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  1. 1. Partners Search File PROGRAMME Programme Life Long Learning Programme Call Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation Priority 3: Developing Vocational Skills considering the labour market needs – Priority New Skills for New Jobs Deadline February, 26th 2010 PROJECT The current economic crisis has lead to a circumstance of labour insecurity. So, the improvement of capital human skills and the ability to achieve and keep a job, is now more important than ever. And, this improvement, has to be done according with the trends of a market crisis. Therefore, and as a first step to achieve this objective, it is necessary to offer Introduction better training opportunities to improve adaptability and employability of people working in sectors in crisis. It will allow their reemployment in new market niches. Besides, training should be adapted to changing times in which teaching has left classrooms to become tele-teaching, being more accessible for workers and more appropriate, also, for its low cost. Analysis the professional skills of workers in Sectors in crisis (Construction Global Sector, for example) and adaptation to professional activities needs of emerging objective sectors that generate employment (Renewable Energy for instance). The training will be done through the use of "m-learning and IPTV" platform. The activities to be done within the project are: • Creation of a Working group, with the participation of companies, trade unions and social partners of the sectors in crisis where is expected to act, in order to evaluate the responsibilities and skills of the workers to relocate them in emerging sectors generators of employment. • Based on the information extracted from the previous analysis the training Project methodology and the definition of the contents will be designed. briefing • At the same time pertinent adaptations in the m-learning/IPTV training platform will be carried out. • Finally, it is expected to carry out a pilot training in order to validate the contents and technical aspects of the action. Additionally, during the implementation of the project, transversal activities as coordination, evaluation and dissemination will be carried out. . Total Budget €400.000 maximum Funding 75% (€300.000 max.) Duration 2 years PARTNERS Partners already acquired UNIR – International Universitiy of La Rioja (Spain) Research Centre University Target Partner Type SME Country Any Country sought Public Body ITC Enterprise Data: 08/02/2010 Logo Programa
  2. 2. Training organization Trade unions (training and education sector) NGOs Searched Design of ITC platform; Design of methodology and contents; Implementation of Partners Rol pilot projects Other comments CONTACT Organisation Name Econet Region Spain Details Type Consulting Name María Dolores Gallego Sotelo Contact e-mail Phone 0034 618 646 916 Expiry Date of Collaboration Offer 16/02/2010