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English version - Program.doc

  1. 1. Detailed Program – preliminary version dated 04/08/06 August 23rd 2006 – wednesday – 08:40 / 21:30 08:40 Grand Opening Coord.: Fernando Pelégio – SET and SBT 10:00 10:00 Trends and Scenario Coord.: Roberto Franco – SET and SBT 12:00 Scenario for TV : New Paradigms After Convergence 10:00 Digital TV – Tutorial Coord.: Eduardo Bicudo - SET and EBCOM 12:00 Video Compression and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard Carla Liberal Pagliari – IME Principles of codification for images and video: compression needs, codification for transformed, Discrete Cosine transform (DCT), quantization, codification intra-picture, codification Inter-picture, motion compensation, codification for entropy. Presentation of the video codification standard H.264/MPEG-4 AVC. Comparison between MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standards. Presentation and discussion about the tests from the project H.264Brazil within the Brazilian System of Digital Television: “ Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão Digital” (SBTVD). Codification sequences exhibition using H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2 standards 10:00 News Coord.: Luís Eduardo Leão – SET and AlterosaTV 12:00 News Automation and News Edition Systems. Cicero Legname Marques – SBT Since the creation until the exhibition. Study Cases Martin Bonato – Brasvídeo Marcelo Blum – Videodata Felisberto Barbosa da Silva – STEP Software 10:00 Production Coord.: José Dias- TV Globo 12:00 VFX & Games Francisco Tipriano Filho - Cadritech The technological development of special effects in cinema and television. The Alceu Mateus Baptista - Vetor Zero Games Universe - MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Games. This Andrea Bedricovetchi - Level Up Games! Interactive Luc Robert – RealViz Technology panel intends to help the visualization of the future in the media convergence, motivating the imagination in the interface between technology and art. The participants will be presented to the production concepts, and will better understand the tools and work environment of VFX, the most recent technologies on the motion capture area, recently shown in Siggraph 2006 that took place in Boston 07/30 to 08/03. Also it’s an opportunity to know the universe of the games. The reason for 30 million teenagers in the entire world (1.5 million in Brazil) became fascinated by the Ragnarok. Technological development of 3DMax in the last 15 years, from the past to the future of this technology. The use of the Computer Graphics technology and a virtual producer functions, for accomplishments of synthesized images in the commercial and films production. Video interactive games (MMORPG), the study case of Ragnarok, one of the best successful game on line, with approximately 30 million members in the whole world. In Brazil, it already exceeds the 1.5 million members. Presentation of a revolutionary system for capturing human motions, using video cameras. Data could be used in 3DMax, Mayan, etc. 12:15 Scenario and Trends Coord.: Roberto Franco – SET and SBT 13:30 Scenario for TV : New Paradigms After Convergence 12:15 News Coord.: Gilberto Fernandes – SET and SBT 13:30 News Capture Formats Renato Favilla - TV TEM TV Broadcast professionals will be presenting study cases describing their experiences Richard Leal - TV Paranaense using different formats for news capture: P2, from Panasonic; Hard Disk (DV), from Sok Won Lee- TV Iguaçu JVC, XDCAM, from Sony as well as other players. Alan Keil – Ikegami/ EUA Thomson 12:15 Digital TV Coord.: Alex Pimentel – SET and Teleimage 13:30 Management and Rights Protection into a Digital World Jim Williams – MPA Digital technology made it easier for copies and distribution of audio and video contents. What José Luiz Albuquerque Moraes - EBU are the countermeasures for non-authorized use? What do we have in mind for this new scenario Fernando Gomes de Oliveira – Irdeto for TV, Cable and Digital Satellites? This session intends to offer an introduction to this theme. The Transition to a Digital TV: Preventing for Redistribution Not Authorized Content in TV Introduction to the encryption system BISS (BISS-1 and BISS- E), developed by EBU for content distribution applications in satellite transmission, using DVB-S standard Digital protection 12:15 Energy - Tutorial Coord.: Euzebio Tresse – SET 13:30 Electromagnetic Shielding for Radio and Digital TV Ronaldo Kascher – Kascher 15:00 Scenario and Trends Coord.: Fernando Bittencourt – SET and TV Globo 17:00 Talk Show: New Medias Silvio Meira - CESAR Valerijonas Seivalos - Qualcomm Larry Thorpe – CANON
