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IPTV Solution Brief_v2


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IPTV Solution Brief_v2

  1. 1. HP IPTV solutions IP-based broadband networks today enable • IPTV subscriber experience The IPTV subscriber experience has to be radically exposure of the subscriber consumption to the simple, natural and rewarding; it must provide greater impact and deliver more than today’s current operators, using advanced interactive IPTV media and communication service opportunities. services to provide a radically improved broad- Enhanced personalization is a critical factor in achieving this goal. casting and on-demand quality of experience. • IPTV operator experience The operator experience must improve performance IPTV is the realization of the long-awaited intersection and operational efficiency in Value Added Services of the telecommunications and content industries, (VAS) design, provisioning, enablement and two industries which traditionally follow very different management, and must deliver more than today’s dynamics. HP IPTV solutions are focused upon further current portfolios and volume penetration patterns. enabling those dynamics to meet, combine and grow. A critical factor in achieving this goal is enhanced HP recognizes that the true opportunity of IPTV is to subscriber profiling. define and reach new and bigger markets, not simply Millions of new revenue-generating-opportunities use these new distribution mechanisms to supplant are coming in the near-term, a source of previously existing markets and distribution channels. At HP, untapped potential that can be made real by forward- strong attention has been placed upon developing the thinking companies with the right partner to help that technologies and solutions which will enable a rich vision become reality. and engaging broadband entertainment experience. HP is that partner, and HP IPTV is the right solution Specific focus has been applied to two key areas: for service providers seeking to give their subscribers the television and video services they’re demanding. HP’s innovative IPTV service operator platforms and subscriber offerings meet marketplace requirements for faster time-to-market, service bundling, and up-sell. Communications, Media and Entertainment Solutions
  2. 2. HP IPTV overview HP ProLiant and Integrity servers HP IPTV is a standards-based Video over IP platform, The underlying platforms for HP IPTV solutions are which allows service providers to quickly and cost- HP ProLiant and Itanium-based Integrity servers, density effectively integrate, implement and successfully optimized for flexibility, manageability and available manage a high-quality video delivery service for their in both rack and clustered architectures to meet specific subscribers. HP IPTV solutions offer reliable third party service provider requirements. The benefits of using HP framework support for advanced services T-commerce industry standard server-based solutions include: integration, as well as pay-per-view and/or subscription • Significant price/performance advantages inherent billing models. in nonproprietary equipment End users enjoy an intuitive, user-friendly interface that • Unsurpassed reliability and performance of the provides detailed information about the full range of HP ProLiant and Integrity server families content available and allows them to select from any • Assured seamless integration through HP’s unmatched of the programming options which are of interest. global experience and award-winning technical Subscribers can watch live broadcasts or on-demand support teams video content whenever, wherever and however they want, through a rich feature set that includes the ability • No vendor lock-in for elements of HP IPTV solutions to play, pause, rewind or fast-forward through content scenes. For increased safety, HP IPTV also supports a HP Digital Media Solution IPTV Edition range of parental control options. HP Digital Media Solution IPTV Edition is an ideal solution for broadband service providers seeking HP IPTV gives service providers an easily managed efficient, secure management of content supply chain solution for delivering a simple yet dynamic consumer contracts and assets. The solution enables improved experience that generates new revenue streams and provisioning and management of enhanced IPTV and increases subscriber loyalty, and does so at a highly video offerings as well as crossover services. HP DMS cost-effective price. IPTV Edition is built upon a standards based, end-to- The HP IPTV solutions architecture is comprised of the end solution framework that manages the entire rich following key technologies which provide modularity media workflow. and scalability: Combining open standards and innovative interoper- • Headend equipment and encoding—provides process ability with integration readiness, IPTV Edition provides and orchestration of workflows associated with digital a secure, compliant and automated strategy for format and profile content provisioning to IP networks managing, editing, repurposing and packaging media • IPTV infrastructure, middleware, video streaming and content. From live feed lineups in a truly integrated content protection—provides support of MPEG-2 and IPTV headend, to video-on-demand libraries, to creating MPEG-4 H.264 concurrency and scalability via the advertising catalogs, DMS IPTV Edition provides all the high performance HP ProLiant and Integrity Servers tools necessary to quickly and cost-effectively prepare • Content distribution—provides a distributed edge- content for bundling into IPTV platforms for eager serving architecture, avoiding bottlenecks while subscribers. allowing improved response times Flexibility is at the heart of the Digital Media Solution • High speed access network—provides multi-channel IPTV Edition, allowing greatly enhanced revenue home entertainment access streams through its range of advanced capabilities, • IP-enabled set top box—provides navigation capa- from simplified ad insertions to tailored content bilities for accessing, selecting and viewing Live TV management. HP technology and expertise can help as well as On-Demand content. The set top box is operators deploy and automate these advanced video located at the consumer household and connected services for IPTV solutions. to the television • Integrated IPTV service management and assurance— HP Media Storage provides improved proactive monitoring, management The video management and distribution environment and reporting of fault and performance for maximum is supplemented by HP Media Storage—a virtualized efficiency, uptime and system lifecycle. storage environment comprised of specialized software and hardware that provides better performing, less HP, in conjunction with our partners, has installed, tested, expensive storage and more efficient management benchmarked and pre-integrated the various technology of video resources. elements to provide a complete solution that enables telecommunication providers to have confidence in the reliability and interoperability of the HP IPTV solutions. 2
