IPTV: A Global Analysis


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IPTV: A Global Analysis

  1. 1. Management report from the publishers of: IPTV: A Global Analysis (3rd edition) Your ultimate resource to IPTV across the world www.informatm.com/iptv Fully revised with brand new data and forecasts Published: December 2007 Author: Adam Thomas Price: Paper copy: £695/US$1043/71043 PDF 1-5 users: £2085/US$3128/73128 • Track trends and pinpoint opportunities with fully updated forecasts • Can the telco’s TV services really compete with established platforms? • Discover the strategies your competitors are using • What are the main factors to entering this blossoming market? • Learn which IPTV broadcast models have been successful so far • Evaluate investment opportunities in new regions
  2. 2. IPTV: A Global Fully revised with brand new data and forecasts Analysis (3rd edition) www.informatm.com/iptv IPTV: A Global Analysis (3rd edition) Major industry questions cuts through the hype that has engulfed the IPTV sector in recent months. It answered in this report provides the most insightful and realistic include: examination of the current market situation and identifies the future • How is improving broadband direction the market is taking. In the US, penetration affecting IPTV rollout? services such as FiOS and U-Verse are • Are the successes of PCCW in Hong starting to give cable companies a real Kong and Orange TV in France now run for their money – and there are being repeated in other countries? signs of this trend emerging on a global scale. With viewers increasingly seeking • Can the telcos strategy to use triple- new broadcast concepts to engage them play and quad-play to retain customers in a personalised manner, the converging succeed against the more established worlds of media and telecoms represent cable and satellite operators? a phenomenal opportunity for all areas • Why are IPTV platforms good news of the communications business. for content owners? IPTV market to be worth • Is IPTV still the ‘hottest’ TV sector? The report includes important illustrative • Who is best placed to profit from US$14.7 billion worldwide statistics and reliable forecasts to 2012. It IPTV? by 2012 analyses more than 50 markets worldwide and includes detailed forecasts for the With many telcos having now launched “Rapid growth will result in 38 million top 45 countries. With numerous recent IPTV, or with advanced plans to do so, do IPTV homes by 2012 – or more than launches of IPTV worldwide, and others you have the clear and reliable analysis seven times the 2006 figure. Despite pending, the report provides a valuable that will enable you to exploit new this acceleration, only 3.1% of the insight into their chances of success. opportunities in this thriving market? world’s TV households are forecast to subscribe to IPTV platforms by 2012 as Whether you are a telco or content The wealth of experience gained from the operators have to compete against supplier, IPTV: A Global Analysis (3rd our team of expert analysts ensures that digital cable and DTH as well as DTT to edition) provides crucial information to IPTV: A Global Analysis (3rd edition) a lesser extent.” enable you to maximise your prospects is the ultimate management report within this increasingly established providing in-depth intelligence on the Source: Informa Telecoms & Media business sector. worldwide IPTV industry. Countries covered: • Argentina • Colombia • Greece • Latvia • Poland • South Korea • Uruguay • Australia • Croatia • Hong Kong • Lithuania • Portugal • Spain • US • Austria • Cyprus • Hungary • Malaysia • Puerto Rico • Sweden • Venezuela • Belgium • Czech Republic • India • Mexico • Romania • Switzerland • Vietnam • Brazil • Denmark • Indonesia • Morocco • Russia • Taiwan • Bulgaria • Estonia • Ireland • Netherlands • Singapore • Thailand • Canada • Finland • Israel • New Zealand • Slovenia • UAE • Chile • France • Italy • Norway • Slovakia • UK • China • Germany • Japan • The Philippines • South Africa • Ukraine www.informatm.com
