Eastern European TV (12th edition)
                                  Pay TV homes in eastern Europe set to pass
Your ultimate resource to the broadcast industry across the region

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Eastern European TV


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Eastern European TV

  1. 1. MANAGEMENT REPORT fo Ex sts re cl to ca us iv 20 Eastern e 13 European TV (12th edition) Your definitive resource to the broadcast industry across central and eastern Europe NEW in this edition: ➔ Fully updated forecasts to 2013 including advertising, satellite TV homes, MMDS/Cable TV households, multichannel TV homes, pay TV Published: June 2008 penetration, IPTV, PPV/VOD, advertising, population Author: Adam Thomas, and TV household data Simon Dyson, Ted Hall, Thomas Miles Price: Paper copy: ➔ Market Movements new quick guides to the key £895/US$1790/71343 developments in each country PDF 1-5 users: £2685/US$5370/74028 ➔ New profile of the pioneering pan-regional company CME ➔ Country-by-country coverage analysis of the 18 key territories, now including extensive coverage of Bulgaria and Romania ➔ Emerging broadcast technologies such as mobile TV and HDTV See inside for further details >>>
  2. 2. Eastern European TV (12th edition) Pay TV homes in eastern Europe set to pass 70m by 2013 “ At end-2013, eastern Europe will have 71.8 million pay TV homes. This means almost half of the region’s television households will be paying for their broadcast services. Digital TV is also expected to make substantial inroads, with 70.1 million ” homes having digital TV signals by 2013. Source: Informa Telecoms & Media The 12th edition of Informa Telecoms & Media’s Eastern European TV report (previously part of our bestselling European TV report) has been updated and completely revised from the previous edition. It also incorporates extensive coverage of Bulgaria and Romania which are benefiting from their recent European Union membership. Eastern European TV (12th edition) provides vital intelligence on the opportunities presented by these increasingly accessible markets. For this edition the research has been significantly expanded to include Informa’s Use this report to: proprietary data in the areas of: advertising, digital/analogue cable revenue splits, population movements and household numbers and penetration. Whether you are a local player or foreign investor, Eastern European TV (12th edition) ➔ Discover the strategies your provides crucial information to enable you to maximise your opportunities within the competitors are using region. The report looks at present market trends, and evaluates the future direction the market is taking. It includes important illustrative statistics and reliable forecasts to ➔ Find out how new platform 2013. It contains detailed information on TV developments across 18 countries launches are transforming including Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia and Hungary. the region This report allows you to pinpoint new opportunities and highlight territories ripe for investment. With IPTV already live, and thriving, in several key territories and other new serving launches pending, across all TV platforms, the report provides a valuable insight ➔ Learn which new into their chances of success. technologies are revolutionising TV in Major industry questions answered in this report include: central and eastern Europe ✓ How has DTH successfully started to make inroads into cable’s dominance? ✓ Will free-to-air multichannel services harm the chances of pay TV? ➔ Evaluate investment ✓ Has the early promise of HDTV come to fruition? opportunities in new ✓ How are key companies UPC and CME adapting to the changing environment in the eastern European region? regions ✓ Is the current trend for launching thematic channels here to stay? With News Corp. and other heavyweight media companies ➔ Calculate how more liberal already investing in eastern Europe, do you have the clear regulation regimes can and reliable analysis that will enable you to also exploit benefit you the unique opportunities available in this increasingly dynamic new TV market? The wealth of experience gained from our team of expert analysts ensures that Eastern European TV (12th edition) is the ultimate management report providing in-depth intelligence on the broadcast industry within this vibrant region. ORDER NOW call +44 (0)20 7017 5537
