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IPTV Video Headend


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IPTV Video Headend

  1. 1. solution data sheet IPTV Video Headend the Most CoMPRehensi Ve PoRt Folio oF h e a d e n d P R o d u C t s aVa i l a B l e For iPtV, Grass Valley offers a headend solution for each business model, from dense and low-cost channels to premium service and large-scale iPtV deployments. With the industry’s widest product resolution. Being able to offer excellent forward error correction (FEC) features offerings and with market-leading picture quality at ultra-low bit rates for a maximized quality experience. performance, Grass Valley™ brings its is obviously a serious competitive The NetProcessor 9040 has the same experience and solutions to deliver new advantage as it allows better subscriber features as the NetProcessor 9030, but and innovative services for IPTV. Our channel offerings, and also enables adds splicing and transrating capabilities complete IPTV offering is based around multichannel reception in the home on for both MPEG-2 and H.264 streams, three key headend product families: xDSL networks. enabling advertisement insertion within ViBE video encoder compression, FTTH operators, who have more the compressed domain. NetProcessor content processing, and bandwidth available on their access XMS™ control and monitoring. This network, may choose to differentiate End-to-End Management makes Grass Valley the natural choice for their service by delivering premium SD Equipment management and redundancy IPTV operators. and HD video quality at the higher bit scheduling is critical to achieve reliability. Premium Picture Quality rates and exceptional picture quality Grass Valley XMS control and monitoring enabled by our ViBE range of products. with QOS logging provides increased Being able to deliver a large channel freedom and flexibility, while offering a bouquet, including high definition (HD), Powerful Content Processing suite of applications and graphical user puts constraints on the compression Grass Valley’s solution for content interfaces for controlling operational engine. At the same time, video quality processing relies on the NetProcessor parameters such as bit rates, MPEG has become more important with larger family. services, and telecom transmissions. consumer screen sizes aimed at HD content and Blu-ray disc players. Grass The NetProcessor 9030 is the third Open Architecture Valley has a tradition for delivering generation of MPEG transport stream re-multiplexers designed by Grass Valley. As a strong supporter of open standards, premium video compression and With its gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Grass Valley has no difficulty in transcoding through the ViBE encoder the NetProcessor 9030 is much more integrating its headend solution with and decoder family. Our ViBE family can than a multiplexer, it is the gateway the rest of the IPTV end-to-end system deliver anything from ultra-low bit rates between the compression encoders of any operator. In fact, interoperability in large statmux pools to high-quality HD or transcoders and the IPTV delivery has been tested and validated with content. At Grass Valley, our philosophy network. The NetProcessor can, in a numerous components of the IPTV is to deliver premium picture quality single box, demultiplex MPTS, create chain. In particular, Grass Valley headend for all networks. Specifically optimized SPTS, scramble all streams, add CAS solutions can interoperate with Thomson for CBR operation, ViBE encoders can and EPG data, edit signaling data, stream SmartVision video service platforms and compress SD to as low as 1.2 Mb/s and all multicast, and generate associated Microsoft MSTV service platforms. HD to as low as 4 Mb/s depending on KEY FEATURES • Premium picture quality • All major CA systems are supported • Support for FEC • Transcoding and re-encoding • Local program insertion • Shared hosted headend architecture • Powerful content processing • Stream monitoring • Support for xDSL and FTTx networks • Fast channel change • Full redundancy control
  2. 2. solution data sheet GRASS VALLEY IPTV SOLUTION Content Acquisition Video Compression ViBE SD and HD dual-pass encoders are a perfect complement to the ViBE Collecting sources in the headend can At the very core of an IPTV headend transcoder when premium picture quality be complex. Grass Valley simplifies system, video compression is designed is desired or when ultra-low bit rates the tasks by offering a very flexible to bring the best picture quality to are required to maximize subscribers’ content acquisition solution, supporting viewers at the lowest possible bit rates. eligibility on xDSL networks. both SDI and IP architectures, while The Grass Valley ViBE encoder and also integrating third-party IRDs when transcoder family delivers all formats Finally, ViBE SD and HD encoders now required by content providers. from mobile TV to HDTV. Having set offer a specific mode enabling ultra-high the benchmark in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 quality video rendering when operated at Grass Valley solutions for live