IPTV Service Assurance


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IPTV Service Assurance

  1. 1. IPTV Service Assurance Application Note Abstract With the wide variety of services such as IPTV, online gaming and interactive multimedia, multi-play operators can challenge traditional cable and satellite operators and meet customers' growing requirements for attractive and appealing service features.
  2. 2. IPTV Market Overview With the increasing competition for market share and the decline in traditional service revenues, telecom operators are looking for new ways to leverage network infrastructure to diversify service offerings, retain their customers and develop additional revenue channels. As a result, operators are increasingly rolling-out IPTV services to run over their Next Generation networks. For many operators, IPTV service is the initial step towards becoming a multi-play service provider as it offers flexible product bundling. With the wide variety of services such as IPTV, online gaming and interactive multimedia, multi-play operators can challenge traditional cable and satellite operators and meet customers' growing requirements for attractive and appealing service features. IPTV Service Assurance Model IPTV Service Assurance Application Note Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Netrac IPTV Solution Pack Benefits • End-to-End Service View Complete service visibility of the entire service delivery chain from the headend to the customer's premises, across all service layers. • Consolidating Network and IT Management Optimizing operator's operational activities and efficiently responding to customers complaints, while reducing OPEX and CAPEX. This is carried out by combining network and service delivery platforms under the same management umbrella. • Customer Focus Capturing the customer's perception of service quality in addition to the customer's experience of service delivery and support. • Service Layers Correlation By correlating network infrastructure, application platform and the customer's QoE, operators can quickly detect the root-cause of service impairment before customers are affected and Service Level Agreements are violated. • Looking Further than IPTV Flexible multi-technology multi-vendor Service Assurance solution helps operators to quickly add Next Generation services and increase operators’ service management readiness. • Reporting and Display Improve operators’ management activities with executive and operational dashboards, as well as flexible reporting tools for real time monitoring and trend analysis. IPTV Management Challenges • Meeting video quality expectations IPTV service customers have high expectations and a low tolerance for video quality impairments, based on their acquired experience in cable and satellite TV markets. • Unique IT and network components integration Successful IPTV service delivery requires a unique and unprecedented integration of service application components and network resources that brings down traditional organizational barriers. • Ensuring demanding bandwidth requirements IPTV emergence dramatically changes customers’ bandwidth requirements making it essential to closely monitor network infrastructure usage and predict traffic trends. Multi-technology interoperability Next Generation networks involve multiple and constantly evolving technologies and standards, which require management flexibility for consolidation. • Complex service delivery chain New peering and service level interface points are formed by a composite service delivery chain which increases Service Level Objective complexity and Service Level Agreement enforcement procedures. IPTV Service Assurance Application Note Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Netrac IPTV Solution Pack TTI Telecom offers a comprehensive, end-to-end service assurance solution that enables operators to efficiently plan, monitor and mange IPTV service deployments. TTI Telecom's IPTV solution pack helps operators move from a network-centric management approach towards a service-centric, customer-oriented management approach in order to meet operator's business objectives in the emerging NG marketplace. The pack provides an end-to-end visibility of the IPTV service from the customer perspective, as well as an in-depth look into the service resources including the service delivery platform, video distribution process and network components. With the increase in service complexity and diversity, it is hard to predict in what direction technology will advance and what new services customers will demand. TTI Telecom provides a flexible and modular service assurance solution that fulfills the requirements of managing not only IPTV services – the solution can be adopted to manage multi-play NG services as well. The Importance of Service Modeling Built-in to the Netrac centralized repository (also known as Base Configuration), the IPTV service model is the backbone of TTI Telecom's IPTV Solution Pack. The model stores all network, non-network and service delivery platform components that comprise the IPTV service delivery chain and their relationships. By doing so, it provides the structure and the logical order for service-centric management functionalities. Relying on this model, TTI Telecom's IPTV service assurance solution provides more than component-centric performance and fault monitoring – it also provides root-cause correlation and customer-oriented service impact analysis. IPTV Broadcast Service Model Service-centric Management Approach Given the unique requirements necessary to efficiently ensure IPTV service quality level and customer satisfaction, TTI Telecom's solution pack takes a proactive service-centric performance management approach that focuses on end-to-end QoS measurements of various aspects of the IPTV service delivery chain, including: • Video and application quality and integrity • Overall customer service perception • Content distribution quality and availability • Network transport performance • Service delivery platform performance and availability • Last-mile performance and availability IPTV Service Assurance Application Note Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. TTI Telecom's Performance Management platform enhances near real-time and historical performance monitoring with a sophisticated traffic exceptions alerting mechanism. By comparing current service performance with predefined service benchmarks, operators can predict service degradations and rapidly resolve them before customer quality of service is compromised. Based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) collected from passive and active measurements, combined with CDP/IPDR traffic analysis, Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) are computed and aggregated over time. These aggregated quality metrics are then mapped to operator's service level objectives to ensure that Service Level Objectives are not violated. IPTV Performance Indicators Based on Service Layers Identifying service degradations and affected customers is insufficient. Operators require the ability to differentiate between the service impairments of valued customers and the service impairments of regular customers or between wide-area service issues and isolated events. TTI Telecom's IPTV solution pack provides the ability to prioritize affected services based on operator's business logic leading to an efficient operational decision making and effective corrective activities. IPTV Service Assurance Application Note Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. _______________________________________________________ About TTI Telecom TTI Team Telecom International Ltd. (NASDAQ: TTIL) offers advanced, modular and integrated software products and services for Operations Support Systems (“OSS”) to communications service providers. TTI Telecom is uniquely positioned to bridge legacy and next-generation, convergent network and service infrastructures with its Netrac-based service assurance, fulfillment and revenue assurance solutions. With Netrac, service providers can reduce operating costs, enhance profitability and launch new, revenue-generating services more rapidly. Over 70 service providers worldwide have deployed TTI Telecom’s solutions, supported by offices globally. Contact Information For more information about TTI Telecom products and solutions, visit www.tti-telecom.com or contact: info@tti-telecom.com. All rights reserved by TTI Team Telecom International Ltd. (including its affiliates and licensors). The information, specifications and other materials contained in this document are general and subject to change without notice. International Headquarters North America Headquarters Petach Tikva, Israel New Jersey, USA Tel: +972-3-926-9700 Tel: +1-201-795-3883 Fax: +972-3-922-1249 Fax: +1-201-795-3920 TTI TELECOM-AP-IPTV Service Assurance-Nov06 IPTV Service Assurance Application Note Page 6 of 6