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Short Biography / Biographie courte :


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Short Biography / Biographie courte :

  1. 1. Gulf IPv6 Summit Abu Dhabi 29th – 30th March 2005 Organized By : Case Technology & IPv6 Forum Main Sponsor : Etisalat & E-company Gold Sponsors: National Bank of Abu Dhabi & Siemon Company Case Technology in co-ordination with Etisalat and e-company are organizing the 2nd IPv6 Summit in UAE which will be held on 29th to 30th March 2005 at the Abu Dhabi Intercontinental Hotel. The IPv6 deployment shall support the new addresses, security, mobility, quality of services which will allow tremendous opportunities, this will have a substantial positive effect on the network to allow e-learning, e-searching, e- government, e-banking, e- national forces. The United Nations is working hard to deploy the new Internet protocol to develop the world mainly in establishing:  Health International network (Mainly websites for hospitals, clinics, and public health)  The United Nations Information Technology Services (To train people in developing countries) Adoption of IPv6 in mobile Infrastructure deployment will be the biggest driven in migration to IPv6. The IPv6 will provide the following:  3G Mobile broadband IP  Sensor networks  Wireless capability to every device  Peer to Peer Multiplayer games  IP TV, IP car, IP Frigidaire  Peer to Peer VOIP  Software defined radio  Mobility
  2. 2. Worldwide services providers started providing the new IPv6 addresses. Most technology players are ready for IPv6 and released ranges of products for the last few years. Like Sony, Microsoft, Panasonic, Intel, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson. Summit agenda:  During the summit experts from the international IPv6 forum, regional telecom and service providers will present their development and plans for deployment of IPv6.  During the summit, the following activities will be taken: • Paper works to be discussed to establish “AL Khawarizmi V6” Project between G.C.C Countries and North Africa to deploy the new Internet Protocol between both regions for development purposes. • Forming UAE IPv6 Task Force to co-ordinate with the Middle East, Africa and International IPv6 Task Forces. Speakers from , The IPv6 International Forum, E-company, Etisalat, RIPE, Tunis Telecom, ARAMCO, Egypt Telecom, France Telecom, Tele Glob Canada, ERICSSON, Juniper, Flarion Austria, CISCO, Siemon Co. National Bank of Abu Dhabi, The Shiekh Zayed Private Academy for Girls Will provide the attendees with their experience in deploying the IPv6 worldwide. The IPv6 summit will be attended by senior representatives from the following sectors:  Service providers like Etisalat, Batalco, Qtel, Egypt telecom, OmanTel, Tunis Telecom, ARAMCO, France Telecom, Tele Glob Canada,  UAE Banks, and G.C.C. Banks mostly those who launched their Online Banking services.  Oil Companies.  National forces & Police  Students, Professors and IP networking developers.  Key people from the education sector who are responsible for Online Education.  Industry leaders and manufacturer for Routers and system vendors who are delivering commercially supported IPv6 products.
  3. 3.  Main mobile service providers G3 and devices manufacturers who are supporting the new IPv6 applications in their devices and services.  Clients who are looking for bandwidth, security and mobility networks. Itidal Hasoon Founder of IPv6 Forum Vice Chair IPv6 MEA CEO Case Technology P.O. Box 41183,AD,UAE Tel : 971 2 6672 212 Fax : 971 2 6672 117 Web :