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ipTV solution

  1. 1. Digital Media Solution ipTV solution business challenges Traditional telco operators are competing with cable and satellite operators in communication and entertainment market as a result of deregulation and realization of triple-play services. Owing to the rapid development of broadband, cable and satellite service operators can bundle voice service to their TV and Internet service portfolio. On the other hand, broadband enables telco operators to deliver high quality video services, allowing them to compete on a par with cable operators and satellite service providers. Besides, vigorous competition among telco operators further reduces their revenue and profitability. Triple-play services can help telco operators to reduce churn and promote customer loyalty. However, to guarantee long-term success, they need to expand their revenue sources and boost their average revenue per user (ARPU) by constantly adding new services and capabilities.
  2. 2. IPTV is a new breed of TV service that can help telco operators to stay ahead of the competitions and sustain their long-term success. IPTV not only supports convention broadcast television as of cable and satellite operators, but also personalized on- demand services and interactive entertainments that can drive revenue for telco operators, such as TV- on-Demand (ToD), Personal Video Recording (PVR), online game and online shopping (T-commerce) services. IPTV also offers consumers with full control over where, when and how content to be viewed, creating high level of service personalization and enriched viewer’s experience. Solution Overview Key Features and Benefits ROI Aware DMX IPTV Solution’s unique Headline on Demand (HoD) allows operators to offer on demand experience to their viewers without incurring an on-demand sizing of infrastructure. Rather, operators can focus their spending on revenue-generating traffic. Flexible Business Model Support • DMX IPTV Solution’s built-in Revenue Management capability offers service operators innovative ways to drive revenue. • In addition to conventional billing and subscriber management capabilities, DMX IPTV Solution supports new business model such as Content Billing with content providers and pre-paid payment option using Voucher Management Systems. IP Network Aware DMX IPTV Solution integrates the supporting IP infrastructure including DSLAM and BRAS to understand and manage Quality of DMX IPTV Solution Overview Services (QoS) according to the subscribers demand. It dynamically controls the video traffic by analyzing the real time network statistics and customer behavior. Enriched Experience Future Proof Investment • DMX IPTV Solution offers viewers the ultimate control over what • DMX IPTV Solution responses rapidly to the evolving business to pay for. In addition to conventional packaged services, its environment and technology development. pricing engine allows flexible charging models such as channel- • The modular-based integrated headend platform provides by-channel etc. outstanding flexibility that allows service operators to quickly • DMX IPTV Solution offers customers the greatest choices of adopt new technologies and introduce new service offerings. how they can view the program, be it as live broadcast, video on • The best-of-breed standard based solution allows the adoption of demand, time shifted TV, pause live TV as well as PVR program. late-breaking technology option easily. Multi-channel Synchronized Experience Cost Effective • DMX IPTV Solution offers viewers the facilities to access to • DMX IPTV Solution is equipped with a highly scalable integrated program subscriptions and subscription account via mobile phone headend platform that allows decreasing cost per channel as and PC platform. Viewers are guaranteed their TV experience number of subscriber increases. through synchronous management on other platforms. • Soft client based content protection approach allows services to be rolled-out in cost effective ways. • The flexible configuration allows the system to be configured based on subscriber/revenue basis.
