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  1. 1. informa Role Profile Role Title: Senior Sales Executive Reporting To: Head of Sales Division/Group: Wireless Strategies Portfolio, IPTV World Series Events Team. Key Accountabilities for the role Telesales – An accountability and skill set Face to Face sales – Incorporating sales meetings, required by all sales positions in T&F Informa and exhibitions, networking, and business presentations at all levels with varying degrees of competency • Market and client research/reading industry • Detailed preparation and research into periodicals and publications the calls and customer • Organise schedule • Check of alignment with team • Setting clear objectives for each meeting and objectives ensure alignment to team and company goals • Managing personal call rates and targets • Planning of opening statements and • Arrangement, planning and set up of meetings matching suitability to customer and and logistics accounts • Attendance at relevant industry events, • Building a process for open ended conferences and exhibitions and awards questions • Preparation and delivery of presentations • Assessing varying needs and matching • Proposal construction and management solutions to right business and customer • Relationship management with various • Ensuring benefits are understood accounts and key personnel • Making the business proposal • Key account management • Closing the sale • Building a process for open ended questions • After sales care and follow up with client • Assessing varying needs and matching solutions to right business and customer Market Awareness – Maintaining a knowledge of • Ensuring benefits are understood the industry in which you work and an awareness • Making the business proposal of factors that may affect your business • Closing the sale • Researching the internet, competitors and • After sales care. Follow up and maintaining the news relationship (further meetings, customer • Reading relevant business journals service, telephone calls and emails) • Listening to internal and external customers and networking Admin - borne out of delivering all Sales • Producing and reviewing surveys and accountabilities and therefore covers the spectrum of industry data the Sales remit • Attending relevant events • Management of emails • Engineering meetings for learning • Management of voicemail • Diary planning Personal Development: A minimum of 5% of • Updating database and ensuring contact time to be devoted to personal development or management systems are accurate for anyone learning and progression in the role. A personal else using information development plan should be identified as part of • Producing spreadsheets for reporting and the appraisal process and a proportion of time set communicating to team aside on an ongoing basis to fulfil the plan • Processing and recording of orders on systems • Sending orders to customer service • Preparation of statistics and figures for managers and CFO • Compilation of and sending out of orders • Expense management and reimbursement • Handling commissions and checking staff orders • Flat planning – preparation for next issue
  2. 2. • Team meetings • Other general housekeeping Functional Sales Competencies: You have an ability to self motivate and a palpable You have a good knowledge of your market and the drive and enthusiasm which makes you proactive key players, enabling you to explain the business and positive in approach to the sale benefits on offer to your clients You exhibit a commitment to the end goal and you You are honest and open and quickly build rapport are diligent and single minded in achieving it by finding common ground You have the ability to successfully identify and You are able to reproduce information accurately prospect new leads and succinctly You are not easily unnerved and work well under You are presentable and take a pride in your pressure appearance with customers and work colleagues You effectively deal with objections and turn them to You are clear and confident in asking for the sale, your advantage get the timing right and know which methods to employ You skilfully use language to create interest, and ask You are able to plan and organise your time questions to enable you to quickly understand methodically and you are tenacious in following business needs - you can create a vision of the leads and in doing mundane tasks to support the product over the phone if necessary process of the sale You demonstrate a professionalism in your approach You are logical in your approach and calculate to the sale at all times reactions well You display a confidence with people that inspires Your written work is accurate and thorough trust You are IT literate in programmes relevant to the function Knowledge and Experience required for the role: (Education and Qualifications) • Relevant sales training and experience • Proven experience in a similar role
  3. 3. Core Competencies – these are applicable to all roles within Informa Communication • Quickly process information, break it down and communicate the salient points as appropriate • Develop avenues of questioning to ascertain correct information and ensure understanding • Influence, negotiate and persuade others as required • Communicate difficult messages sensitively and professionally • Juggle a range of information and deliver it in the right form to the right audience • Deliver effective presentations internally with confidence • Write concise reports for internal and external use • Read and interpret financial data Creativity • Use a range of tools to initiate debate and problem solving • Encourage lateral thinking among the team • Praise examples of change for the better • Ensure ideas are explored, challenged and implemented Customer Focus • Understand who your customers are and can identify their needs • Follow up customer issues and work hard to resolve problems as promptly as possible • Continually look for ways of delivering a better or more efficient service • Ensure processes and product evolve to continually meet customer needs • Project a professional image in your language and approach when dealing with customers internally and externally • Have a thorough understanding of Informa systems policies and procedures to ensure excellent customer service • Know when to escalate a problem to the next level Team Working • Anticipate when team members need help or support and offer your assistance as appropriate • Develop understanding of wider team and how other functions contribute to the business • Support group initiatives and contribute to a business that works across functions, groups and divisions Drive for Results • Can work autonomously at times and demonstrate the ability to self-motivate • Work efficiently and calmly under pressure, maintaining accuracy and attention to detail • Manage a range of information at the same time and maintain focus on deadlines and priorities • Always have the end goal in sight and work to the bigger picture • Take responsibility as part of your job to understand the workings of the business as a whole and the direction in which it is going • Deliver on or before deadlines • Understand the key deliverables of your role and aspire to over achieve • Can say ‘no’ when work is outside your remit or is impacting on delivering more important results • Take responsibility for driving your own career development to ensure ongoing drive and commitment to the role