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SNEA(I)/Director(HRD)/7/6-09 Dated 4th June,09.


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SNEA(I)/Director(HRD)/7/6-09 Dated 4th June,09.

  1. 1. SNEA(I)/Director(HRD)/7/6-09 Dated 4th June,09. TO Shri. Gopal Das, Director (HRD), BSNL New Delhi. Sub: Optimum and appropriate Manpower utilization reg:- Ref: No. 20-21/2004-Pers IV dated 05-04-2004. Sir, We have been consistently urging and impressing upon your good self exclusively from the considerations of improving the customer interface and the finances of the Company to initiate series of positive actions relating to HR deployment and its optimum and meaningful utilization aimed at lending a new face to the commercial aspect of the Company. We have been also relentlessly focusing and highlighting the issues of growth of the Company relating to all the aspects before our membership and urging upon them to put in their very best efforts to galvanize the growth of our beloved Company. We have been unprejudiced in expressing our opinion on issues of vital importance to the growth of the Company and have been successfully able to generate considerable enthusiasm among our members which needs to be tapped and exploited by the Management by having a fresh and open minded look at manpower deployment in critical areas of the growth of the Company. Neither the Management nor any of the Associations, we believe, would be even remotely thinking in terms of opposing enforcing sweeping reforms that are urgently needed to be pushed through in manpower deployment in key areas of growth. None of us can afford to be looking at the whole issue in an isolated manner but the growth and upliftment of the Organization. The very hard fact that more than 70% of the revenue of the Company is generated from the land line sector, comprising of the leased lines, broadband etc., is to be essentially and unavoidably borne in mind while deciding manpower deployment. With Broad band, IPTV services etc hitting the market as most popular and attractive new products, the capacity of the Company to capture a large market share in these new sectors cannot be undermined under any circumstances. With future unprecedented growth projected and expected in these high demand sectors, the importance and the strategies to be adopted to tap and exploit enormous market potential in these areas assumes greatest significance, and one of the key strategies is deciding the appropriate
  2. 2. man power deployment. Management and the Associations have to be truly pragmatic and focused while deciding manpower deployment in the Company and it would be suicidal for the growth of the Company if any one of us tries to look at the whole issue in a parochial manner. It is in the context of the aforesaid facts and rapid growth expected in near future in these critical areas in rural sector that the letter under reference requires an urgent and serious reconsideration. The instructions contained in the letter had relevance when there was an acute scarcity of directly recruited JTOs since direct recruitment did no take place due to one reason or the other for about a decade. Moreover, that was the time when BSNL had just entered mobile segment and was hitting the mobile market. Now that we have established ourselves in the mobile sector rather convincingly and are capable to grow in tune with the requirements of the times, it is high time to review these instructions, particularly in view of radical, emphatic and decisive shift in the growth of telecom market from urban to rural. With massive negative growth in the most potential and profitable land line sector staring at our faces the time has definitely come to think about alternate strategies, including HR redeployment, to boost the ever- shrinking revenues and profits of the Company. It is not a matter of whether direct recruit JTOs are to be posted in urban or rural areas. That thinking itself is counterproductive and unwarranted. It is basically a question of changing the strategies of the Company with tremendous and marked shift in areas of growth from urban to rural areas taking place. It is a question of how best to harness the potential of talented people, whether recruited from outside or promoted from within the Organization. That is the moot question. It has become extremely important in the present circumstances to focus on external plant, broadband provision and maintenance, transmission installation and maintenance, Marketing, sales, customer interface etc. Undoubtedly, upcoming and highly technologically oriented new products like broadband, IPTV, Wi-Max etc. require the expertise of young and dynamic Executives to tap market in these potential areas. When BSNL is facing stiff competition on all fronts and revenue is coming down day by day, posting of young and dynamic executives in the revenue generating areas is just the need of the hour. The Executives working in the field units contributing towards revenue generation are getting retired/r promoted and a huge vacuum is getting created. However, we are satisfied that almost of the CGMs, except MH/AP, are deploying JTOs in tune with the changing requirements of the Organization, not sticking to the obsolete contents of the letter under reference. The requirement, therefore, is that real expertise is needed in critical areas of growth for providing broadband connection, maintenance of cable network, provision and maintenance of leased circuits, maintenance and installation of Optical fibre cable and systems, marketing and sale of our products in the fields, provision and maintenance of WLL connections etc. The maintenance of WLL and GSM BTSs needs an expertise of very high quality in order to provide quality services. Merely restricting young and qualified JTOs within the four walls of MSCs and not exposing them to potential areas of growth in the field units, in both urban and rural areas, shall have serious consequences for the growth of the
  3. 3. Organization, and for creating this precarious situation, HR wing of BSNL shall be squarely responsible unless it immediately rescinds the highly obsolete instructions that it has issued six years before vide letter under reference. Even though separate sales and marketing teams are formed for specific works, the Executives working in the field units are functioning as the marketing and sales agents also. These strategic wings need to be sufficiently augmented by posting young officers in these areas. Apart from these more and more young and dynamic Executives are required in the field units for the installation and maintenance of modern transmission systems. In the DoT era, the entire installation and maintenance of all types of modern and rapidly changing switches were being entirely carried out by DOT officers, without any support from any external agency. It is surprising that with thousands and thousands of highly qualified people available, the traditional jobs being carried out in DOT are being outsourced. This is because of very poor perception that we yet have on man power deployment. Thus merely utilizing talented and young qualified engineers in the switches as highly paid computer operators is nothing but wastage of available resources, especially when their services are required in other potential revenue earning areas as pointed out above. Many circles have already deployed these young officers in potential rural sector to improve primarily quality of service and customer interface. It is only in Circles like Maharashtra headed by CGMs lacking pragmatism and vision that such a situation is being faced. And Maharashtra despite being a very high potential Circle is fast losing its revenue during the last three years due to complete lack of dynamic leadership. In view of aforesaid facts, we request your immediate personal intervention by reviewing and withdrawing the obsolete order under reference so as to pave the way for a balanced and faster growth of telecom services in BSNL, in both urban as well as rural areas. With warm regards, G.L.Jogi (General Secretary) Copy to: 1. Shri D.P.De, GM(Est.), BSNL CO, New Delhi. 2. Shri R.K.Mishra, GM(P), BSNLCO, New Delhi. 3. Shri Madhu Arora, GM(Restg.), BSNLCO, New Delhi.