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SBC Confident Project Lightspeed Delivery "On Schedule"


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SBC Confident Project Lightspeed Delivery "On Schedule"

  1. 1. ipTV News Home arrow Latest news arrow SBC Confident Project Lightspeed Delivery "On Schedule" Thursday, 24 November 2005 Username Password Remember me iptvforum Login Forgotten your password? No account yet? Create one Home SBC Confident Project Lightspeed Delivery "On Search IPTVnews Latest news search... Features Schedule" IPTV News Shop Video vault Click here to visit IPTV News 22nd November, 2005-- Zeke Robertson, Executive Vice President Research, papers & reports Operations, SBC Operations Inc. shared key insights into Lightspeed’s Shop Careers progress with managers and customers at Motive’s recent customer Latest News Shop q ICTV Enabling the “Power Events conference, held 14th to 16th November in Austin,Texas. of Infinite Choice” at IPTV Forum The $4 billion Project Lightspeed in conjunction with Microsoft TV will see Events Asia Forum SBC deploy a next-generation IP-based network to deliver IP-based TV, broadband and voice services using fibre-to-the-neighborhood and q SBC Confident Project fibre-to-the-premises technologies. SBC is now saying Lightspeed will now Lightspeed Delivery "On reach their target 18 million homes in mid-2008, instead of year-end 2007, as Schedule" first planned. q Tivo and Apple Programming Deal Puts Robertson delivered the Industry Keynote: Competing at Lightspeed on Day Focus on Digital Content One. The combination of the recent acquisition of AT& T by SBC, and persistent industry speculation about the true state of Project Lightspeed and Challenges Microsoft TV’s role within it ensured an audience eager to hear the latest on q China Telecom to Launch SBC’s trailblazing project. IPTV Service Powered by UTStarcom's MVision Robertson stated that they were "very pleased"’ with the way that the System Lightspeed Service was progressing, and did not touch on any rumours of ongoing issues with the Microsoft TV platform. q Nortel Powers IPTV, Video and Advanced He reported tests were progressing well; " We have actually found that those Communications for Service Registration taking part in the test were so happy with the IPTV provision that they now Providers are unwilling to return to their original services." Feedback on the service (1 of 4) [24/11/2005 12:00:49]
  2. 2. ipTV News Register to receive; overall had been very positive, "exceeding" SBC’s expectations. Robertson IPTV News Forum confirmed that SBC were still pleased with the planned timescales of the Click here to visit IPTV News IPTV e-Newsletter project. Forum No account yet? Create one In a further interview with David Glenn Director Product Marketing, SBC Yahoo! Online Protection Service, more detail was revealed. Glenn stated that SBC "never really wanted to get this far into the customer home" but that the reduction of voice related revenue had made the step into wider services including video a necessity. He confirmed that the deployment would involve a truck roll, and associated costs, in order to install at the customer home. Glenn agreed that there would be interesting challenges for telcos making the transition to becoming TV service providers; "TV is a really emotional service to provide for consumers, and that’s a very new place for a telco to be." He concluded that a truly seamless customer experience of IPTV is now SBC’s priority. Partners Contact Us An interesting area of discussion was the Time Warner/AOL announcement Advertising on the release of their back catalogue over the Internet. The point was raised Search that service providers of this type could in the future potentially hog About iptv news bandwidth and impede the services SBC want to provide, and across their Write for ipTV news own network. Glenn responded that it was not currently an issue for concern, and that there would be no preferential treatment of the telco’s video provision over any other in future services. Syndicate Returning to more pressing and immediate issues, if SBC are looking to take a truck-roll to 18 million homes with a complex video service by the end of ’08 they must look to minimising costs of delivery and support in order to make good on their investment into video. OPML Conference hosts Motive are providing the self-managing software for Most Popular SBC’s current broadband services which streamline the self-installation process and help to decrease all round support costs. Ben Geller, Senior Manager of Industry Marketing at Motive stated that "We are going to be right there with them (SBC) on the data side of Lightspeed, and we are also talking to them about their TV services." Geller stressed the necessity for telcos to get services right first time; "TV is such an emotional service and the carriers have not previously had to deal with this. There’s so much at stake with the customer experience with IPTV, and they’ve got to get that nailed straight out of the gate." Motive set out their case clearly with conference demonstrations showcasing (2 of 4) [24/11/2005 12:00:49]
  3. 3. ipTV News their software solutions as an ideal way for telco’s to avoid potentially q IPTV -- The Killer App for crippling service delivery issues. They stressed that the IPTV business case Rural Telephone Companies doesn’t add up unless support costs are minimised, and explained that the q Interview with Jim complexities of service delivery in the home could rapidly erode any revenues gained through IPTV. Beveridge, Microsoft TV q PCCW and now Broadband Motive’s reality check on the IPTV industry is timely, as major telcos such TV Case Study as SBC and BT push to keep to their tight timescales. If support cost implications, and the impact on consumers of any service issues are not q Pushing the VOD considered at this vital stage, IPTV services will not pay off in the ways that Boundaries telcos need them to. This could potentially impact negatively on the q Content is King; but only if consumer perception of the provider’s service delivery as a whole, a scenario Protected that all telco’s entering the TV arena will be eager to avoid. Polls < Prev Next > Personalised content for micro [ Back ] audiences will be a key driver of IPTV services? Strongly agree Agree neither agree or disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Vote Interactive services will be a key form of value add IPTV operators can provide consumers strongly agree agree neither agree or disagree disagree strongly disagree Vote Content owners still perceive IPTV as not being secure Strongly agree Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Vote (3 of 4) [24/11/2005 12:00:49]