  3. 3. Your ultimate resource to the broadcast industry across the region Countries covered Table of contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CHAPTER 6: ESTONIA • Izzi DTT • Bulgaria • Lithuania Market movements IPTV Terrestrial CHAPTER 1: FORECASTS Overview Satellite Viewing/programming • Croatia • Poland Forecasts Cable DTT Advertising • Starman Kaabeltelevisiooni Mobile TV Forecasts CHAPTER 2: BULGARIA STV Cable TV Terrestrial • Cyprus • Romania Market movements IPTV Viewing/Programming CHAPTER 15: SERBIA Overview Satellite Advertising Market movements • the Czech • Russia Cable DTT Overview • CableTel Terrestrial CHAPTER 11: LITHUANIA Cable Republic IPTV • ETV Market movements IPTV • Serbia • BTC • TV 3 Overview Satellite • Estonia • Kanal 2 Cable/MMDS DTT Satellite • Slovakia Viewing/programming IPTV Terrestrial Mobile TV Advertising Satellite Viewing/programming • Greece DTT DTT Advertising • Slovenia Terrestrial CHAPTER 7: GREECE Terrestrial • BNT Market movements • TV 3 & Tango TV CHAPTER 16: SLOVAKIA • Hungary • Nova TV Overview • LNK TV Market movements • Turkey Viewing/programming Cable • LRT Overview • Israel Advertising IPTV • BTV Cable • Ukraine Satellite Viewing/programming IPTV CHAPTER 3: CROATIA On-demand TV Advertising Satellite • Latvia Market movements DTT DTT Overview Mobile TV CHAPTER 12: POLAND Terrestrial Cable Terrestrial Market movements • TV Markiza Satellite • Mega Channel Overview • STV IPTV • Antenna TV Cable • TV Joj • Other private channels • UPC Telewizja Kablowa Viewing/programming Essential reading for: DTT Terrestrial • ERT • Vectra Advertising • Croatian Radio and Viewing/programming • Multimedia Polska Television (HRT) Advertising • Aster City CHAPTER 17: SLOVENIA ➔ TV Companies: Discover the • Nova TV Forecasts IPTV Market movements • RTL Televizija • IPTV activity Overview strategies your competitors are Viewing/programming CHAPTER 8: HUNGARY Satellite Cable using and find out how more Advertising Market movements Overview • Cyfrowy Polsat • Cyfra Plus Cyfrowy IPTV Satellite liberal markets are changing the CHAPTER 4: CYPRUS Cable • ITI Neovision HDTV • UPC Hungary Mobile TV DTT face of broadcasting in eastern Market movements • T-Kabel On-demand Terrestrial Overview Europe. Programmers • FiberNet HDTV • Pop TV and Kanal A • Antenna Hungaria DTT • RTV Slovenija • TV LTV/Alfa TV IPTV Terrestrial TV ➔ Investment Banks: Gain valuable Cable Satellite • TVP • TV3 Viewing/programming IPTV Mobile TV • TVN insights into which countries will • MiVision On-demand • Polsat Advertising enable you to maximise your • PrimeTel HDTV Viewing/programming CHAPTER 18: TURKEY Satellite DTT Advertising investment opportunities and how • Nova Cyprus Terrestrial Forecasts Market movements Overview EU accession has boosted investor • Athina Sat • RTL Klub Cable On-demand TV • TV 2 CHAPTER 13: ROMANIA Broadband confidence in countries previously DTT • Magyar Television (MTV) Market movements DTH seen as inaccessible. Terrestrial Viewing/programming Overview DTT • Cyprus Broadcasting Advertising Cable Mobile TV Corporation Forecasts • UPC Romania ➔ Analysts, legal and financial: • Sigma • Romania Cable Systems- Terrestrial Viewing/programming CHAPTER 9: ISRAEL Romania Data Systems Use our forecasts, historic data and • Other Channels Market movements • Data Systems Advertising Advertising Forecasts independent analysis to build your Overview IPTV CHAPTER 5: CZECH Cable Satellite knowledge of the sector and IPTV DTT CHAPTER 19: UKRAINE REPUBLIC Market movements identify where your own expert Market movements Satellite Terrestrial Overview DTT • TVR Overview Cable knowledge may be required. Cable Mobile TV • Pro TV IPTV On-demand TV • Antena • UPC Czech Republic Satellite ➔ Broadcast Technology IPTV HDTV Terrestrial • Prima TV Viewing/programming DTT Satellite Terrestrial companies: With TV in eastern Mobile TV • Channel 2 Advertising Viewing/programming • Channel 10 Forecasts Europe now actively looking to On-demand TV • Channel 1 and Channel 33 Advertising HDTV Viewing/programming CHAPTER 14: RUSSIA increase in sophistication, identify DTT Advertising Market movements CHAPTER 20: CENTRAL which technological developments Terrestrial Forecasts Overview EUROPEAN MEDIA • TV Nova Cable ENTERPRISES are likely to have a profitable • Prima TV CHAPTER 10: LATVIA IPTV Czech Republic Ukraine impact on your business. • Ceska Televize Market movements Satellite Croatia Viewing/programming Overview Mobile TV Cable On-demand Romania Advertising • Baltcom HDTV Slovakia Forecasts Order your copy today – See reverse for more information >>> ORDER NOW call +44 (0)20 7017 5537