  2. 2. Jesper Rhode - EDB 15:00 News Coord.: Raymundo Barros – SET and TV Globo 17:00 Sports News Gathering in HD Benjamin – EVS World Football Cup 2006 in HD and other applications. Capture and audio mixing in sports into a 5.1 environment. Challenges and Opportunities. Edition and Production Model of Highlights from generated and recorded contents in servers by host broadcaster partners for unilateral Dolby use. Structure presentation for Production and Transmission of mixed audio in 5.1 format for sports environment. Telecom Structure for transport of HD signals, since the venues until the IBS. 15:00 Digital Cinema Coord.: Celso Araújo – SET and TV Globo 17:00 Technology and Techniques – Current and Perspectives Kanato Yoshida – SET and SONY Projectors. Dual Stream. Proceedings for Intermediary Digital – ID Wlad Farias – ORAD Alex Pimentel – SET and Teleimage Thomson 15:00 Digital Cinema Coord.: Kanato Yoshida – SET and SONY 20:00 Movie Theater with exhibition of HD 12:00 Trade Show and Exhibition of Equipments and Services Promoter: Certame 20:00 Broadcast& Cable FIICAV - 1ª Feira Internacional da Indústria de Cinema e Audiovisual (First International Trade Show of Sound and Video for the Cinema Industry) 20:00 Cocktail - SET 2006 Congress Sponsor: 21:30 Guests: Congress attendees for SET 2006 CIS Brasil August 24th 2006 – thursday – 09:00 / 20:00 09:00 Digital TV Coord.: Liliana Nakonechnyj – SET and Globo TV 11:00 Implementation of SBTVD (Brazilian System for Digital Television) Roberto Pinto Martins - MC What are the main technologies to be implemented and what definitions are missing from Gunnar Beddicks - Mackenzie the technical point of view? How the Electronics Industry and the Broadcasters are Carlos Fructuoso - Linear prepared for the Digital TV launching in Brazil? What are the contribution from Roberto Franco - SET and SBT Universities and R&D Centers? The objective of this session is to explain the SBTVD and the next steps for the implementation. 09:00 Production Coord.: Carlos Dantas – Mackenzie University 11:00 Digital Audio Regis –USP 09:00 Digital Convergence Coord.: Leonel da Luz – SET and Anhanguera TV 11:00 IT: New Tools 09:00 Science & University Coord.: Gunnar Bedicks – SET and Mackenzie 11:00 Research and Development University 11:30 Digital TV into the World: Japan and Latin America. Coord.: Liliana Nakonechnyj - SET and Globo TV 13:30 The first part of this session will explain the evolution of Digital TV in Japan, with portable Maruyama - TV Asahi/ Japan applications as well as the actions taken during the migration process. The second part Takahashi- DIBEG/ Japan will be reserved for testimonials and discussions about Digital TV perspectives with remarkable TV broadcast executives from Latin America. 11:30 Production Coord.: Fredy Litowsky - SET and Thomson 13:30 Technologies for Shows and Gathering Transmission 11:30 Digital Convergence Coord.: Antônio Maia – SET and Globo.com 13:30 New Services: IPTV, Fttx, IMS, VOIP and others. 11:30 Science and University Coord.: Anderson de Assunção - SET and Univali 13:30 Research Papers Presentations 15:00 Production Coord.: Nelson Faria Jr - SET and TV Globo 17:00 New Technologies Speakers: Lens technology applied for High Quality Production. Compression Systems for Larry Thorpe - Canon application of Production e Post-production (MPEG-4 Studio Profile, MPEG-2 Long GoP, Hugo Gaggione - SONY AVC/H.264, and J2K). 15:00 Digital TV Coord.: Celso Hatori – Cultura TV 17:00 Interactivity in Brasil. Middleware. Application, feed-back channel Guido Lemos– Lavid - UFPB Valdecir Becker – UFSC Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares – Telemídia - PUC-Rio Luís Geraldo Meloni - Unicamp 15:00 Audio and VideoTechnology Coord.: Claudio Younis – SET and Eletro Equip 17:00 New Technologies for audio/video applied in Broadcasting Mod. (Questions and Answers): Orlando Barrozo – Ed Screen and special films for projection. Monitors and cubes for retro-projection in VIMARC – videowall. Flexible systems for audio using DSP. 3M Microphones for special applications. Q & A Clarity Visual Presentation of Audio/video systems new technologies and discussion about application Biamp Systems in real situations during the day by day of the broadcast companies like a: mobile Beyerdynamic production, master control, studio, news, news gathering, external transmission, etc. The approach of this session will be systems allowing the attendees the overview of the
