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Mobile TV Raghu Rau Senior Vice President, Mobile TV ...


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Mobile TV Raghu Rau Senior Vice President, Mobile TV ...

  1. 3. Mobile TV Raghu Rau Senior Vice President, Mobile TV Solutions Business
  2. 4. By 2010, 171M subs and $14B service revenue worldwide in mobile video – Roth Capital Partners, 2006 By 2011, 210M subs worldwide in Mobile Video – Informa Telecoms and Media, 2006 By 2011, 500M subs in mobile video world wide – ABI Research, 2006 Mobile TV Market Projection Source: Informa Telecoms and Media, 2006 Asia Pacific Europe North America Africa & Middle East Latin America $14B $.987B 11M 171M Source: Roth Capital Partners, 2006 Analysts View for 2010
  3. 5. Mobile Video Services Broadcast Live TV through a dedicated RF broadcast network Unicast One to one streaming Video on Demand Need to invest in an overlay network Need to acquire dedicated spectrum Support unlimited number of users Low cost solution for large number of users High quality (QVGA or CIF resolution, 30 FPS) Standards cover air interfaces, program guides, interactive services The number of users is limited by network capacity Quality of service (voice, data and video) degrades with increase in the number of video viewers Leverage widely deployed WiMAX network, unlike Cellular WiMAX is very suitable with VOD services Easy to launch, low cost with limited number of users Provides personalized program Need to dedicate scarce and expensive spectrum on mobile broadcasting Leverage widely deployed cellular or WiMAX network Optimized to transmit content to a group of users comparing to Unicast Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service One to many multicast
  4. 6. Mobile TV Standards Spectrum and Service Availability Trials and Commercial Deployments Standard WiMAX SOLUTIONS All wireless license bands. Open Unicast Multicast BROADCAST SOLUTIONS 2.6 GHz Spectrum available. Trials in China. Commercial launch to be expected before 2008 Olympics. Open STiMi S-Band assigned. Acquisition of L-S band, a complicated regulatory task. S-Band assigned. Acquisition of L-S band a complicated regulatory task. Could reuse existing DAB infrastructure. UHF band assigned, partial clearing out of Analog. TV will take 18 months in the U.S. UHF is currently occupied by Analog TV. Gradually available in the next 2-5 years. Satellite launch in 2009. Commercial launch in Korea, expanding to other countries. Commercial launch in Korea & Europe. Commercial launch in the U.S. Trials in Europe. Trials in the US, Europe, Parts of Asia. Launch in 4 countries. Open Open Open Proprietary Open DVB-SH S-DMB T-DMB MediaFLO™ DVB-H Unicast and MBMS over WiMAX trials in the U.S. Unicast trials already Successful.
  5. 7. Broadband On The Go Motorola Solutions Leadership in WiMAX End-to-End Solutions Broad CPE Portfolio - Anywhere, Anytime Access Complete Services Portfolio Mobile TV Solutions – Devices and Applications Acquisition Customer Solution IPTV, MPEG-4 Encoding, Compression, Transcoding, Extending Switched-Digital Video (SDV), Network Management and Reliability, Multimedia Over Multiple Networks and Devices, Personalized and Targeted Advertising; First-to-Market in Digital Ad Insertion
  6. 8. Full End-to-End Solutions for Mobile TV Headend Solution Broadcasting Network Solution : WiMAX/DVB-H/STiMi Value-Added Services Devices SYSTEM INTEGRATOR MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDER Encoder Electronic Service Guide IP Encapsulator Conditional Access RF Design Transmitter & Gap Filler Interactive Services VOD Mobile Advertising Content Management Cellular Devices Personal TV Media Player