distributing content. Digisoft provides a state of the art Navigation enterprise. Sun Reference Architectures • The Entitlement/Subscriber Management server, working hand-in-hand with DigiHost a include: System, a real-time distributed subscriber service delivery platform (SDP) engine that • A documented multitiered architecture database that provides an API for billing enables operators to deploy new interactive • Recommended technology products from systems and has been integrated with DST services rapidly. This highly flexible and scala- Sun and other vendors Innovis and CSG Systems billing systems for ble application server comes complete with • Technical documents that guide service and event management. software developer’s kits (SDKs) for integra- architecture, sizing, and implementation • The Session Resource Manager, responsible tion, server-side extension, and client develop- for receiving the session requests from a ment. All SDKs are Java™ technology based, Before choosing to implement the Sun population of clients, allocating the and integrated with the NetBeans™ integrated Reference Architecture for IPTV, organizations resources required to service those requests development environment (IDE). can also run a proof-of-concept at any of a and managing the individual resources for number of Sun Solution Centers. For more the duration of the request. With these tools, organizations can build next information on Sun Reference Architectures, • The Streaming Broadcast Manager, provid- generation applications that provide both mar- see ing the ability to ingest a program guide ket differentiation and revenue generation. feed from the Electronic Program Guide The server-side components include: Architecture design (EPG) File Server, edit the feed, and generate • An Integration SDK to connect with other Throughout the process of designing the Sun numerous other feeds that are targeted to existing infrastructure Reference Architecture for IPTV, certain require- the customer’s VoD and nPVR service • A Server SDK to allow providers to extend ment were emphasized, such as reliability, offerings. the platform high-availability, resiliency, cost-effectiveness, a high degree of scalability, and use of best-in- Together these components comprise the On the client side, a Java Platform, Micro class products. By adhering to these fundamen- portion of the reference architecture that Edition (Java ME platform) enabled Set Top Box tal criteria and investing extensive effort in ingests, manages, and distributes VoD assets, and Java applications for TV such as an development, integration, testing, and tuning the architecture, Sun technologists have pro- Legend duced an effective and scalable IPTV reference Billing System/CRM Sun Ad Placement Server IMAKE architecture that is well suited for enterprise Digisoft Verimatrix applications. Figure 1 depicts the reference Subscriber Management System Harmonic Entitlement Server Control Interface architecture implementation with video serv- Offer Server STB Control Video Session Resource Manager ices components identified. Third party compo- nents are described in the sections that follow. EPG Ingest DigiHost Streaming Broadcast Manager Navigation Server IMAKE OpenVision Asset Manager IMAKE’s IPTV backoffice solution addresses VoD Content CA System several issues in today's IPTV market. These issues include scalability, distribution of con- Encoder Encryptor tent across different platforms, ability to “price Live TV Management Console (HTML) Sun Streaming System and offer” a combination of on-demand prod- uct offerings and broadcast TV, open systems, Figure 1: The Sun IPTV Reference Architecture provides an integrated end-to-end solution for and targeted advertising. deploying digital video services
  3. 3. 3 Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV Interactive Program Guide, Distance Learning, watched and recorded. Furthermore, having IP multiple systems, the Sun Streaming System and Voting are also supplied. based headend infrastructure for IPTV can help functions as an integral whole, and is treated Client-side components include: lower costs, simplify operations, enhance and managed as a singular entity. The Sun • A Client SDK to enable providers to create reliability, and offer the most flexibility to the Streaming System presents several important user interfaces and applications operator. technology innovations, including: • An interactive program guide to allow organ- • Memory-based streaming, decoupled from izations to develop their own Java compo- As a part of the Sun Reference Architecture for storage nents and define the customer experience at IPTV, Harmonic provides both the DiviCom • Network integration and consolidation a source code level Electra 5400 and 7000 encoders. • Scalable session management • The high performance DiviCom Electra 5400 • Network based redundancy Verimatrix Content Authority System (VCAS) encoder is Harmonic’s third generation In the content security domain, the very tech- MPEG-4 AVC standard definition (SD) Designed specifically for the needs of video nologies that make IPTV architectures possible encoder. Operators can deliver up to four streaming providers, the Sun Streaming can also pose a threat to the business model. simultaneous variable bit rate (VBR) or Software maps each of the software functional Sophisticated content piracy and widespread constant bit rate (CBR) MPEG-4 AVC chan- nodes to the corresponding hardware compo- broadband Internet access are a legitimate nels, in both high and low resolution for- nents of the Sun Streaming System. Sun concern to the owners of valuable content. mats. Streaming System hardware and software Success of the IPTV industry ultimately • The DiviCom Electra 7000 encoder is the components are depicted in Figure 2, and are depends on robust security technology. world’s first multichannel, multiservice high described in the sections that follow. definition (HD) MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) encoder. The Verimatrix Content Authority