content compression efficiency, the ViBE higher FTTH bit rates. acquisition rely on our range of professional IRDs, which can support encoder family offers performance alongside high density and low power Audio Compression SD or HD, as well as MPEG-2 or H.264. Different front-ends are available to consumption, making it perfect for Audio compression or transcoding support satellite, terrestrial, or even IP your IPTV headend system. Combining support is quite extensive in all ViBE reception. Incoming TV channels are compression efficiency, advanced products. The combination of ViBE descrambled, decoded, and routed to pre-processing, and high density, the video performance with the use of ViBE encoders through Grass Valley’s ViBE family delivers clearer pictures state-of-the-art audio codecs, such as highly respected Acappella™ or Trinix™ with increased depth and clarity. As a E-AC3 or HE-AAC, allows a reduction in NXT routers, depending on the headend result, you can deliver video across all the total bit rate needed per program size. SDI architecture has several networks, sustaining the viability of your and therefore maximizes triple play advantages including source monitoring, business model—and let your customers efficiency, especially when multi- switchover performance, and interface to enjoy a premium viewing experience. language tracks are desired. legacy infrastructure. The ViBE transcoder is the latest addition HD 5.1 sound is another challenge for However, the more compact IP- based to the ViBE family. It is specifically headend design. The ViBE HD encoder headend infrastructure is often an designed to build cost-effective simplifies the headend architecture as it alternative solution as it provides headends with large numbers of TV supports either pre-compressed audio architecture flexibility. In that case, channels while saving rack space. The pass-through or Dolby E transcoding. incoming satellite sources are simply ViBE transcoder is the ideal solution to descrambled and streamed to our ViBE convert existing MPEG-2 input channels transcoders as SPTS or MPTS. into the more efficient H.264 format, all in one box. IPTV HEADEND WORKFLOW TRINIX NXT 3Gb/s DIGITAL VIDEO ROUTER ViBE Mosaic Generator SDI sources Fiber ViBE HD MPEG-4 Encoders NetProcessor 9030 Streamers CAS IP Network Receivers SDI router ViBE SD MPEG-4 Encoders Granite Sentinel Real-time QoS Monitor ViBE Transcoders Descramblers MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 Transcoding XMS Headend Operation
  3. 3. solution data sheet PiP Management With this feature, Grass Valley pushes Scrambling encoding technology to its limit, allowing ViBE encoders or transcoders can also All multicasts from ViBE encoders, IPTV operators to offer excellent channel multicast low-resolution streams in transcoders, and from mosaic generators change time without any scalability addition to the main SD or HD channels. are then routed to a NetProcessor for issue. While alternative solutions are Low-resolution streams can be used for scrambling, data injection, and FEC available to reduce channel change time different applications including picture- generation. further, most of them rely on servers at in-picture (PiP), mosaic page generation, The Grass Valley headend solution the edge of the network, which raises or even for video presence or live has been integrated with virtually all the question of cost, maintenance, and monitoring. CA system vendors and deployed scalability. successfully. As the third-generation Mosaic Generation Grass Valley multiplexer, the NetProcessor benefits from a long history of CA system integration, making any new deployment uneventful. Up to 128 streams can be scrambled with just one NetProcessor 9030. A recent addition to the ViBE product range, the ViBE Mosaic Generator Forward Error Correction produces an H.264 mosaic page video Adding FEC on IPTV multicasts is a in a simple, compact, and cost-effective good solution to guarantee an excellent way. The Mosaic Generator is able to quality of experience - especially on receive, decode (MPEG-2 or H.264), and xDSL networks - and to extend user rescale (up to 24) video streams. Both reachability for the IPTV operator. It Fast Channel Change SD and PiP input formats are supported. is certainly a cost-efficient solution Channel change time has become a For HD channels, the easiest solution is compared to the server-based RTP retry primary concern for all IPTV operators to use the PiP channel output provided mechanism. The NetProcessor 9030 as it has a major impact on the quality by the ViBE HD encoder. Re-compositing is able to generate FEC data for all experienced by the viewer and, the mosaic page was an easy feature for outgoing multicasts. The operator can therefore, on customer satisfaction. Grass Valley to deliver thanks to its long adapt the FEC percentage per stream or When changing channels, the set-top experience in broadcast vision mixers per stream profile in order to optimize box has to go through a number of steps and switchers. Mosaic page layout, bandwidth and eligibility. This flexibility is such as joining the multicast, analyzing background, titles, logos, and