  3. 3. options and alternative systems for a daily situations in production and TV exhibition 18:00 AGO – Assembléia Geral Ordinária da SET (SET Members Meeting) for SET Members only – 19:00 15:00 Digital Cinema Coord.: Kanato Yoshida – SET and SONY 20:00 Movie Theater with exhibition of HD 12:00 Trade Show and Exhibition of Equipments and Services Promoter: Certame 20:00 Broadcast& Cable FIICAV - 1ª Feira Internacional da Indústria de Cinema e Audiovisual (First International Trade Show of Sound and Video and for the Cinema Industry) August 25th 2006 – friday – 09:00 / 20:00 09:00 Digital TV - Tutorial Coord.: Eduardo Bicudo – SET and Ebcom 11:00 ISDB-T Modulation and Multiplexing Carlos Dantas - Mackenzie University Cristiano Akamine – Mackenzie University 09:00 Seminar SET / AESP Coord.: Ronald Barbosa – SET and ABERT 11:00 Digital Radio The Brazilian Experience 09:00 Industry Scenario Coord.: Carlos Capellão – SET and Phase 11:00 The Challenges and Opportunities of DTV for Electronics Industry The Scenario of Brazilian Manufacturers of Transmitters applied to Digital TV. The Scenario of Brazilian Manufacturers of DTV products for consumers Carlos Fructuoso - Linear Chip sets for Digital TV Receivers Roberto Barbieri - Semp/Toshiba Newest DTV products in Japan Bruno Marchevsky - Texas/ Ingenient Yasuo Takahashi- DiBEG/ Japão 09:00 Telecommunication Coord.: Assis Brasil – SET e Videocom 11:00 TV and Telecommunication J. R. Cristovám – UNISAT Are HDTV & INTERACTION the “must” for open TV, CATV & IPTV ? Bart Van Utterbeeck – Newtec Based on the need of changing the existing difficult scenario and environment where the Ângelo Pinelli Martins Samia - VIVAX S/A Telephony Operator Companies (PTTs) are working, the speaker will mention the main issues to understand possible strategies and development of business models. How these Companies will launch commercially services of IPTV within the existing regulatory legislation? What are the impacts, challenges and barriers for the CATV Operators? Is a balanced competition possible or not? The paper will describe the opportunities for differentiation of content offering for different people, with the HDTV “must”, INTERACTION as well as voice, internet broadband, Video and Audio ( Triple-Play) in services adding MOBILITY ( Quad-Play configuration) as well as new technologies for this market. What’s next for open TV’s? DVB-S2: a multimedia standard. Why was DVB-S2 designed for Multimedia while the old DVB-S was applied for TV transmission? DVB-S2 has lots of features to optimize the satellite bandwidth capacity so, the main parameters will be presented. Different ways for data transmission like CCM (Constant Coding and Modulation), VCM (Variable Coding and Modulation) and ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation). Monitoring and Analysis of Bidirectional Services in Digital TV Systems 11:30 SET / AESP Seminar Coord.: Ronald Barbosa – SET e ABERT 13:30 Digital Radio Technical Scenario, Political and Corporate 11:30 Digital Convergence Coord: Paulo Henrique – TV Globo 13:30 Mobility and Portability Paulo Breviglieri – Qualcomm Maruyama - TV Asahi/ Japão Takahashi- DIBEG/ Japão 11:30 Telecommunication Coord.: José Wander – SET e Teleimage 13:30 Transmission Dante Conti – SET e Transtel How to implement Digital Systems using the existing infrastructures? What about the Matthew Betts - RFS interferences? Filtering. Adds and cons of the multiband antenna. Digital Coverage, Jay Martin – Dielectric Radiation Patterns and Gap-fillers Andre Cintra Ulhoa - ALUC 11:30 Digital TV – Coord.: Roberto Primo – SKY 13:30 Interactivity – The World Scenario? NDS 15:00 SET / AESP Seminar Coord.: Ronald Barbosa – SET and ABERT 17:00 Digital Radio: Businesses Perspectives 15:00 Digital TV in Brazil Coord.: Manuel Almeida – SET and Intelsat 17:00 The satellite contribution for this new Scenario Star One Jurandir Pitsch - SES New Skies Intelsat Loral Skynet 15:00 Workshop Coord.: Daniela Souza – SET and AD Line
  4. 4. 17:00 Final Cut advanced techniques Studio and Shake 4 César Hashimoto – Apple High performance Collaborative Recording System – Xsan. Editing 24p with DV25 - AGDVX100. Multicam with Final Cut Pro. Motion Effects with Final Cut Pro. Alpha Channels with Final Cut Pro. Primary and Secondary Color Correction with Final Cut Pro. Background Animated creation with Apple Motion 2. Title Creation with Live Type 2. Loop Script for DVD Studio Pro 4. Simple Compose using Apple Shake 4. 15:00 Digital Cinema Coord.: Kanato Yoshida – SET and SONY 20:00 Movie Theater with exhibition of HD 12:00 Trade Show and Exhibition of Equipments and Services Promoter: Certame 20:00 Broadcast& Cable FIICAV - 1ª Feira Internacional da Indústria de Cinema e Audiovisual (First International Trade Show of Sound and Video for a Cinema Industry)