System The DiviCom Electra 7000 encoder supports Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch (VCAS) offers an advanced suite of technologies up to four full resolution HD channels, and The Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch repre- that address the content security challenges of can simultaneously create low-resolution sents a key innovation for the Sun Streaming the networks of today, and those of tomorrow. services for picture-in-picture (PiP) or multi- System. Each switch offers cost-effective scala- Verimatrix has designed its content security channel mosaic applications. ble memory-based caching and streaming, and solutions around the proven power of two-way provides: IP connectivity and Internet cryptographic The Sun Streaming System for massive • Up to 2 terabytes (TB) of memory standards. As a software based content security streaming scalability • A 320 Gbps non-blocking cross bar switch solution, this approach offers more robust Together with the other components of the with a one-to-one input-to-output ratio protection than previous-generation systems reference architecture, the Sun Streaming • Up to 32 10 Gb Ethernet optical networking based on smart-card architectures. Software System represents an integrated, flexible, and ports at wire speed direct from the stream- based content security offers inherently lower- scalable architecture. Though comprised of ing cache memory (320 Gbps/switch total) cost client devices, and the opportunity to regularly download updates to the security Software Operations Mgr. regime to counter inevitable piracy attacks. The Content Controller node(s) Sun Fire X4100 servers Session Controller node(s) VCAS solution also offers additional security Import Processor node(s) technologies, including advanced clone detec- Media Store node(s) Sun Fire X4500 server(s) tion and user-specific forensic watermarking of video to extend the protection regime. Harmonic Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Service node(s) In IPTV architectures, network transmissions Streaming Switch(es) are limited to channels or programs requested Sun Streaming Software Sun Streaming Hardware by users in the home. As a result, compression efficiency is very important, since it can ulti- Figure 2: The Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV is based on the scalable Sun Streaming mately limit the number of streams that can be System, comprised of innovative Sun hardware and Sun Streaming Software.
  4. 4. 4 Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV Each Sun Fire X4950 Streaming switch • Session controller nodes — One or more deployed as a part of the Sun Streaming Session Controller nodes manage the estab- Learn More System acts as a Streaming Service node, and lishment of sessions for streaming within To learn more about the Sun Reference can support up to 160,000 2 Mbps SD the Sun Streaming System, communicating Architecture for IPTV, visit H.264/AVC streams or up to 40,000 8 Mbps HD with the third-party components such as the or contact your H.264/AVC streams. Session Resource Manager (SRM) and set Sun representative. For a prototype of this top boxes using the standard RTSP protocol. Reference Architecture, visit the Sun Sun Fire X4500 server • Content Controller nodes — Content Solution Centers at The Sun Streaming System uses the Sun Fire Controller nodes allow a third-party asset X4500 server for storage of video titles. Each management system to load and unload server stores up to 24 terabytes of raw video VoD or nPVR assets, verifying that sufficient content (or up to 9,400 hours of 2 Mbps MPEG4 Import Processor node bandwidth exists and video, including trick-play streams). In the Sun that sufficient disk space remains on a Streaming System, each Sun Fire X4500 server Media Store node (Sun Fire X4500 server) to interfaces directly to at least one Sun Fire store the content. X4950 Streaming Switch via a 10 Gb Ethernet • Import Processor nodes — One or more connection. Up to a total of 32 Sun Fire X4500 Import Processor nodes process MPEG2 or servers can be deployed in a single Sun MPEG4 H.264/AVC video streams from either Streaming System — capable of storing about FTP servers or encoders, generating trick- 300,000 hours of video at 2 Mbps. Each Sun Fire play files and optimizing video structure X4500 server acts as a Media Store node. before storing content on a Media Store node. Sun Fire X4100 servers In the Sun Streaming System, multiple Sun Fire Putting the Sun Reference Architecture for X4100 servers provide scalable and high-per- IPTV to work formance resources for a range of manage- With the Sun Reference Architecture for IPTV, ment and control functions. These systems Sun can help design and deploy effective video interface with third-party asset management services infrastructure for telecommunications, and other middleware components in the cable, and wireless providers. Easily tailored to reference architecture. Overall system manage- suit a wide range of diverse needs, this care- ment, session control, content control, and fully designed approach helps enable organiza- import processing functions are provided by tions to implement enterprise IPTV the Sun Streaming Software nodes. architecture quickly for faster time-to-market. • Software Operations Manager (SOM) — This With effective video services infrastructure, Supervisor node functions as the central providers can attract and retain customers with point for monitoring and controlling the compelling and scalable video services — all entire Sun Streaming System, and also with lower levels of risk and complexity. serves as a boot server for all of the other nodes. Sun Microsystems, Inc. 4150 Network Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA Phone 1-650-960-1300 or 1-800-555-9SUN Web © 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Java, NetBeans, and Sun Fire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other coun- tries. Information subject to change without notice. SunWIN #499952, Lit. # SYSB13033-0 7/07