even particularly useful since FEC can be used transport stream signaling, descrambling promo banners can be set up very easily. in many ways. One can, for example, the stream, filling up its video buffer, The resulting page is then encoded as use FEC alone to correct all errors on and finally decoding and displaying audio any other H.264 channel along with all the IPTV network, or rather use FEC as a and video. In fact, most of the average audio channels if supported by the IPTV complement to RTP retry technology. channel change time depends directly service platform. on the encoder implementation and Data injection is also performed by the With its gigabit Ethernet interfaces, NetProcessor. It includes ECM, EMM, configuration. the ViBE Mosaic Generator is easy and SI-PSI management. As a consequence, Grass Valley has to integrate in any architecture. developed a new encoding mode on all Furthermore, in order to ease integration VOD and NPVR Support ViBE encoders in order to optimize the with the IPTV service platform, the Personal video recorder (PVR) average channel change time at the set- Mosaic Generator is able to export an descriptors are generated by the top box while minimizing the impact on XML file describing the exact mosaic compression headend to facilitate ingest picture quality. Average channel change layout. This information can be used by of live streams on video-on-demand time as low as 1.4 seconds can now the IPTV service platform to provide (VOD) servers even if the streams be achieved with current set-top boxes additional services, such as channel are scrambled. The direct benefit is and ViBE encoded streams on ADSL navigation. the simplification and acceleration networks. Even better performances can of the workflow, making live content be expected on FTTH networks at higher available as VOD while at the same bit rates. time guaranteeing content protection from end to end. All ViBE encoders and transcoders support insertion of PVR descriptors within the stream. This information includes important metadata for each video frame, and is inserted in the stream in such a way that it is not scrambled by the NetProcessor.
  4. 4. solution data sheet mANAGEmENT AND QOS mONITORING Grass Valley offers a wide range of XMS eXtensible Management Granite Sentinel – QOS Monitor application software targeting the System Our Granite Sentinel MPEG solution IPTV market. This includes advanced The Grass Valley XMS eXtensible monitors any broadcast link and delivers equipment and link control, a secure Management System gives you a measurements in an easy-to-understand conditional access system, statistical complete management solution for way, enabling fault detection and multiplexing for increased bandwidth headends. The XMS system provides correction. The Granite Sentinel reports utilization, and a full QOS monitoring a complete, reliable, and easy-to-use the transport stream status on the system. solution for managing the entire headend physical layer, protocol, and audio/video workflow. The XMS system relies on levels. an XMU management unit to manage It also monitors quality of service more than 50 types of Grass Valley parameters enabling non-MPEG experts devices, as well as third-party equipment. to make accurate decisions and maximize Additionally, the robust architecture of service availability. the XMS system features advanced user rights administration and dynamic To overcome the challenges of relating resource sharing to accommodate a wide a transport stream error with actual range of access rights and global system signal degradation, the Granite Sentinel views for different users or locations. presents information in thumbnails as well as audio and video alarms. All alarms The XMS system can control both and thumbnails are fully integrated headend and remote devices such into the XMS control and management as ViBE receivers, transmitters, and system. NetProcessors. Granite Sentinel is a cost-effective system that can sit in both the central headend and also across the system to monitor signals throughout your network. Coupled with the XMS system, the Granite Sentinel provides network operators with a turnkey solution for a centralized measurement system of local and remote networks. SPEcIFIcATIONS ORDERING INFORmATION Please see for detailed product Please contact your authorized Grass Valley representative information and specifications for each component of the for more information. Each component of the IPTV headend IPTV headend solution, or contact our marketing manager at solution is also available separately. PROFESSIONAL SERVIcES Our professional services offerings ensure optimal system performance and maximize uptime. These services include call centers staffed around the clock; system planning, design, and commissioning; professional training courses; and technical maintenance programs and service agreements. © Copyright 2009 Thomson. All rights reserved. Grass Valley, XMS, Acappella, and Trinix are trademarks of Grass Valley, Inc. All other tradenames referenced are service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Specifications subject to change without notice. CDT-4104D