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garage mice


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garage mice

  1. 1. Cognitive scientists I have known Cognitive Science COMP1340 (CG11) Comments in italics come from the person concerned unedited.
  2. 2. 1993 Mandy Schiffrin : “ Went on to do: an MSc by research in the School of Computing at Leeds; a year teaching English in Mar del Plata, Argentina; a PhD in Computational Linguistics also in the School of Computing at Leeds; Predoc in Odense Denmark (during PhD); Postdoc in Tilburg Netherlands; first industry job as Senior Computational Linguist for Axonwave Software, Edmonton, Canada; currently Researcher for Q-go, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Trying to stay still a bit now!”
  3. 3. 1996 Hannah Dee : MA Philosophy, PhD Computer Vision. Cogs researcher, now in INPR Grenoble. Tom Wiltshire : “ Worked in the electronics industry, taught English in Spain, returned to UK, became self-employed web designer, now runs a bunk-barn and designs modular synthesizer electronics . A fter all, cog sci is going to attract intelligent generalists, isn't it?” Ryan Glaser : “I am doing Fix Connectivity at Barclays Capital … liaising between IT and technology for the world's leading Foreign Exchange Desk...(and loving it)”
  4. 4. 1998 Jackie Prescott : “ … capitalist landlord ... but still fascinated by cog sci and often follow radio coverage. Plan to pick up reading when my dance legs give up !
  5. 5. 2003 Matt Birtwisle : Studied PhD in haptic techniques for surgical training. Now wearing a suit and doing Serious Software. David Gordon : “5 years in London working for Framestore, contributing behavioural simulations and various softwares to such cinematic masterpieces as 'Superman Returns' &c. Currently in Los Angeles, working for Sony Pictures Imageworks on our in-house lighting/compositing tool (so- making 3D UI components, real-time render previews, etc.). Also had the chance to mentor for Google Summer of Code- (we should get some Leeds students doing that - I'll contact you in time for next year.). Never regretted doing a joint honours course - who else gets to be a qualified philosopher *and* have a proper job?
  6. 6. 2003 Caroline Wells : “ After travelling for a bit and working as an assistant psychologist for a couple of years I came back to Leeds to do the clinical psychology doctorate. I'm now in my final year so, fingers crossed, by next September I'll be qualified and probably working somewhere in the NHS. Even though I went down the psychology route in the end I'm still glad I did cog sci rather than straight psychology for my undergrad. I remember that it sometimes felt like our timetable was a bit heavier than the single honours people but it was much more varied and the experience of juggling lots of differing types of work and demands has certainly helped in my jobs and the course I'm doing now!  Also, when I first graduated I was told that my degree might put me at a disadvantage in pursuing a career in psychology but actually I think people like to see a bit of variety on application forms and so, if anything, its probably worked in my favour! ”
  7. 7. 2004 Jaq Leach : “ To full time parenthood, putting all that developmental psychology training to good use.  With a 2.5 year old, you can see the cogs turning as they learn about the world!” Dan Hunnisett : Doing 2 years VSO in Guyana Sarah Patel : Became a Primary School teacher Rachel Simmonds : Went on to do an MSc in Criminal Psych. Ben Wolfson : “ I'm the Deputy Manager (capitals essential) at the South Leeds Pupil Development Centre. I run small group work for primary school aged children with social and emotional barriers to learning. Cog sci has given me a grounding in child psychology and behaviour, whilst allowing me to be the most efficient person in any primary school with my knowledge of computers .” Peter Fine : PhD in Biosystems at Sussex university. Dragos Necula : Last heard of teaching English in Japan.
  8. 8. 2005 Richard Cauldwell : “ 3+ years experience as a teacher of English as a foreign language to adults, in Hong Kong, Argentina and Milton Keynes. Now studying a DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) in Milton Keynes. Will go to Brazil in 2010 to continue career as an English teacher .” Ollie Wallis : Psychology “conversion” course, Univ. of Gloucestershire. Chris White: “ IT Applications Developer (Progress) - Web Implementations Team - Pensions Management Company (CapitaHartshead) - Desperately trying to save the capital to return to Uni to do a Masters ;¬)”. Jon Howson: “I'm working as a Web Developer for Indigo Squared, a small Web focused software development firm based in the Innovation Centre by the BusinessSchool.” Alicia Shelley : “I am currently living in Malaga, Spain, and work at the International Association of Science Parks, which is gradually linking me back to a world of science and technology related things after a period of time working in the tourism industry. I have always been glad I studied Cognitive Science even if I haven't exactly followed a logical career path from it. I also haven't crossed off further study.”
  9. 9. 2006 Deborah Elm : Did a Masters in Manchester and has since become a school teacher. Vicky Jordan : “ I've been employed by the University of Leeds since graduating and currently work for the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre (NIHR CRN CC) in Fairbairn House. I am the Team Coordinator / Project Officer for the Workforce Development team .” Emily Klee : MA in Philosophy, then into the Diplomatic Service.
  10. 10. 2007 Julie Bower : “ I work for RNIB transcribing books and music into Braille and large print for blind and partially sighted people .” Phil Bradfield: About to start 2 years VSO in Gambia. Tim Dobson : “ I am currently in my final year of my part time MSc. In Theoretical Psychoanalytic Theory at University Collage London. I'm writing an interesting paper at the moment about whether Neurology or imperial Psychology holds any support for psychoanalysis, and lots of Coggie stuff, including neural networks etc .” Marie Kharaz : Will commence an MA in “Practice as Research in Film” next summer. Amelia Waddington : PhD study in Biosystems in Leeds. Chris Gawthorpe : “ I'm now working for Microsoft working with Mediaroom - our IPTV software .” Cath Bell : Did a Masters in the Psychology of Advertising and is now working in marketing for a local company
  11. 11. 2008 Felix Moss : Studying for a taught MPhil at Cambridge Tom Baker : “ Doing: 2nd year graduate trainee at KPMG, working in audit. Theoretically in another year and a half I'll be a qualified Chartered Accountant ;-)”
  12. 12. 2009 Lottie King : Did a year out in Madrid. Now pursuing a legal career in Law School.