Driving Quality IPTV Deployments


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Driving Quality IPTV Deployments

  1. 1. Driving Quality IPTV Deployments DSL Forum Robin Mersh, COO April 11, 2007
  2. 2. 282 Million Broadband Lines 24% Global increase in 2006 © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 2
  3. 3. Middle East Broadband on the Rise 38% regional increase in subscribers-2006 2006Q4 Country BB Country Population Households Market Total %Pop %HH Qatar 777,800 106,000 50,000 6.43% 47.17% United Arab Emirates 4,496,000 724,000 208,990 4.65% 28.87% Lebanon 3,577,000 800,000 180,000 5.03% 22.50% Bahrain 726,617 121,000 16,500 2.27% 13.64% Morocco 30,310,192 6,165,000 393,300 1.30% 6.38% Kuwait 2,687,000 503,000 30,600 1.14% 6.08% Jordan 5,703,000 1,051,000 38,600 0.68% 3.67% Tunisia 10,086,000 2,274,000 71,000 0.70% 3.12% Oman 2,567,000 406,000 8,378 0.33% 2.06% Saudi Arabia 24,573,000 3,905,000 74,000 0.30% 1.90% Palestine 3,702,000 532,000 7,665 0.21% 1.44% Egypt 74,033,000 15,356,000 205,182 0.28% 1.34% Algeria 32,906,000 5,360,000 25,400 0.08% 0.47% Syria 19,044,000 3,476,000 11,000 0.06% 0.32% Sudan 35,079,814 5,677,000 3,000 0.01% 0.05% Yemen 20,975,000 2,963,000 1,400 0.01% 0.05% © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 3 Source: Point Topic
  4. 4. Broadband Breakdown in Region Middle East- Fastest Growing Region in the World Leased Circuit Cable Modem 1910 0% DSL Other WiFi 8378 1% Cable Modem Other WiFi 100000 Leased Circuit 8% 80000 6% DSL 1131727 85% © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 4
  5. 5. Demand for IPTV is Growing Worldwide IPTV subscribers worldwide, 000s Multi-Play Opportunity DVR 3000 Digital TV $10 Local voice $12 $25 2500 2000 Others $15 Long 1500 Americas Europe Basic TV $40 distance 1000 Asia Pacific 500 $30 0 Broadband H2 2004 H1 2005 H1 2006 Source: www.point-topic.com Total: $132/month • IPTV Customers Projected to reach 50 Million by 2010 (MRG, 2006) • Bundles including IPTV can typically increase average revenue per customer to $ 132/mo in many parts of the world © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 5
  6. 6. Technical Advancements Set the Stage for IPTV Reality • MPEG4 video coding allows more DSL users to receive IPTV • DSL line rates required are reduced compared to MPEG2 • Now DSL can deliver a given video quality over longer cable to reach more users • In some networks this can increase the addressable market for IPTV by ~ 20% • ADSL2plus, VDSL2 & bonded DSL deliver higher speeds to homes • Can then deliver HDTV (MPEG4 encoded) over DSL to more users • New Application Layer Error-Correction Codes ensures IPTV is transported with high quality over DSL • E.g. like the new Raptor Codes endorsed for DVB and used in 3G mobile • Technology to distribute IPTV within the home • Existing Wires – HPNA 3 • Powerline – Home Plug AV • Wireless – IEEE 802.11n WiFi • DSM/DLM (Dynamic Spectrum/Line Management) • Optimizes a users individual line configuration to maximize performance © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 6
  7. 7. DSL Forum- Developing End-to-end IPTV Solutions © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 7
  8. 8. Architecture Evolution for Triple Play Why Standardize the Architecture? Shape broadband evolution according to the views and needs of all players involved Enable regional and global interoperability of network equipment An open access architecture is crucial for the easy adoption of new IPTV services © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 8
  9. 9. What does the industry need? IPTV Content Providers Need- Broadband Service Provider Cost-effective high-speed access to Needs- the home Multi-vendor interoperable CPE Network architecture supporting Cost effective triple play networking end-end QoS for triple play with within the home security, reliability & policy Common remote management tools management for set-top boxes, VoIP telephony Efficient remote management of equipment, network addressed CPE by the service provider storage etc. Multi-vendor interoperable CPE • Global test set for ADSL2plus, Cost effective triple play VDSL2 & TR-069 managed networking within the home Residential Gateways • Independent Test Lab (ITL) program to reduce time to market IPTV CPE Industry Needs- of new products Efficient remote management of Set Top Box (STB) by the service provider © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 9
