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IPTV STB Wmedia10X series Products


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IPTV STB Wmedia10X series Products

  1. 1. IPTV STB Wmedia10X series Products Product Overview IPTV STB(set-top box) is a terminal which decodes the media streaming, and then outputs to TV set. It is located at the end of IPTV system, and provides the program and service to IPTV customers. Benefits and Features ² Support Video On-demand ² Support Multicast TV and Time-Shift TV ² Support Media File Playing ² Support Picture in Picture ² Support Display Information window ² Support Electric Program Guide ² Support Multi-Language Display and Word Input ² Support Software manual and Automatic Upgrade ² Support Standard Definition TV Output ² Support ISMA and TS Media Transport Protocol Technical Specifications 1. Front panel ² Power:Power indicator. When LED. Lights, which shows the system powers on, STB works normally; ² Network connection:Network connection indicator: ² Light flick:Shows network connects well; ² Light off:Shows the network interrupts; ² IR receive port:Infrared receive interface; ² “POWER”key:The power on/off key;
  2. 2. ² “MENU”key:Press MENU button to bring up the root menu of provider; ² “OK”key:Press to determine the operation; ² “Left” key:When playing the media program,press this button to low the volume; and no playing ,press this button to move the cursor to the left item in the EPG menu; ² “Right” key: When playing the media program, press this button to raise the volume; and In play no program or shrink playing status ,press this button to move the cursor to the right item in the EPG menu; ² “Up” key: DTV/STV playing media program mode, In press this button to raise the channel;In play no program or shrink playing status,press into the next page of the EPG program menu; ² “Down” key:In DTV/STV playing media program mode,press this button to raise the channel; play no program or shrink playing status, In press into the previous page of the EPG program menu; ² LED display:In DTV playing media program mode,the LED displays the number of channel,For example:channel 1means“C001” ,and the “DTV”is bright at the top left corner; ² In STV playing media program mode, LED displays the number of channel, the the and “STV”is bright at the top right corner; ² In VOD playing media program mode, LED displays the time of the media program the playing,and“VOD”is bright at the bottom left corner; 2. Periphery interface ² 2-port 100Base-T EHT interface; ² 1-S-end video interface(PAL, NTSC supported); ² 1-composite-end video interface (PAL, NTSC supported) ; ² 1-YPrPb video interface; ² 1-VGA video interface; ² 2-voice output port (RCA) ; ² 1-S/PDIF interface(optional) ; ² 1-Infrared remote control interface; ² 2-USB2.0 interface; Required accessories:
  3. 3. ² 1-TV set:Display device; ² 1-Twisted net line【crossed over】 at least:Connect the STB to network; ² 1-AV cable:Connect the CVBS,Video port and Audio port to the corresponding ports on TV; 3. Video encoding/decoding format ² MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG4(ASP)2M or above code streaming; ² H.264(Main Profile) 1.5M or above code streaming; ² Support video streaming decoding with width/height ratio of 4/3 and 16/9; 4. Audio encoding/decoding format ² MP2,MP3,AC3,AAC; ² Support audio streaming decoding with 32Khz,44.1khz,48Khz,96Khz sampling frequency; ² Support audio streaming decoding from 32kbps to 384kbps; ² At least support decoding & play of one channel audio-orbit (Chinese); ² Enable decoding of multiple audio orbits(optional); ² Support AC-3(optional); ² Support AAC5.1(optional); 5. Image display ² Support CIF, QCIF, D1 image format,resolving ratio is 640x480、720x480、720x576、 800x600 and 1280x720; ² Each pixel at least supports 16-bit color; ² Support JPEG、GIF、TIFF、BMP; ² FLASH application(optional) ; ² Support vector font Song, Black ,Times New Roman; ² Character base compliance with GB18030; 6. Authentication mode and IP configuration ² PPPoE, DHCP, fix IP address configuration/network parameter configuration/language configuration; ² Account configuration; 7. EPG browser ² Full screen display ² Individualized configuration of menu
  4. 4. ² Support HTML4.01 language ² Java Script1.3 ² SSL3.0 ² CSS ² COOKIE(optional) ² Input method:Spelling input,phonetic notation input,support soft keyboard input ² Language:Chinese/English 8. Other specifications ² FLASH capacity: 8M ² SDRAM capacity: 128M 9. Physical characteristics ² Dimension (W×D×H): 260mm×202mm×48mm ² Power supply: AC: 100V~ 240V; DC: 12V ² Power consumption: 18w ² Weight: 0.5Kg ² Operation Environment: Ambient temperature: 0∼50℃ ² Relative humidity: 10∼90%, non-condense ADD: 3rd floor, Optical Communication Building 5 DongXin Rd , Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Prov., 430074, P.R.China TEL: +86-27-87691010 FAX: +86-27-87693257 WEB: E-mail: