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SYS Technologies Completes Installation of Enhanced
Distance Learning System for Lehigh University

Distance Learning Syst...
Cliff Cooke, CEO of SYS Technologies, said: "Our strategy is to be a leading provider
of information connectivity solution...
Logic Innovations, a division of SYS, is a leading provider of innovative broadcast
solutions that ensure the fast and eff...
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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. SYS Technologies Completes Installation of Enhanced Distance Learning System for Lehigh University Distance Learning System Targets Education, Government, Defense, Safety and Security Markets SAN DIEGO – Feb. 8, 2007 – SYS Technologies (AMEX:SYS), a leading provider of information connectivity solutions that enable real-time, complex decision-making, announced today Logic Innovations, a division of SYS' Public Safety, Security and Industrial Systems Group (PSSIG), has completed delivery and installation of a distance learning system for Lehigh University. Logic Innovations was chosen to enhance the distance learning infrastructure for the Lehigh Educational Satellite Network (LESN), a project of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The project was completed in December, 2006. Lehigh's extensive experience in satellite-delivered distance learning was a key contributor to the success of this project. Alex Morykin, Supervisor of Broadcast Engineering for the Department of Distance Education at Lehigh University, said: "We were looking for a company to build a new satellite delivery system for us that would technically enhance and enrich our existing satellite program, utilizing the latest technologies in data casting and MPEG4 streaming. After talking with several vendors about our requirements, Logic Innovations was chosen for this very aggressive project." Morykin added: "We needed a system that would offer more flexible delivery options to students at our corporate partner sites. Logic Innovations Internet protocol TV (IPTV) delivery system allows remote students to watch classes live, as well as to record them for on-demand playback on a classroom television or on a student's desktop PC over the corporate network. Logic Innovations was able to accommodate all of our design requirements into this deployment while allowing for future expansion. We have and will continue to work very closely with Logic Innovations in the evolution of this new delivery system. We are proud that Lehigh University, with the help of Logic Innovations, was the first to deploy an IPTV delivery system of this type for the use of satellite distance learning." Charlie Mrdjenovich, President of SYS' Logic Innovations division, said: "This project demonstrates SYS' ability to work very closely with Lehigh personnel to develop the features and functionality that are critical for providers of distance learning programs. As a result, SYS has built a very robust and feature-rich solution that we can market for all distance learning programs whether it be universities, government, defense, homeland security, or company-based training and distributed learning systems." Mrdjenovich added, "Furthermore, we are currently developing an integrated distance learning solution that will include all the e-learning capabilities of our WebTech business and the network management capabilities most recently acquired through Ai Metrix, which will result in a very powerful and competitive solution to take to all of these markets."
  2. 2. Cliff Cooke, CEO of SYS Technologies, said: "Our strategy is to be a leading provider of information connectivity solutions. Distance learning is just one of the many applications for our broadcast solutions. Logic provides the capability to distribute information to a very wide array of users through its video and IP networking solutions for satellite and terrestrial applications. Use of this media to effect communications for homeland security purposes is just emerging. Logic's products represent the convergence of broadcast and Internet technologies by providing head- end (transmission) equipment and edge device (reception) equipment to provide the infrastructure for this key data- and video-powered distribution capability." Cooke concluded: "Broadcasting technologies have evolved from standard transmission of broadcast signals to datacasting with the inclusion of text data, and we believe will now be replaced by a communications form more powerful and flexible, namely 'media casting' to include rich-media content or multimedia that can be used for training, emergency alerts and real-time status of buildings, roadways, bridges and other fixed infrastructure. Furthermore, media cast content can be stored at its destination before it is viewed, which alters the role of receiving devices by transforming them into intelligent network devices. The greater functionality of these devices expands the variety and range of media they can receive and expands their potential use to many new applications. Logic's capabilities in this arena fit perfectly with SYS' plan for distribution of time-critical, high-volume information over broadband connections." About Lehigh University Lehigh University's Office of Distance Education has been providing graduate programs and courses to working professionals for more than 14 years. Professionals need access to lifelong education and training in a rapidly changing working environment. Through Lehigh's distance learning program, students can participate in courses previously inaccessible because of travel restrictions or work schedules. More than 1,400 students from over 50 dynamic corporation locations have partnered with LESN since 1992. Its satellite network carries live, on-campus classes to corporate sites such as Merck & Co., IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company and more. In the latest national ranking of best colleges, Lehigh University continues to be included among the most outstanding schools, with an overall ranking of 33rd. For more information about Lehigh's distance education program, visit: About SYS Technologies SYS Technologies is a leading provider of information connectivity solutions that capture, analyze and present real-time information to our customers in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, other government agencies and to large industrial companies. Using interoperable communications software, sensors, digital video broadcast and surveillance technologies, wireless networks, decision-support tools, and Net-centric technologies, our technical experts enhance complex decision-making. We also provide solution lifecycle support with program, financial, test and logistical services and training. Founded in 1966, SYS Technologies is headquartered in San Diego and has principal offices in California, Virginia and Maryland. For additional information, visit
  3. 3. Logic Innovations, a division of SYS, is a leading provider of innovative broadcast solutions that ensure the fast and efficient delivery of digital audio, video and data to the broadcasting, satellite, communications and consumer electronics industries. Applications for Logic's products include the television broadcast industry for the delivery of broadcast content; satellite service providers for the delivery of advanced video and data services over their video networks; corporations for internal distributed learning and/or financial information distribution; and the government, for use in monitoring and surveillance applications.