  3. 3. Use IPTV: A Global Contents Analysis and benefit from: CHAPTER 1: MARKET • Western European IPTV • Global IPTV: forecasts Russia • Forecasts to 2012 – track trends and OVERVIEW VOD revenues summary • IPTV Summary • Asia Pacific IPTV total CHAPTER 3: AMERICAS Slovenia pinpoint opportunities with revenues Business models Argentina Slovakia extensive forecasts, including IPTV Content • Americas IPTV total • IPTV • IPTV subscriber numbers, DSL growth, The technology revenues Brazil Ukraine IPTV penetration by both home and challenges • Eastern European IPTV Canada • Technical outline total revenues Chile by DSL subscribers, IPTV revenue • Western European IPTV CHAPTER 6: WESTERN Extras Colombia EUROPE figures and country data for 45 total revenues • IPTV Austria countries. CHAPTER 2: FORECASTS • Asia Pacific monthly Ecuador • Telecom Austria (TA) IPTV revenues per Forecasts Mexico • IPTV subscriber per month • Vital intelligence on government • Top 10 IPTV markets in • Americas monthly IPTV • IPTV Belgium 2012 Peru • IPTV legislation and regulation and other revenues per subscriber • Asia Pacific: IPTV data per month Puerto Rico Denmark important local knowledge to allow at 2012 US • Eastern European Finland you to maximise your investment • Americas: IPTV data at monthly IPTV revenues • IPTV Elisa and make informed business 2012 per subscribers per Uruguay France decisions. • Western Europe: IPTV month Venezuela • IPTV data at 2012 • Western European • IPTV • Orange TV • Eastern Europe: IPTV monthly IPTV revenues • Free • Country-by-country coverage – data at 2012 per subscribers per CHAPTER 4: ASIA month • Neuf Cegetel in-depth analysis of the 58 key • Asia Pacific TV PACIFIC • Alice households • Argentina forecasts Australia territories, enabling you to track the • Australia forecasts • Club Internet • Americas TV • IPTV regions you are already in and assess households • Austria forecasts China Germany which new ones will provide you • Belgium forecasts • IPTV • IPTV • Eastern European TV Ireland with new investment opportunities. households • Brazil forecasts Hong Kong • Western European TV • Canada forecasts • IPTV • IPTV households • Chile forecasts India Italy • Asia Pacific DSL • China forecasts • IPTV • IPTV Essential reading for: subscribers • Colombia forecasts Indonesia • IPTV Netherlands • IPTV • Americas DSL • Czech Republic subscribers forecasts Japan Norway • Telcos: Learn more about where • Eastern European DSL • Denmark forecasts • IPTV • IPTV IPTV can fit into your business subscribers • Finland forecasts Malaysia Portugal • Western European DSL • France forecasts • IPTV • Portugal Telecom strategy. subscribers • Germany forecasts New Zealand • Sonaecom • Asia Pacific IPTV • Greece forecasts • IPTV • IPTV • Investment Banks: Gain valuable subscribers • Hong Kong forecasts The Philippines Spain insights into which countries will • Americas IPTV • Hungary forecasts • IPTV Sweden subscribers • India forecasts Singapore • TeliaSonera enable you to maximise your • Eastern European IPTV • Indonesia forecasts • IPTV • Bredbandsbolaget investment opportunities. subscribers South Korea • Fast TV • Ireland forecasts • Western European IPTV • Israel forecasts • IPTV • TV4 • TV Companies: Discover the subscribers Taiwan Switzerland • Italy forecasts • Asia Pacific IPTV subs as • IPTV strategies your competitors are a % of TV households • Japan forecasts • Swisscom Thailand • Cablecom using and find out how IPTV • Malaysia forecasts • Americas IPTV subs as a • IPTV • Mexico forecasts • Other operators technology and investment is % of TV households Vietnam • IPTV • Netherlands forecasts changing the face of broadcasting. • Eastern European IPTV • IPTV • New Zealand forecasts United Kingdom subs as a % of TV households • Norway forecasts • IPTV CHAPTER 5: EASTERN • Analysts, legal and financial: Use • Western European IPTV • Philippines forecasts EUROPE • Poland forecasts CHAPTER 7: REST OF our forecasts, historic data and subs as a % of TV • Portugal forecasts Bulgaria households THE WORLD independent analysis to build your • Puerto Rico forecasts Croatia Israel • Asia Pacific IPTV Cyprus knowledge of this new sector and subscription revenues • Romania forecasts • IPTV • Russia forecasts Czech Republic identify where your own expert • Americas IPTV • Singapore forecasts • IPTV Morocco knowledge may be required. subscription revenues • IPTV • South Korea forecasts Estonia • Eastern European IPTV South Africa • Spain forecasts Greece subscription revenues UAE • Broadcast Technology companies: • Sweden forecasts Hungary • Western European IPTV • Switzerland forecasts As a new sector, IPTV offer new • IPTV subscription revenues • Taiwan forecasts Latvia revenue streams. Identify which • Asia Pacific IPTV VOD • Thailand forecasts revenues • Turkey forecasts Lithuania technological developments are Poland • Americas IPTV VOD • United Kingdom likely to have a profitable impact on revenues forecasts • IPTV your business. • Eastern European IPTV • USA forecasts Romania VOD revenues • Venezuela forecasts • IPTV To order please complete the form overleaf or alternatively call +44 (0) 20 7017 5533