  3. 3. Figure 1. IPTV solutions reference design Content Management head-end Delivery Experience Content management Services bundling Channels HDTV Contract management EPG Interactive television middleware Rights Live TV Customizable workflows Line-up Pay-per-view SDTV Content distribution network Ingest Video on demand Applications Turnaround Network PVR Metadata Gaming Encode dec Commerce Program insertion Applications Live channels Settings Video servers PC Digital asset management Profile Video library Services crossover On-the-go Videos DMS IPTV Digital rights management and infrastructure security Movies Integrated service management HP Integrated Service Management HP IPTV benefits: Further complementing HP IPTV are HP Integrated • Lowers the costs of market entry—enabled by field- Service Management (HP ISM) solutions, leveraging proven, HP industry-standard ProLiant and Integrity HP OpenView to provide service assurance tools for servers and HP Integrated Service Management monitoring, reporting, and managing the IPTV architec- (HP ISM) solutions ture overlaying the telecommunications network. HP ISM • Speeds time-to-market—HP has pre-integrated and solutions deliver integrated operations and business tested the various components for compatibility and support systems that enable the service provider to interoperability, enabling new video services to be quickly deliver, manage, track and bill for differentiated brought to market quickly content and video services. The result—network and • Provides massive scalability—from small to very large systems management is streamlined, revenue leakage deployments, using clustering technologies for fault is curtailed and the overall subscriber experience is tolerance and to fulfill concurrent user requirements powerfully enhanced. • Reduces OpEx and CapEx—using intelligent, managed HP IPTV organizes these disparate, yet complementary, content delivery technologies to manage bandwidth technologies into a single, focused solution for the consumption and reduce storage requirements consistent, reliable, secure delivery of high-quality • Increases operational efficiency—through the HP digital video assets. Adaptive Management portfolio of proven OpenView network and service management solutions for HP Communications, Media and converged services Entertainment Consulting Services • Provides critical flexibility—open architecture reduces From defining use cases to integration of quality of reliance on proprietary solutions, simplifying implemen- service and lifecycle management solutions, the tools tations and allowing selection of best-of-breed and strategies used by HP CME Consulting Services complementary Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) helps companies achieve operational readiness • Supports a wide variety of services—integrated to help activate, provision and manage IPTV services architecture supports services such as: Live TV, to deliver an outstanding user experience. Video-on- Demand (VoD), Near VoD, Subscriber VoD, Games on Demand or Time-Shifted TV. These Partners services may include features such as: EPG, channel Because any solution is only as good as the people who zapping, Personal Video Recording, self-provisioning, implement it, HP has partnered with an extraordinary bill review and others. array of international partners to deliver best-of-breed technologies, implementation strategies and complemen- tary offerings to our customers. And because HP remains focused on continually improving and refining our solutions, service providers can be assured that an HP IPTV solutions will remain on the leading edge of digital service delivery. 3
  4. 4. The HP advantage That experience is embodied in the HP Services group, a dedicated team of professionals on the ground in Increasingly complex and rapidly evolving communica- 170 countries worldwide. Building upon a foundation tions solutions force service providers to deliver even of people, processes and technology, HP Services can more innovative services to the market while keeping manage the complete design, delivery and deployment customers loyal and insulated from the complexities of critical adaptive infrastructure solutions for today's behind the services. To achieve this, communications communications and media services marketplace. and media service providers need strategic partners who can do more. HP offers targeted and seamless HP delivers solutions, technologies, and services solutions, integrated with partners and delivered quickly arrayed across network infrastructure, network services, and efficiently. HP systems and solutions are open and operations and business support, mobile and rich flexible, empowering customers to customize or create media solutions, and end user access. These innovative value-added services. Our service capabilities provide capabilities, including the class-leading HP OpenCall the expertise to develop, integrate, test, install and and HP OpenView software product suites, have made support the most complex service launches. This HP a major player that is leading change in the one-stop shopping approach allows providers to focus communications, media and entertainment industries. on customers—not suppliers. HP focuses more than 30 years of expertise into a powerful integrated team, the Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME) organization, who along with 500 valued solutions partners, assists the world’s top service and equipment providers, as well as media, entertainment and cable operators, in meeting their subscriber needs. For more information, go to © 2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 4AA0-5537ENW Rev. 1, October 2006 4