  3. 3. System Description DMX IPTV Solution offers service operators a comprehensive and tightly integrated end-to-end IPTV solution, from content aggregation, management and protection at integrated head-end to user interface and content presentation at customer end. DMX IPTV Solution Architecture IPTV Back Office Integrated Headend Middleware: an IPTV middleware that manages all service An integrated, all-inclusive platform to digitize, encode and process components and directs user experiences. It forms the heart of IPTV incoming video signals service with feature-rich capabilities including: • Lower cost of ownership • Open standard interfaces and flexible architecture for tight • Highly scalable modular architecture integration with backend systems including 3rd party products • Supports triple-play services • An integrated service management platform that provides: TV on Demand (ToD) Server • Total Service Management: the Interactive Program Guide (iPG) enables true interactivity for a comprehensive IPTV service A compact appliance server with video recording and play-out portfolio scheduling capabilities that enables comprehensive Re-broadcast, • Triple-play Management: supports an integrated IPTV, VoIP and NVoD, VoD and nPVR operations. Broadband service management • Tightly integrated withVisionTV for seamless operations and • Revenue Management: applications for ad insertions, online management quiz, voting, gaming and shopping • Centralized or distributed architectures with robust video asset management, scheduling and distribution Content Management: A back office system which ingests, • Supports wide range of services from simple re-broadcast service arranges, repurpose and catalogs media assets for subscriber use. to advanced NVoD operations • Open standard interface (ADI) based design for easy integration • Enables simple VoD service to advanced nPVR operations with video server and middleware • Full trick-play support for VoD and nPVR services • Complete content management lifecycle supporting modular publishing of services and content Content Protection • Multi-format; multi-purpose content acquisition and publishing Content protection solution that enhances content security by providing life cycle protection • RSS feed support • Soft client based solution • LiveTV, VoD and NVoD publishing for same content • Supports bidirectional broadband connection Customer Care & Billing: a subscriber management and billing • Keeps track of content usage and distribution system that supports life cycle business • Protects contents in storage and during delivery • Pre-paid voucher management and post-paid billing management • Content billing management • Digital right management (DRM) and conditional access (CA) interfaces • Agent Management Service Fulfillment & Assurance: A mechanism / agreement in “guaranteeing” appropriate bandwidth (service level) to subscriber at the infrastructure layer. • Open standard interfaces with QoS and QoE management and enforcement system • Policy driven and content type aware QoS control
  4. 4. IPTV Service Portfolio Interactive Program Guide (iPG) Interactive Advertising iPG presents all IPTV service offerings to viewers. It provides the Delivers interactive advertisement with enhanced viewer’s interface to view present and past electronic program guides. experience to targeted subscribers. Also serves as a tool for service Besides, the user-friendly interface enables viewers to personalize operators to drive revenue. and interact at fingertips. T-Commerce Broadcast TV Allows subscribers to shop from a catalogue on TV and provides a Viewers can view high quality digital broadcast channels with fixed secured environment for transaction. program schedule. Gaming TV-on-Demand (ToD) Interactive games can be played either by single local user or as a Viewers can subscribe and view premium movies/programs at their team with multiple players on the network. The games can either be convenience with full Trick-Play control. downloaded to STB or played online. Time-shifted TV (TSTV) Virtual Video Store Viewers can watch programs broadcasted in the past 7 days. Past Provides a secured Push VoD solution for Content Provider/Owners program guides can be retrieved from iPG and selected programs to distribute large media files to partners/affiliates using a robust can be viewed as of VoD service. Content Delivery Platform. Alternatively, content can also be made available on portals for downloading. Pause Live TV (PLTV) Viewers can pause a program on Live TV broadcast and resume Near Video-on-Demand (NVoD) viewing at where it is stopped. Subscribers can enjoy premium content on a Pay-Per-View (PPV) or Impulse Pay-Per-view (iPPV) basis at regular intervals. Personal Media Library Provides the ultimate viewing experience where subscribers can have full control over when, where and how they view the subscribed programs. Programs can be recorded and retrieved in the form of VoD. The recorded programs are stored either at provider’s headend or at the viewers’ Set-Top-Box (STB). Headline-on-Demand Delivers news (News-on-Demand) and weather (Weather-on- Demand) services using innovative technique to optimize the delivery of news and weather information. Weather information, news or popular events are made available to viewers at regular schedule using IP multicast and NVoD. About DMX Contact DMX Aspired to be a forerunning IT solution provider, DMX Technologies specializes in 1401 Stanhope House, 738 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong providing a wide range of digital multimedia solutions, network infrastructure and Tel: +852 2520 2660 / Fax: +852 2802 2062 professional services to service providers, cable TV operators, broadcasters, media Email: inquiry@dmxtechnologies.com and entertainment corporations, mobile operators and enterprises. Established Website: www.dmxtechnologies.com in 1999, DMX has built an extensive regional network in the Asia Pacific region, © 2007 DMX Technologies. All rights reserved. All other copyrights, trademarks, including Greater China, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. logos and any proprietary information mentioned in this document are the property For more information about DMX Technologies, please visit: of their respective owners. www.dmxtechnologies.com