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Mixed Signals Corporate Backgrounder


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Mixed Signals Corporate Backgrounder

  1. 1. Mixed Signals Corporate Backgrounder Company Overview Mixed Signals is the leader in digital content monitoring. The company’s innovative products provide unparalleled real-time visibility into networks and digital content, enabling service providers to ensure the quality and reliability of their services by quickly detecting and resolving anomalies, often before service is affected. Mixed Signals products monitor all aspects of digital service delivery, including individual video streams, multiple program transport streams, ad insertion, switched digital video and interactive content. More than any other product on the market today, Mixed Signals monitoring solutions enable cable and satellite television operators, broadcasters, content aggregators and IPTV providers to future-proof and maximize the return on the investment in their digital networks. Mixed Signals serves a growing global base of customers in cable, telecommunications, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting. The company was founded in 2004 and maintains its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Market Overview The ever increasing competition between cable, satellite and telecom operators to win video subscribers has led to an arms race, with each offering more channels, expanding their HD programming, delivering more VOD content and developing more interactive applications. While service providers count on a wide variety of services to attract subscribers, they recognize that quality is key to retaining these subscribers and avoiding costly churn. By identifying potential issues before they impact service, Mixed Signals solutions help service providers maintain a high quality viewing experience for subscribers in several key areas, including • Identifying any QoE impacting events such as video freeze, video black, and audio silence • Monitoring video service quality 24x7 across hundreds of channels simultaneously • Real-time alerting of anomalies in the MPEG layer, transport, and embedded data/application layers, with 60 day historical reporting and built-in analyzing/troubleshooting tools In addition to maintaining a high-quality viewer experience, service providers can also use Mixed Signals solutions for operational issues. With the advent of all-digital simulcast (ADS), OCAP, switched-digital video, and digital program insertion (DPI), today's digital networks are more complex than ever before. As video operators transition to these next generation digital networks, monitoring has become critical to maintain the stability of the network, reduce operational costs, and to increase customer satisfaction. Another significant issue for service providers is generating advertising revenue – especially for telecom carriers who need to offset the high start-up costs of delivering IPTV services. Local ad insertion is a particularly lucrative opportunity, earning US cable operators $4.3 billion in 2006. To be successful, service providers must ensure that ads are properly inserted at the correct time, that the ads run in their entirety and that they don’t interfere with other ads. Mixed Signals’ digital content monitoring solutions can play a key role in this application. Product Overview Sentry Mixed Signals award-winning Sentry® is the company’s flagship digital content monitoring solution, providing unique flexibility and enabling operators to implement any combination of monitoring components for any digital application. By providing a comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and Mixed Signals, Inc. 310.227.8620
  2. 2. historical reporting solution, Sentry significantly improves operations and assures digital services are working properly throughout the entire network. Sentry provides real-time (24 X 7) monitoring, unparalleled network management and problem identification. Sentry's detailed monitoring of single and multi-program transport streams includes historical uptime statistics, bandwidth trending, audio/video quality of experience metrics, and embedded data tracking and identification. Sentry provides detailed table information along with comprehensive PID and program information. With advanced alerting, instant notification is possible when problems occur using real-time, configurable alerts. Receive alerts based on video presence, frozen video, loss of audio, as well as various criteria relating to PIDs, tables, and discontinuities. Other key applications for Sentry include digital program insertion (DPI) which is used for inserting advertisements into programming. Sentry enables service providers to take maximum advantage of their DPI deployments by ensuring ads are inserted properly. Sentry can also ensure that set-top boxes are properly updated as service providers download new software to them to enable new, more interactive applications. Medius For large-scale digital video networks, Mixed Signals provides a centrally-controlled platform called Medius™ to help customers aggregate, manage and correlate data from multiple Sentry units deployed in various locations of the network. Medius incorporates easy-to-use powerful tools for single-click configuration of multiple Sentrys, customizable web-based reports and a centralized alert repository. Medius is ideal for Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and provides a console that offers consolidated "real-time" status, alerts and reports from multiple Sentry units across the network. Medius is designed to be flexible, so operators won't experience any limitations as their network evolves. For example, Medius program grouping allows operators to group programs (e.g., logically by content provider or physically by location) from any or all connected Sentry's for alerting, problem isolation and trending analysis. The alert console allows you to apply alerts to multiple programs and get an aggregated status from the Sentry units to rapidly drill down to specific problem areas. Executive Biographies Eric Conley - President and Chief Executive Officer Eric Conley has extensive experience in guiding companies through his leadership, operations experience, and understanding of internal and external growth. At Mixed Signals he is responsible for strategy, building long-term growth, and day-to-day operations. Today, Mixed Signals is a leader in providing advanced broadband video monitoring solutions. Its products have won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. Prior to Mixed Signals, Eric was Senior Vice President of Operations and a member of the original team at GoldPocket Interactive, the leader in advanced media solutions for broadcasters, operators, and wireless carriers. At GoldPocket he created the operations teams and managed all new technology deployments into broadcast operations centers, wireless carriers and cable operators. During his career, he has been instrumental in establishing and providing service for today's most prominent cable television systems. Eric went to GoldPocket from Penske Capital Partners, a New York private equity firm focused on acquisitions and operations of large private and publicly traded companies. Prior to Penske, Eric was responsible for business planning and chaired the acquisitions committee at Irvine Apartment Communities, a billion dollar, publicly traded company based in southern California. Eric holds a Bachelors in Economics from Davidson College. Mixed Signals, Inc. 310.227.8620
  3. 3. Sam Barone - Chief Technology Officer Sam Barone, co-founder and CTO of Mixed Signals, has over 17 years of product-based technology experience and is responsible for developing technologies that bring integrated, high-performance solutions to Mixed Signals' customers. He co-founded Mixed Signals Technologies in 1997 and is responsible for the design and architecture of the company's innovative software technologies. Sam has been instrumental in the design and development of the company's broadcast video monitoring and analysis products and he holds several key patents in this area. Prior to Mixed Signals, Sam was a member of the founding engineering team and Senior Software Architect at Power Computing, Inc., where he was responsible for developing technologies that were key to Power Computing's strategy as the first company licensed to develop Mac OS-compatible computers. He began his career at Apple Computer and was technical-lead engineer on the original Power Macintosh design team. During his career, Sam's technology designs and software have been shipped to millions of customers around the world. Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Chapman University. Dan Donnelly - Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dan Donnelly has over 18 years of experience in the cable and telecommunications industries. Dan's career path has followed many of the high profile product and enhancement trends in the industry. In his early years Dan worked for Showtime Networks in both regional and national accounts in Atlanta and New York. He was instrumental in Showtime's overall growth during the beginning of premium channel proliferation. He was recruited into the world of technical products by former Showtime executives at StarSight Telecast. Dan ran the Sales and Business Development departments while at StarSight. He was a pioneer in rolling out Interactive Program Guides with service providers during those years which has since changed the way users look at their televisions. Dan served as President and Chairman of The Board of @Home Solutions, a joint venture spun out of Excite @Home. During his time at @Home Solutions, he oversaw the deployment of high-speed Internet into over 100 markets. Prior to joining Mixed Signals, Dan was brought into Syndeo Corporation to promote its VoIP Softswitch Technology to service providers. Dan has been with Mixed Signals since the beginning of 2005 and was initially hired as Vice President of Business Development. Dan served three years as a U.S. Army Field Artillery Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Frostburg State University in Maryland and an MBA from Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma. Mixed Signals, Inc. 310.227.8620