  10. 10. What does the customer need? Quality Service • New! DSL Forum TR-126 : Triple Play Quality of Experience (QoE) Requirements • Guidelines for QoE dimensions, measurement and guidelines for different applications: Broadcast TV, VoD, Premium Video Including Packet Loss Ratio guidelines for SDTV and HDTV Voice Best Effort Internet Access & others © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 10
  11. 11. DSL Forum's BroadbandSuite: Unleashing the Power of Broadband © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 11
  12. 12. BroadbandAccess Establishes specifications Critical features- for broadband “agnostic” IP Ethernet access network Multi-service Enabled architectures that deliver Architecture inherent quality, scalability, resiliency, and inter- End-to-end QoS Enabled working capabilities that Architecture enable services to be Simplified Network delivered via multiple Provisioning & Mngt business models. Key Access TRs: TR-101, TR-059, 058, 102, 092 New! TR-100 © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 12
  13. 13. Improving Bandwidth Support • Focus on data rate performance of DSL Access under various loop and noise conditions • Video has very exacting needs for speed & stability • Creation of guidelines and test suites for interoperability (performance) and functional testing • TR-067v2 ADSL interop testing – approved Q3 2006 • New! TR-100: ADSL2/2plus performance testing • WT-105: ADSL2/2plus functional testing • WT-114: VDSL2 performance testing • WT-115 VDSL2 functional testing © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 13
  14. 14. IPTV implementation of TR-101 L2TS LNS IP router Broadband Network Service IP router Routing Network Provider Gateway Ethernet Gateway Video Access Ethernet IP router Server Customer Premises Network Node Application Aggregation Video BNG (optional) Service Regional / Access Network Provider • Multi-service end-to-end architecture capable of supporting IPTV • End-to-end Ethernet OAM model for broadband access • Detailed multicast and QoS architecture blueprint • Protocol adaptation functions for legacy services • Additional security features in the Access Node • Access Loop Identification and Characterization © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 14
  15. 15. BroadbandHome Defines a unified home Two work targets- networking environment by Remote Management Requirements- establishing a common set of Advanced Services Enabled CPE capabilities as well as Architecture automating device activation Standardized Broadband WAN Interface and configuration in order to Flow-through Order Management simplify the service delivery Automated Device Provisioning process. Centralized Configuration Management Key TRs: TR-069, TR- Enhanced Remote Support Capabilities 98, 104, 106, 110, 111, CPE Requirements- 133, 068, 064, 067, WT- Device Standardization 121, WT-123, WT-135 Common Home Area Networking Capabilities Interoperability Program © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 15
  16. 16. TR-069 Protocol Highlights A C S N o rth b o u n d Scope of In te r f a c e C P E W A N M a n a g e m e n t P r o to c o l: S e rvic e A C S S o u th b o u n d In te r f a c e C o n fig u ra tio n M anager R e g io n a l ACS B ro a d b a n d LAN N e tw o rk M anaged BRAS DSLAM C P E (B -N T ) M anaged C PE ( L A N D e vic e ) • Access neutral, bi-directional SOAP/HTTP-based messaging • Bootstrap communication and discover device capabilities • Ability to set/get configuration information, diagnostics, status and performance info • Firmware/image management • Alerts based on changes to specific settings • Independent gateway data model in common with TR-064, extensible to additional devices and capabilities © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 16
  17. 17. TR-069 enables support over the entire IPTV service lifecycle Remote CPE troubleshooting Web-based integration • Improve problem resolution • Service selection abilities • Customization • Shorten support calls • Provisioning • Eliminate unnecessary CPE • Eliminates subscriber need replacement to access CPE GUI • Reduce truck rolls • Enhance current customer support process Touch-less installation • Auto-detection and configuration of CPE • Automatic firmware Remote CPE management downloads • Automate management of • Download latest revsions millions of devices of 3rd party software • Firmware upgrades • No need to modify or • Enable new services maintain CD’s • Database of all installed CPE Graphics supplied by Siemens
