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Farmer's Market Resources


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Farmer's Market Resources

  1. 1. Farmer’s Market Resources Community Action Child Care Resource & Referral Tamee DeCoursey – Child & Adult Care Food Program - Assistant 2850 Mt. Pleasant St., Suite 108, Burlington, IA Telephone 1-319-753-0193 or E-Mail Calorie Chart Children’s Coloring Book – Farmer’s Market Children’s Coloring Book – Fruits & Vegetables Choking Hazards Chart Clip Art Curriculums - Apples - Bread, Bread, Bread by Ann Morris - D.W. the Picky Eater by: Marc Brown - Food Play - IPTV Kid’s Club – Leafy Vegetables - Lunch by Denise Flemming – Pick a Better Snack Bingo – Produce for Better Health - Pyramid Cafe - Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens - Watermelons Dip Recipes Fiber Fiber Find a Farmer’s Market in Your Area Food Cards to Print
  2. 2. Freezing Fruits and Vegetables Fruits & Vegetables for kids Fruits & Vegetables Galore – Team Nutrition Resource Fruits & Vegetable Links Fruit & Vegetables More Matters (Formally 5-A-Day) Fruit/vegetable printable colorful poster Graphic Price Signs Harvest of the month Kiwi Pick a Better Snack Fact Sheets Printable – Recipes, Recipe Box to Make Produce For Better Health – curriculum and ideas Recipes
  3. 3. Storing Fruits and Vegetables