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Items USB TV tuner Installation Guides


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Items USB TV tuner Installation Guides

  1. 1. Items USB TV tuner Installation Guides ITV704 USB TV Tuner FM/ ITV705 IPTV Step1. Please check the package contents USB TV package contains the following items. Note 1 Some may change the contents depending on the packaging information. Step 2 Begin connecting TV tuner . Step 2.1 Connect your USB cable to high-speed USB port of your PC
  2. 2. Step 2.2 Connect the other end to the USB port of TV Tuner Note 2: USB ports can also supply power across the cable to TV tuner.
  3. 3. Step 3 Begin connecting related input and output IEC-type TV connector is for PAL/SECAM or DVB-T signal. The type of connector is determined by the area in which you live. Step 3.1 Connect your TV cable to TV port
  4. 4. FM Antenna Step 3.2 connect FM Antenna to FM port
  5. 5. Step 4 Install the software Step 4.1 Reboot the PC to start your system after installing your tuner. Please open the CD-ROM drive to install your software. (See Note 3) Note 3 If previous version software is installed on your PC, please uninstall it. Step 4.2 Insert the installation CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  6. 6. step 4.3 please close the CD-ROM drive and in a few seconds it should run Setup program. (See Note 4) Note 4 If your CD-ROM drive does not automatically start the Setup program Please go to My Computer→CD-ROM drive and click the Program Setup.exe. Step 4.4 The installation screen appears and pleases clicks “Allow” to continue installation.
  7. 7. step 5 Remove the battery compartment door and Insert two (2) AAA size batteries into the battery compartment. (See Note 5) Note 5: Be sure to observe the polarity markings fixed inside the battery compartment. If the batteries are inserted incorrectly, the remote control will not operate. Caution: Make sure you correctly align positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on the batteries. step 5.1 Point the remote controller toward the device receiving the infrared signal and press the power key. ( see Note 6)
  8. 8. Note 6 Be sure that no obstructions stand in the way of the infrared receiver, as signal may be interrupted and the infrared receiver may fail to receive the Infrared Signal from the remote control. Step 5.2 If you want further information for our products, please visit our technical support page on our website: Want to know more details? Please visit the new version website: About Items technology Co,LTD Items is the experienced and global multimedia solution provider since 1998 based in Taiwan. We position ourselves as “entertainment providers” to bring fun for all ages. Over the past 11 years, Items TV tuners have received high praise and recognition in multimedia field and always stay ahead of the competition and possess the cutting-edge technologies. Pls. visit the new version website: to know more information or email to: , )