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Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors By Victoria Furness
  2. 2. Victoria Furness Victoria Furness is a freelance technology and business journalist who has published work in Marketing Week, Revolution, Personnel Today, Computer Business Review, Real Deals, Financial World and Information Age. Prior to her freelance career, Victoria worked for Marketing Week, and ComputerWire, where she wrote for its flagship magazine, Computer Business Review, the daily newswire Computergram and its research arm on her specialist area of enterprise applications. Victoria graduated with first class honors from Manchester University. Copyright © 2009 Business Insights Ltd This Management Report is published by Business Insights Ltd. All rights reserved. Reproduction or redistribution of this Management Report in any form for any purpose is expressly prohibited without the prior consent of Business Insights Ltd. The views expressed in this Management Report are those of the publisher, not of Business Insights. Business Insights Ltd accepts no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information, advice or comment contained in this Management Report nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon. While information, advice or comment is believed to be correct at the time of publication, no responsibility can be accepted by Business Insights Ltd for its completeness or accuracy. ii
  3. 3. Table of Contents Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models Executive summary 10 The new broadcast landscape 10 Mobile TV 11 IPTV 11 Establishing a revenue model 12 Vendor landscape 13 Chapter 1 Introduction 16 Introduction 16 Definitions 17 Digital pay-TV (DTV) 17 Digital terrestrial TV (DTT) 17 Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) 17 Internet TV 17 Mobile broadband 17 Mobile Internet 18 Mobile TV 18 Video on demand 18 Chapter 2 The new broadcast landscape 20 Summary 20 Introduction 21 The emergence of new delivery models 21 The drive towards digital TV services 21 Broadband adoption 22 Shake-up in consumer viewing habits 23 TV viewing has undergone a seismic shift 24 Consumers are increasingly attracted to alternative online entertainment channels 25 iii
  4. 4. Content producers exploit new channels for distribution to expand audience reach 26 Consumers look to the mobile phone for entertainment 26 Competition and innovation 26 Broadcasters and content producers give strong investment to new channels 26 Non-traditional competitors enter into the sector through white label services 27 Development of mobile TV standards 28 Resistors to future success 29 Broadband development 29 Monetising new digital TV platforms 30 Chapter 3 Mobile TV 32 Summary 32 Introduction 33 Defining mobile TV 33 Mobile TV audiences 34 Growth opportunities 35 Current take-up of value-add services 36 Delivering mobile TV content 37 What to watch 38 Live or on-demand content? 40 Case study: mobile TV in action in Japan 40 Mobile TV offerings in Japan 40 Mobile TV providers 44 NTT DoCoMo 45 KDDI 46 The role of the mobile operator 47 External threats 48 Barriers to widespread adoption of mobile TV 49 The mobile TV revenue model 50 Market immaturity 51 Availability of content 51 User experience 52 Chapter 4 IPTV 54 Summary 54 Introduction 55 IPTV adoption 55 iv
  5. 5. Drivers behind IPTV 55 Faster broadband speeds 55 Increased competition in the sector 55 Growth in digital TV 56 Regional demand for IPTV 58 IPTV delivery 59 IPTV supply chain 59 Vendor strategies 60 IPTV infrastructure providers 60 Market positioning 61 IPTV technology offerings 62 Future outlook 64 IPTV service providers 65 The business case 65 Service bundles 66 In search of differentiation 67 Video on demand as a differentiator 68 HDTV as a differentiator 69 Quality of experience 70 Beyond broadcast 70 Finding a niche market 70 Challenges in rolling out IPTV services 72 Challenges facing technology vendors: 72 Challenges facing service providers: 73 Chapter 5 Establishing a revenue model 76 Summary 76 Introduction 77 Mobile TV 78 Will people pay? 78 Pricing models 80 Flat-rate subscriptions 80 Pay per use 81 Pay per view 81 Making money from content 82 New wholesale broadcast model 82 Mobile advertising 83 Consumer views on mobile advertising 83 The impact of the economic downturn 84 Recommendations for operators 85 The likely operator model for monetising mobile TV 86 IPTV 87 Drivers behind IPTV advertising 88 The advertising opportunity 89 Challenges to IPTV advertising 90 v
  6. 6. Scale and reliability are a must 90 People and processes 91 Accountability and measurement 91 Regulation 91 Revenue sharing 92 Selling IPTV advertising 93 Dynamic insertion of targeted ads 93 On-demand ad insertion 93 Ad tagging 93 Dedicated advertising channels 94 Search and auctions 94 T-commerce 94 Chapter 6 Vendor landscape 98 Summary 98 Introduction 99 Vendors in the mobile TV sector 99 Vendor analysis 99 Nokia 99 O2 100 Vodafone 100 Orange 101 China Mobile 102 Alcatel-Lucent 103 Qualcomm 104 Vendors in the IPTV sector 106 A competitive market 106 Vendor analysis: IPTV service providers 107 AT&T 107 Verizon 108 BT 110 DTV 112 Vendor analysis: IPTV technology providers 112 Alcatel-Lucent 112 Cisco 113 Harmonic 114 Microsoft 115 Motorola 116 SeaChange 117 Ericsson 118 Sezmi 119 Intel 121 Index 123 vi
  7. 7. List of Figures Figure 2.1: Global DSL subscriber numbers (000s), 2007-2012 22 Figure 2.2: Consumers demand for control over TV content 25 Figure 3.3: Mobile phone take-up continues to grow 2007-2013 35 Figure 3.4: The mobile phone remains primarily a communication device for consumers globally 36 Figure 3.4: Digital TV platform uptake (households in millions), 2007-2012 56 Figure 4.5: Europe sees a higher take-up of IPTV than the US 58 Figure 5.6: How much will consumers pay for blockbuster films on their mobile phone? 78 Figure 5.7: Consumer willingness to view ads in return for free films on their mobile phone 80 Figure 5.8: How mobile content services fit into ad-funded model 86 List of Tables Table 4.1: Digital TV platform uptake (households in millions), 2007-2012 56 Table 4.2: Vendors introducing video-specific features 63 vii
  8. 8. viii