  4. 4. Payment details WHEN ORDERING BY PHONE OR EMAIL PLEASE QUOTE THIS CODE VAIP015D Please debit my ■ VISA ■ Mastercard ■ Amex ■ Diners Name Card No. Expiry date: Email 3 digit security number: Title (located on back of credit card in the signature box) Company Signature Date Address Postcode/Zipcode ■ I enclose a cheque made payable to Informa UK Ltd for the sum of: £/US$/8 Country VAT is chargeable on all orders from the European Union (except UK) which do not quote the buyer’s VAT Registration Telephone number: Please supply your TVA/BTW/MOMS/MWST/IVA/FPA number or add VAT at your local rate to your remittance. Facsimile Refunds are given only on publications returned to us in saleable ISBN Title Price Quantity condition by registered post within 14 days of receipt. 978-184311-721-6 IPTV (3rd edition) paper copy £695/US$1043/71043 ■ Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive further information on Informa UK Limited products and services or other selected companies. IPTV (3rd edition) 1-5 user PDF* £2085/US$3128/73128 The personal details shown on this brochure or provided by you will be held on a database and shared with companies in the Informa Group. 1477 7541 Converging Media paper copy £1095/US$1971/71643 They may be used to keep you up to date with developments in your industry. Sometimes your details may be obtained from, or made Converging Media online 1-5 user license £3285/US$5913/74929 available to external companies for marketing purposes. We believe that you are the correct person to receive details of Sub Total publications connected with this subject. If this is not the case, or if you do not wish to receive further correspondence from us, please write to * PDF files are subject to license agreements and are non-refundable. These terms supersede all previous terms. VAT Informa UK Ltd, Cyan House, 1 Canada Road, Byfleet, Surrey. KT14 7BF. The report is copyrighted. PDF files must not be forwarded to or distributed to any other person within or Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7017 4555, fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 4743, email: outside the company. Reproduction or redistribution without permission is strictly prohibited. Breach of copyright database@informa.com Total law is punishable by fines of up to US$100,000 per infringement. A Site License or Corporate License is required for distribution across the company. Informa UK Ltd. Registered Office: Mortimer House, 37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH. Registered No: 1072954 (England and Wales) VAT Reference No. GB365462636 To place your order, contact Customer Services FAX: +44 (0)20 7017 4783 POST UK: Informa Telecoms & Media, TEL: +44 (0)20 7017 5533 Sheepen Place, Colchester, Essex, C03 3LP, UK EMAIL: media.enquiries@informa.com WEBSITE: www.informatm.com/iptv • country profiles with in-depth analysis of an individual Converging Media country’s digital-content market, the major players leading the way, trends and any likely developments • sector profiles keeping you informed of key trends within Converging Media is the industry’s most trusted source of different market segments breaking news, accurate data and incisive analysis for tracking • market data on global digital-content numbers, and a digital-content strategies around the globe ensuring you keep round-up of the latest digital-content alliances and deals. up to speed with this rapidly developing sector. Your colleagues and competitors rely on Converging Media to If there’s a device carrying digital content, expect to read help shape their strategic direction, shouldn’t you? about it in Converging Media. Media goes where media is consumed, and the consumer wants to consume in the home, Converging Media will help shape your strategic direction by in the office, and on the move. Converging Media will delivering an intelligent mix of: follow. • exclusive news and news analysis on the global digital- content market • in-depth research & analysis of significant themes and Publication Details: issues impacting the sector Editor: Steve Mullins • company profiles examining the product offerings and Frequency: 23 issues per year strategies of the trail-blazing companies shaping the Price: Paper copy £1095/US$1971/71643 digital-content industry today and in the future Online license 1-5 users £3285/US$5913/74929 For more information please visit www.informatm.com or contact us on Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 5533, Email: media.enquiries@informa.com