  18. 18. Broadband Control Creates an intelligent, Features- programmable control Extensible Architecture layer that unifies all Common Policy next-generation network Information Model assets and empowers service providers to Unified Data Model deliver personalized Dynamic Session services that enhance Control the subscriber Real-time Network experience. Control Key TRs: TR-113, WT- 131, WT-132, WT-134 © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 18
  19. 19. Policy Management Perspectives Network Policy Invocation : service provider &/or end-user Policy Distribution Network CPE BRAS CPE T WT-134 : Policy Management Framework TR-102 : Service Interface Requirements © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 19
  20. 20. The Big Picture IP STB OSS/BSS TR-126: Quality TR-126: Quality TR-98, TR-133: TR-98, TR-133: of Experience of Experience TR-064: LAN TR-064: LAN Quality of Quality of WT-135: STB WT-135: STB Measurements Measurements side CPE side CPE Service Service Object model Object model Extensions Mgmt Mgmt ExtensionsWT-121, WT-123: WT-121, WT-123: WT-134 WT-134 TR-069 TR-069 Policy Control Policy Control Implementation & Implementation & TR-106: TR-106: Interoperability Interoperability Common Data Common Data Model Template TR-104: VoIP TR-104: VoIP Model Template Object Model Object Model WT-131, WT- WT-131, WT- TR-069: WAN-side TR-069: WAN-side 132: ACS 132: ACS CPE Mgmt CPE Mgmt VoIP Northbound Northbound TR-111: Remote TR-111: Remote Policy Interface Interface Mgmt of home Mgmt of home devices devices Residential (TR-069 pass-thru) (TR-069 pass-thru) Gateway WT-142: WT-142: Auto-Configuration Framework – (RG) Framework – Server (ACS) TR-068, WT-124, PON Mgt TR-068, WT-124, PON Mgt TR-101 RG Requirements RG Requirements TR-101 Migration to Ethernet Migration to Ethernet WT-122: Voice ATA WT-122: Voice ATA WT-140: NAS WT-140: NAS Access Aggregation Access Aggregation Requirements Call Requirements Data Model Data Model Center TR-094: HN Multi- TR-094: HN Multi- Service Delivery Service Delivery WT-107: TR- WT-107: TR- Framework Framework 069v2 model 069v2 model Gaming Console TR-110: VoIP TR-110: VoIP Reference Models Home Storage Reference Models © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org Server 20 Graphics supplied by Motive
  21. 21. Summary IPTV Industry Requirement DSL Forum Solution Focus Cost-effective high-speed access to ADSL2plus, VDSL2, bonded DSL the home Network architecture supporting end- IP/Ethernet-based broadband network to-end QoS with security, reliability & architecture (TR-101 and WT-134) policy management Efficient remote management of CPE Industry-agreed secure WAN management by the service provider protocol for residential gateways, extensible to CPE devices within the home (TR-069) Multi-vendor interoperable CPE Plugfests & testing specifications used by independent testing labs (TR-100) Cost effective triple play networking BroadbandHometm initiative addressing multi- within the home device homes including Set Top Boxes (WT-135) © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 21
  22. 22. What else is on the horizon? BroadbandAccess • WT-144 “Multi-Service Architecture & Framework Requirements” (TR-058 update) • Requirements for moving to a generic converged architecture • Using GPON Access in the context of TR-101 • Network component requirements arising from WT-144 BroadbandControl • WT-134 “Policy control framework” • Based on 3GPP IMS, ETSI TISPAN, IETF • Mapping to TR-059 and TR-101 Architectures • WT-146 “IP Sessions” • IP subscriber sessions & IP flows, authentication & management • WT-147 “Layer 2 Control Mechanism” • Control protocol between a BNG and an Access Node to perform QoS, service and subscriber related operations BroadbandHome • WT-135 “Object Model for Set Top Boxes” © 2007 DSL Forum, unauthorized use prohibited www.dslforum.org 22
  23. 23. Thank you for your attention For more information or to join the DSL Forum in this valuable work check out www.dslforum.org Technical reports are found at http://www.dslforum.org/techwork/treports.shtml