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Intelliden IPTV Solution for Next Generation Service Delivery


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Intelliden IPTV Solution for Next Generation Service Delivery

  1. 1. > INTELLIGENT NETWORKING SOLUTIONS SOLUTION BRIEF Intelliden IPTV Solution for Next Generation Service Delivery Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are looking to Internet Protocol television (IPTV) as a key weapon in both defending their existing core businesses and expanding into new, high-value services—from traditional broadcast TV, to video-on-demand (VoD), to unique forms of interactive entertainment including online gaming. More than just an incremental service offering, IPTV is rapidly becoming a service imperative that establishes the foundation on which all future ‘next generation’ services and customer relationships will be built. IPTV Deployment Challenges Intelliden IPTV Solution Several technical challenges lie ahead before IPTV services Based on the award winning R-Series® platform and patented become mass market offerings and generate substantial technology, Intelliden’s automated solution for broadband revenue streams for CSPs. Consumers will demand guaranteed services enables service providers to control, manage, and scale TV-quality video and superior user experience before aban- critical network resources, while providing assured delivery of doning their favorite cable or satellite service provider. applications and services. Intelliden’s IPTV solution provides real-time state awareness of critical network resources across Flawless delivery of resource-intensive and delay-sensitive the network, and facilitates rapid and reliable delivery of services such as IPTV requires deterministic performance, and IPTV and other next generation services over a converged IP coordination of a complex ecosystem of middleware and infrastructure. Intelliden’s automated approach streamlines network components such as content servers and core and and simplifies the operational management of multi-vendor edge networking devices. Ensuring QoS, performance, scala- network devices across the network, accelerates network-wide bility, reliability and customized user experience over such a service rollouts, and improves operational efficiencies. diverse architecture is essential to success. The evolution to multi-service networks has consequently generated significantly increased demands for network resources and placed new requirements on infra- structure and OSS. Analysts estimate that the cost of implementation and support for an IPTV customer exceeds $700 USD in the first year. With such a significant investment at stake, service providers must deploy disciplined and repeatable processes, and get it right the first time. Providing real-time state awareness of network resources is Figure 1 (above): Intelliden’s R-Series provides highly granular critical to successful IPTV service provisioning, and key to control of network resources, and interacts with existing OSS ensuring that service providers , maintaining control over systems which control applications and services through operational costs as well as optimizing the user experience. open and extensible APIs.
  2. 2. New targeted service offerings fulfill the demands of the s Improves network reliability, resiliency, and quality of “long tail”, enable differentiation, increase customer loyalty experience and support a winning strategy for growing new service - Supports dynamic configuration, modification and revenues. Dynamic provisioning of network resources to recovery of network elements with no service and meet service specific QoS requirements facilitates the delivery customer impact of customizable bundled services, including voice and high- s Accelerates network-wide service roll-outs and improves speed internet, as well as enhanced services such as operational efficiencies video-on-demand (VoD), caller ID on TV, and online video - Eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual gaming. With Intelliden’s patented technology and solutions, scripting and device activation processes CSPs can deploy an intelligent multi-service network solution, which dynamically adapts to each subscriber and enables service providers to effectively compete for new customers, while reducing churn and providing new services. The Intelliden IPTV solution is comprised of three high-performance carrier-class applica- tions within the Intelliden solutions suite: s Dynamic Resource Provisioning provides real-time allocation of network resources such as network elements, paths, and bandwidth to meet the dynamic resource demands of converged, multi-service networks environments. s Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) provides highly granular device awareness, and comprehensive change Figure 2 (above): Intelliden’s IPTV solution provides and configuration management across multiple vendor a powerful unified point-of-control between the application network devices, and is optimized for the demanding layer and the network. Intelliden dynamically configures and and evolving requirements of service provider broad- controls devices within the