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middleware 2-10 1.3_Layout 1

  1. 1. Innovative Systems IPTV Video Solutions Powered By APMAX
  2. 2. IPTV Middleware _____________________________________________________________________________ An Integrated Middleware Solution Innovative Systems brings to the market a Middleware solution that is unique to the industry as it builds on the concept of integration, redundancy and reliability, all from one vendor with no more finger pointing. All upgrades, Enhance the User updates and support come directly from Innovative Systems! Experience and Your This IPTV Middleware solution is fully deployed on our redundant carrier grade hardware, the APMAX™. Bottom Line Built-in Telephony Features 4User Friendly EPG As one of the industry pioneers of Caller ID screen-pop back 4HD in 2001, we have believed for a long time that integrating 4SD telephony features into a customer’s video offering increases 4MPEG 2/4 value to a wireline service. The Innovative Systems 4PVR Middleware solution offers on-screen Caller ID, Voice 4Blended Telephony Features Message Waiting Indicator and Call Logging. In the future it will offer Click-to Call and other blended telephony features Ask Our Customers which truly makes our middleware solution unique to the market. “We are very pleased with how simple the rollout of the Industry Leading Back Office Support Tools middleware to our customers has Solving problems without truck rolls is crucial. Innovative been. We enjoy working with Systems Middleware Solution will give service provider CSR’s Innovative Systems and would the tools to quickly handle a customer’s service issues. For recommend them to anyone example, to address remote control trouble, a CSR can considering middleware.” Randy Olson, Assistant GM, actually take control of the customers remote from the service Venture Communications, center to walk them through a problem or program guide Highmore SD. question. Built In Subscriber Management Interface “We are getting a lot of good Create diagnostic and subscriber inventory reports without customer responses. The customers extra software and hardware. Regular report parameters can like the look and feel of the channel be saved and then created at any time with a couple of mouse guide. The interface is very clicks. In the future, automated channel monitoring will notify intuitive. I consider Innovative appropriate personnel should a channel malfunction. Systems to be more of partner for us rather than a vendor.” Extensive Testing Procedures Bill Eckles, CEO, BEVCOMM With an in-house Central Office and Video Headend, Blue Earth, MN Innovative Systems Middleware is rigorously tested 24/7 with With deployments at several 150 streams of live video. The product is also deployed in our sites, there are over 8,000 STBs employees homes thus receiving the ultimate test,our in customer’s homes and new families! ones being added daily. _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3
  3. 3. Innovative Systems.....A Proven Stable Vendor Set-Top Box Relationship is Critical Well known for the Application Peripheral (AP) and now In order to provide end to the APMAX, Innovative Systems has over 900 systems in end Middleware support, service throughout North America providing millions of Innovative Systems has telco subscribers with Calling Name Database, Unified chosen to work with Amino Messaging and Conferencing services, just to name a few. STB’s. According to Voice and Video Services Director, Ryan With over 2 million STBs in Tupper, “By taking advantage of our proven development service and a best in show and technical support teams and working with key leaders set-top award winner at in IPTV middleware technology, our goal is to be the Telco TV, Amino is a good predominant middleware provider in the IOC space.” fit for Innovative Systems CEO, Roger Musick adds, “with the substantial number of Middleware and its IOC systems already in place and no debt to service, Innovative customer base. Systems should be on any IOC’s list of safe and secure vendors. While most companies are laying people off, we continue to be on the lookout for quality people to enhance our support and development teams.” Collaboration With Industry Leaders Working with IPTV conditional access supplier Verimatrix and set-top software provider Open TV has afforded Amino 130 Innovative Systems the opportunity to offer a Middleware We currently support the solution based on a solid foundation of industry Amino 130,130m and 530 experience. Verimatrix Conditional Access has already DVR models. The Amino 110 integrated with most STB’s, middleware and VOD systems will be supported in the future. in the Tier 3 IPTV market and has the most widely deployed content protection system within Tier 1 operators around the globe. Open TV has over 120 million OpenTV-enabled digital set-top boxes and televisions deployed worldwide with some of the industry’s biggest providers such as DISH Network. Amino 130m Amino 530 With DVR _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3
  4. 4. Remote Control and Guide Design The IPTV Remote and Guide and are designed with usability and customer-centered preferences in mind. Users can change default settings in order for the channel guide to display as they like it as well as change the way that channels display in the guide. Also, many options in the guide correspond to colored buttons on the actual remote control making it easy for the user to visualize which button they should press to go back, exit, sort, etc. The same remote is used for ALL STBs. TV, AUD, DVD, VCR, STB Power Use one remote to control Turn on/off a selected device. multiple devices. Live Setup Return to watching live TV. Use for programming sequences of devices List controlled by the remote. Display a list of recorded shows on your PVR/DVR REW, PLAY, FFWD, STOP, set‐top box. PAUSE In STB mode, these control Info the DVR/PVR* functions. In Display the current channel other modes, these can and program information. control a VCR, DVD Player or Press again for more detail. Menu Arrow Keys/OK Displays applications including Navigate and select onscreen the configuration menu. choices. Guide Exit Opens the Interactive Exit the current screen. Program Guide. Page +/‐ Day +/‐ Page up or down in menu Jump ahead or back one day screens & Interactive Program in the Interactive Program Guide. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue Channel +/‐ Access additional features on Changes to the next higher or your set‐top box. lower channel. Vol +/‐ On Demand* Raise or lower the volume. Access video on demand Mute services. Turn the sound off or on. Last FAV Recall the last channel you View your favorite channels. were watching. Number Keys (0‐9) Directly select a channel. Input In TV control mode, would change the input of the device you are controlling. * If Available _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3
