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Press Brief of Minister IT on GBBN


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Press Brief of Minister IT on GBBN

  1. 1. SPEECH OF ADV. DAYANAND G NARVEKAR OCCASION: Signing of Agreement for establishment of Goa Broadband Network across the State. Date: 6th November 2006 Time: 11.30 a.m. Venue: Conference Hall, Minister’s Block, Secretariat, Porvorim, GOA ********* Hon. CM, ……… I am happy to grace this occasion of Signing of agreement for establishment of Goa Broadband Network across the state. This is a very ambitious project of the Government. As you all know that connectivity has become the need of the day. Even rickshaw-wala is using mobile communications. Government has understood the need of establishing the core network across the state for better Governance and initiated this ambitious project. The department of Information Technology started this initiative during March 2006 by giving an open advertisement across the country for Expression of Interest. Around 28 orgnisations have purchased the document. The final evaluation is complete during October 2006. The entire process of calling for expression of interest, short listing of companies, preparation of RFP, short listing of companies based on technical evaluation and calculation of commercial bids was complete within a span of 8 months. I think no other state government has finalized such type of projects within such a short span of time. I appreciate the entire team of Department of Information Technology and the consultants “National Institute for Smart Government” for making this happen. Parallelly, our efforts are on for establishment of State Data Center, in which all the software applications of various departments of Government of Goa will be hosted. This is a single place of repository of the software applications and the databases. To offer the services to citizens across the globe, it is very much essential to have single official portal. Government has realized this and initiated the process for having a single official portal. This portal is aimed at offering all the Informative, Interactive, Transactional and Collaborative Services of the Government of Goa to the citizens and business. Once the portal is ready, any citizen, wherever they are, can see and pay their utility bills like telephone bills, property taxes, etc online without coming to Goa. There is no need for any citizen to go to various departments for various services. All the services are available
  2. 2. on the portal. They can see the various schemes of the Government, can download various applications, will be able to apply online and pay online once this portal is in place. The Government also initiated to establish Citizen Service Centers (CSCs) at every village panchayat level. These CSCs will offer all Government to Citizen Services. The citizen can go this center and get various applications, register a birth, get a birth certificate, get e-learning content available in the portal. Many services can be offered through these CSCs. All these initiatives are successful only when the back-end Computerisation is in place. Without back end computerization, all these initiatives will not be utilized fully. Hence, Government has started computerization of more than 30 departments through “InfoTech Corporation of Goa Ltd.”, which is corporation under the Department of Information Technology. I am sure that Government of Goa will be in top five list for e-Governance within couple of years from now. A consortium of three organizations will implement this Braod band project. M/s United Telecoms ltd. will be the prime partner, which will lead this project and responsible for implementation as per the RFP and agreement. M/s UT Starcom India Telecom Private Limited and M/s Railtel are the consortium partners. Signing of the agreement: Agreement will be signed by Mr. M N Rao, Director, Department of Information Technology on behalf of the Government and by Dr. P. Raja Mohan Rao, President & CEO of United Telecoms Limited on behalf of the consortium in the presence of Sri Pratapsingh Raoji Rane, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa and Sri Dayanand G Narvekar, Hon’ble Minister for Information Technology, Government of Goa. Salient features of this project: • Will be implemented on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model • Government will not invest upfront • Technology partner will invest upfront and will recover from the Government, Citizen and Business based on the services offered. • State headquarters, District headquarters and Taluka headquarters will be connected with 10Gbps bandwidth • Taluka headquarters to every village panchayat with 1Gbps bandwidth • From every village panchayat to every house will be connected with 2 to 100 Mbps bandwidth depending on demand by the household • Every Government office will be connected with 1Gbps bandwidth
  3. 3. Services being offered: • High speed intranet bandwidth • Voice telephony • Cable TV / IP TV • Educational content • Health care services • Entertainment • Movie on demand • All Government Services • Banking services • Video conferencing Implementation Schedule: • Covers State headquarters, District headquarters and Taluka headquarters within 120 days from today • Reaches every village panchayat within 120 days there on • Reaches every house primarily through Optic fiber cable and through wireless where ever not possible to reach by end of December 2007 Payment by Household: Government has evaluated the bids based on the charges to citizens also as one of the parameters as we are keen that citizen should get benefit out of this project. Based on the evaluation, the technology partner should not charge more than Rs. 270/- per month for providing intranet bandwidth and Rs. 252/- per month for providing Internet bandwidth. This we have differentiated because every household may not need Internet bandwidth. But every house hold may need intranet bandwidth as the Government services, education content to some extent, entertainment, cable TV etc will come in this suit. Highlight of this project: Government is not spending any amount for creation of this infrastructure but will get revenue out of this project @12% of the gross turnover on this project as a share to government from 1st day of 6th year onwards. Thank you all Adv. Dayanand G Narvekar