  4. 4. TV Intelligence Centre Complete coverage of traditional broadcast, satellite and cable TV and emerging on-demand, IPTV and mobile TV strategies Covering the key dynamics of this fast-moving sector across the main international territories. The service includes: breaking news, in-depth analysis, exclusive executive briefings, detailed country, operator and sector profiles, extensive forecasts and key KPIs, including subscriptions by platform (satellite, cable, IPTV and DTT). The TV Intelligence Centre provides complete critical analysis of global TV markets, from global digital TV and On-Demand TV take-up, to compelling Mobile TV and IPTV business models. The service allows you to navigate our news, analysis, data and forecasts from one source. No other resource brings together this depth of information from such a diverse and skilled range of experts. be better informed Eastern European TV (12th edition) YOUR DETAILS [Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss] Family/Surname Forename Business Email Telephone Fax Position Company Address Postcode/Zipcode Country I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER TITLE PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL ■ Eastern European TV (12th edition) paper copy £895/US$1790/71343 ■ Eastern European TV (12th edition) PDF* 1-5 users £2685/US$5370/74028 ■ I am interested in a multi-user licence. Please contact our customer services team on +44 (0)20 7017 5537 Sub Total VAT * PDF files are subject to license agreements and are non-refundable. These terms supersede all previous terms.The report is copyrighted. PDF files must not be forwarded to or distributed to any other person within or outside the company. Reproduction or redistribution without permission is strictly prohibited. Breach of Total copyright law is punishable by fines of up to US$100,000 per infringement. A Site License or Corporate License is required for distribution across the company. PAYMENT OPTIONS ■ Please debit my credit card (credit card payments are charged in £ sterling) £/US$/7 VAT is chargeable on all orders from the European Union (except UK) which do not quote the buyer’s VAT Registration number: Please supply your TVA/BTW/MOMS/MWST/IVA/FPA number or ■ VISA ■ Mastercard ■ Amex ■ Diners add VAT at your local rate to your remittance. Card No. ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ Expiry date: ■ ■ / ■ ■ 3 digit security number: ■ ■ ■ (located on back of credit card in the signature box) ■ I enclose a cheque made payable to £/US$/8 Signature Date Informa UK Ltd for the sum of: 5 EASY WAYS TO ORDER ■ Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive further information on Informa UK Limited products. ■ Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive further information from selected external ➔ Fax: +44 (0)20 7017 4783 companies. ➔ Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 5537 ➔ Email: The personal details shown on this brochure or provided by you will be held on a database and shared with companies in the Informa Group. They may be used to keep you up to date with developments in ➔ Web: your industry. Sometimes your details may be obtained from, or made available to external companies for ➔ Post: Customer Services, Informa Telecoms & Media, marketing purposes. We believe that you are the correct person to receive details of publications connected with this subject. If this is not the case, or if you do not wish to receive further correspondence Sheepen Place, Colchester, Essex, C03 3LP, UK from us, please write to Informa UK Ltd, Cyan House, 1 Canada Road, Byfleet, Surrey. KT14 7BF. Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7017 4555, fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 4743, email: Informa UK Your unique promotional code: Ltd. Registered Office: Mortimer House, 37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH. Registered No: 1072954 (England and Wales) VAT Reference No. GB365462636 Document Number: P2395