network, and works with other band networks. OSS systems to provision network resources to meet the constantly evolving needs of applications and services such s Policy-based Compliance Management ensures that as video-on-demand, on-line gaming, and peer-to-peer network configurations can be carefully controlled, communication. and in the case of errors or exceptions, can be auto- matically rolled back to “golden” configurations with Key Business Processes any disruption to existing services and customers. Intelliden’s advanced IPTV solution enables service providers to control, manage, and scale their IPTV infrastructure to Benefits & Features deliver next generation services with greater ease and simplicity. s Streamlines and simplifies the operational management of s Network set-up and coordination—Intelliden’s multi-vendor network devices across the network NCCM application provides the initial configuration - Provides a single point of OSS control for network- of equipment and path resources across the network, wide coordination of elements, bandwidth, and QoS as well as the configuration of other OSS such as s Facilitates the rapid addition of new subscribers and policy management and provisioning systems. services to the network Subsequent configuration changes, as well as device - Enables fast, reliable and repeatable “cookie-cutter” activations, can now be managed dynamically and configuration of ACLs, QoS, and network elements accurately through Intelliden’s patented automation and paths. system. © 2007 Intelliden Corporation. All rights reserved. Intelliden and Intelliden R-Series are trademarks of Intelliden Corporation. All other trademarks in this document are the property of their respective owners.
  3. 3. s Customer turn-up—Intelliden rapidly and accurately Open Systems Integration supports customer turn-up for new services such as Intelliden supports open standards-based (XML, web services) IPTV. Intelliden’s Dynamic Resource Provisioning communications between applications and OSS. When (DRP) application provides an automated “cookie- integrated with third-party policy management and provisioning cutter” approach to subscriber addition that ensures systems, for example, Intelliden provides the critical single point precise application of service profiles and QoS for of OSS control between services, applications, and network each new subscriber. The solution can be applied on resources, across the network and across multiple vendors. a mass scale and duplicated across multiple video hub offices and other network aggregation points. Intelliden automates and facilitates these critical functions for service providers, eliminating error-prone and time consuming s Network modifications—Open standards and APIs manual processes, and enabling carriers to rapidly and enable Intelliden’s DRP application to make real-time efficiently scale IPTV services. changes in the network to support the changing needs of applications and services. For example, as Network Set-up & Coordination VoD requests ebb and flow, Intelliden can dynami- s Automated end-to-end provisioning and configuration cally adjust bandwidth and assign new interfaces and of network resources paths as needed to meet application requirements and s Rapid and repeatable large-scale turn-ups of new customers evolving subscriber demand. Modifications & Updates s Exception management and recovery—Quality s Dynamic modification of network elements and of experience is paramount to the success of new communication paths services such as IPTV. Intelliden’s Policy-based Compliance Management can be used to manage s Dynamic, real-time re-sizing of voice, video, and data and recover automatically from device configuration paths errors, and significantly reduce potential network failure. A unique Intelliden feature is the ability to Exception Management & Recovery s Automated recovery from non-compliant configurations roll back configurations without impacting services running on the network. s Rollback configurations without impacting existing services Intelliden ( is a leading provider of Intelligent Networking Solutions that enable organizations to control, manage and scale their networks. With Intelliden solutions, network-driven organizations can deliver next generation services, ensure compliance and completely automate network change and configuration management. Intelliden’s innovative and patented solution is the first example of truly “intelligent automation” of networking devices. It is the only solution that gives companies the real For further information, please contact: time state of the network—the key to ensuring accuracy Intelliden, Inc across increasingly dynamic networks. Intelliden has been 90 South Cascade Avenue proven in global telecom companies, financial services Colorado Springs, CO 80903 organizations, federal government agencies and other network-driven businesses. Customers include British Tel: 719-785-0660, Telecom, Bell Canada, Comcast, KPN, and TELUS. © 2007 Intelliden Corporation. All rights reserved. Intelliden and Intelliden R-Series are trademarks of Intelliden Corporation. All other trademarks in this document are the property of their respective owners.