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  1. 1. THe NexT Generation The rapidly expanding IPTV market in the Asia Pacific region is outgrowing the limitations of current generation middleware products. How can a service delivery platform approach to IPTV middleware help service providers maintain their competitive edge? nagravision
  2. 2. H igh-tech market research is emerging. Often, the service provider, firm In-Stat reported that and hence its middleware provider or the Asia/Pacific region is system integration partner, will have leading the global revolution to pragmatically accommodate client of IPTV in infrastructure software architectures if they want to deployments, applications development, leverage these interesting and emerging and subscriber adoption. The region’s client devices. broadband penetration and regulatory The TV service definition is not a support help to foster the fastest-growing static one and the advent of IPTV has IPTV market in the world as is evidenced only accelerated this evolution. IPTV in by the following data points: By 2011, and by itself has innovated the TV service the Asia/Pacific market is expected to definition, yet still moderately so in actual reach 39 million IPTV subscribers with deployments. A wealth of marketing total IPTV revenue in the region reaching opportunities for increasing the average US$8.1 billion by 2011. revenue per subscriber (ARPU) depend In-Stat notes that providers will need on middleware to support new business to find a unique approach to packaging models and the presentation of services and bundling in order to attract customers over these new client devices. and maintain a competitive edge. As a result, most IPTV service providers have CREATIVE MIDDLEWARE strategically integrated services in their Continued innovation demands a more triple-play bundled offerings. open approach for the IPTV industry. Deployments in this region are limited A ‘service delivery platform’ (SDP) by the key element that enables service approach to addressing the headend providers to launch new interactive side of the applications is emerging as services and enable full control of their the architecture of choice. An open SDP subscribers’ experiences: the current relying on a Service Oriented Architecture generation of middleware on the market. (SOA) provides a scaleable and solid base Middleware that is too prescriptive in for an operator to both build new services terms of client technology results in a and to leverage its existing service and limited range of set-top boxes being OSS/BSS infrastructure. It can be tied supported (almost de facto vertical into an IMS framework going forward ecosystems per middleware provider) and is network independent. The end and non set-top box devices such as result is a highly customisable SDP which PCs, mobile phones or other mobile is fully open to both global and local devices not being supported at all. Even players for developing revenue-generating if many of the devices are supported in applications tuned to the differentiation a limited fashion, the current products requirements of service providers. are inflexible. Changing applications, The SDP cannot be a monolithic adding new ones or integrating with an solution where the server dictates the operator’s existing core business functions client architecture. The existing exclusive can be a difficult and painful process. server/client middleware business models By their very nature, these proprietary from one single vendor are no longer solutions underutilize the vast array of acceptable in the marketplace. Instead, application developers within a region. the increasing importance of hybrid And, once these middleware solutions are deployments such as cable and IPTV, in place, evolving an application suite is satellite and IPTV, or terrestrial and IPTV too cumbersome of a process. inevitably have to include established Client devices for TV consumption client middleware solutions for broadcast are broadening beyond the limited range like OpenTV. of set-top boxes typically supported Different runtime environments at the for a service in a given geography. client side have their own life cycle and Alternative media viewing devices such should not have a one-to-one relation with as PCs, mobile phones, portable players the service itself, rather with the devices and game consoles can and should also for which they have been optimised. An be supported within an IPTV network. open SDP simultaneously supports future The resulting requirement for IPTV evolutions and generations of browsers, middleware is rapid portability of the as well as native managed code such as end user experience. This can only be Java, MHP, C# and, in the near future, achieved through a truly horizontal Flash. For future proofing services, approach to client middleware. Less and operators should prefer to decouple these less can operators afford to dictate the technology life cycles from the service client middleware environment across definition itself. Using SDP allows both the increasing spectrum of devices that to evolve at their own pace.
  3. 3. nagravision, a Kudelski Group to particular products can be given for a parties. Quative SDP.0 forms a server company, is the world’s leading limited period of time, a certain number side middleware solution for iPtV which independent supplier of open of times or under certain conditions. is integrated with client middleware from conditional access systems, DrM Quative Limited is a wholly owned opentV as well as other solutions offered and integrated on-demand solutions subsidiary of the Kudelski Group. in the market and available on a variety for content providers and digital tV Quative provides a next-generation of iPtV set-top boxes. SDP.0 also comes operators over broadcast, broadband award winning service delivery with a default reference application suite and mobile platforms. its technologies platform, SDP.0, in combination with supporting opentV Core and opentV are currently being used by more a comprehensive content management HtML. than 0 leading pay-tV operators system (CMS) from nagravision/Lysis Quative SDP.0 comes pre-integrated worldwide securing content delivered and acts as a specialised end-to-end iPtV with nagravision Lysis content and DrM to over 7 million active smart cards solution integrator for service providers. management and nagravision content and devices. Quative is focusing on telecom and protection systems. the platform supports the company’s conditional access internet service providers launching the industry’s leading video server and solutions include features such as new iPtV services or migrating to next- encoding systems. the solution suite encryption, subscription services and generation iPtV solutions. it also offers a enables operators to provide a flexible, PPV, and support on-demand services solution for cable and satellite/terrestrial expandable set of distinctive features including subscription Video-on- pay tV providers deploying iPtV to while securing a stable, reliable platform Demand (VoD) and Movie-on-Demand, seamlessly enrich the existing broadcast with a short time to market. DVr, Push-VoD, season and team services. the Kudelski Group is a world leader tickets, tiers pricing, targeted messages Quative SDP.0 powers the delivery of in digital security. its technologies are and conditional products. the solutions applications to set-top boxes including used in a wide range of applications can also manage the security needs PVrs as well as PCs. operators using requiring access control and rights of interactive applications such as t- the next generation platform can management, whether for securing commerce, t-banking and t-voting. decouple the complexity of traditional transfer of information (digital television, the conditional access solutions handle broadband and iPtV solutions which broadband internet, video-on-demand, subscriber updates and new subscriber typically have an exclusive relationship interactive applications) or to control enrollment and manage all encryption between client and server side solutions. and manage access of people or vehicles modules. in addition to basic scenarios SDP.0 can deliver and manage its own to sites and events. the Kudelski Group (clear encrypted streams, free reference applications, which are highly is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur- controlled access), protected access customisable, or applications from third Lausanne, Switzerland. library manageability has already become an issue, much higher service consistency can be achieved by introducing this as part of the service definition process. THE SOLUTION The next generation of IPTV middleware is available today and provides a key element in IPTV end-to-end solutions. The award winning Quative SDP2.0 enhances a service provider’s ability to launch new interactive services and enables full control of the subscriber experience. Device-independent and utterly lightweight APIs cater to a variety of client run-time environments like browsers, Java and Flash. This approach has already paid off in the straightforward integration of a rapidly growing list of market leaders in client middleware and TV browsers. Supported by a number of leading set- top box vendors, Quative SDP2.0 comes pre-integrated with Nagravision Lysis Operational improvements of an SDP backend. This requirement is fulfilled in content and NagraIP content protection include supporting a ‘wholesale-capable’ an application hosting model supporting systems. The result is a comprehensive platform that allows both wholesale a notion of ‘multiple virtual operators.’ solution suite enabling operators to operators to sell a white-branded service An SDP allows for content provide a flexible, expandable set of to other service providers and regional management systems to be incorporated distinctive features while securing a operators to join forces leveraging from the start of service deployment. stable, reliable platform with a short time economies of scale through a common While typically only introduced when to market. n nagravision