  5. 5. The Program Guide IS the User Experience As you would expect from any Middleware provider, Every TV user has a different viewing style. With that in options are available for mind, Innovative Systems Middleware offers a variety of Parental Ratings, Channel options when it comes to the channel guide and channel Locks, Auto Tune, and surfing.Users can set their guide to default to either a Favorite Lists. channel view or a timeview, depending upon their preference. When looking for different types of programming, channels can be sorted in Progress Bar the following ways: Provides a quick visual 4Alphabetically representation of a show’s aired 4Numerically 4Sports 4Movies 4News 4Kids 4HD 4Entertainment With Auto Tune, customers mark upcoming shows they wish to watch. When the marked show begins, their TV will automatically tune to that channel. Each viewer in a household can create their own Favorite list of channels. By merely pressing select a subscriber can quickly add favorites without deleting all the channels. The guide function colors match the ones on the remote control _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3
  6. 6. Virtual Remote The majority of video issues your customers have involve the remote control. With the Virtual Remote your service center support team can take control of a customer’s remote and walk them through the program guide or help them change their settings, thus eliminating the need for a costly service call. Back Office Support Easy to navigate account management and diagnostic screens allow for quick provisioning and deployment of services with minimal training time. Most service providers have multiple exchange areas and in some cases offer different video channels and channel numbers to different exchanges. The Innovative Systems Middleware Channel Management allows the service administrator to easily set up multiple lineups for different service areas. Future features include continuous channel monitoring which will immediately relay a message to on-call personnel should there be a channel malfunction. _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3
  7. 7. Digital Video Recorder The customer wants to watch programs on their schedule. Innovative Systems Middleware solution takes DVR a step further with creative practical options. Innovatives DVR offering allows subscribers the ability to create folder lists and assign names to them, a feature that could be a differentiator for your video service. List of recordings with folders for the entire family Unique DVR Functions 4Trick Play 4Record 1 watch 1 (expanding soon) 4Jump Forward(30 sec), Jump Backward(10 sec) 4Time, Event and Series Recordings 4Recording Management Quickly rewatch that favorite scene or sports play with bookmarks (Folders) 4Rename Recordings 4Bookmarks with Rename Bookmarks Option 4Search _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3
  8. 8. Blended Telephony Features With Innovative Systems Middleware, subscribers are able to combine telephone features along with their television, making the user experience one that is convenient and user-friendly. Unlike the competitors, Innovative Systems does not plan to add additional vendors, hardware and software platforms in the middle to perform these types of functionality. Our experience in this area makes our solutions simple to deploy and more cost effective to manage. Screen Pop Caller ID Subscribers can see who is calling right on the television screen as well as a call log showing who has recently called them. They can also adjust the amount of time they want the notification pop up to remain on the screen. DSB providers have been offering this feature as a service distinction. You can negate that advantage plus offer other on-screen telephony features that they can’t offer. Voice Message Waiting Indicator If the subscriber is also a Unified Messaging subscriber, the television is another avenue for you to deliver Message Waiting Indication – to the TV. Future Enhancements With Click to Call, subscribers will be able to return calls from the recent calls list using their remote control. In the future users will also be able to listen to voice messages using their remote control. The primary objective of blending telephony services with video is to increase the value of your subscribers wireline service. _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3
  9. 9. Coming Soon Hardware Specifications DVR Customer Care Subscibers will be able to set up their DVR via the Web using the APMAX WEB Server. No additional hardware will be needed by Description Specifications the service provider. Physical Size (height x width x depth) 1.75”H x 17”W x 14.25”D Weight 10.5 lbs Ad Insertion Cost effective revenue Mounting Brackets available for mounting in 19”, opportunity will allow 23” and 26” racks service provider ad Environmental insertions using the APMAX Operating Temperature Range 65 to 110F (18C to 43C) with no additional Relative Humidity 10‐90%, non‐condensing equipment. Power Requirement Per Unit VOD Voltage ‐42 to ‐56 VDC Video On Demand allows Current 1.2A typical, 2.0A Max Startup subscribers to select specific Recommended External Fuse 3.0A programming of interest from a VOD server, usually Front Panel located in the provider’s LEDs/Indicators Green Power Amber central office. Minor (alarm) Amber Major (alarm) Red Real-time Video Encryption Using the APMAX will Connections 8 Position Terminal Block eliminate the need for Power and Alarm Ground, ‐48V, critical, major, minor separate boxes. Serial Ports Two 25‐Pin Female D‐sub Connectors. (RS232/RS449/V.35 capable) Shared DVR View recordings from 1 STB Ethernet Five RJ‐45 Connectors 10/100/1000 One RJ‐45 Connector 10/100 on other STB’s. DS‐3 Two BNC Connectors (one Tx and one Rx Providing one DS‐3) DS‐1 One 37‐Pin Female Connector Providing Eight DS‐1s _____________________________________________________________________________ Innovative System s Version 1.3