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  1. 1. Latinos Unidos 2009 Newsletter Lena Avila, Editor Happy Holidays with a prosperous 2010! 2009 WITH LATINOS UNIDOS of Iowa, Inc. Thank you to our Sponsors and volunteers! Bankers Trust, Principal Financial Group, Wells Fargo, The Iowa Vein Center, UPS, Latinos Unidos of Iowa, Inc. and Mercy College, DMACC, Grace Methodist Church, El Latino Newspaper, Simpson College, University of Northern Iowa, Grandview College, UPS, Capital City Fruit, Inc. and Tyson. There are so many in kind sponsors and volunteers that need more than a thank you but a huge and a strong ABRAZO! Latinos Unidos is successful because of all of you. Thank you. 2010 Ongoing: Increased interaction with media; DM Register and Latino Newspapers Ongoing: Work with Frank Owens on planning and LU focus Ongoing: Updating the website January 11th: Coffee with the Iowa Legislatures 2010 10 am to Noon February: Regular meeting March: IPTV Festival (volunteers) March: Latino Cuisine Fundraising Scholarship Dinner April: Latino Resource Fair May: Happy cinco de mayo meeting July: Appreciation Picnic August: Vida Loca meeting September: Latinos Unidos Conference/Scholarship Award Dinner October: Regular meeting November: LU celebration meeting December: Happy Holidays! 2009 Un Orgullio Latino CONGRATULATIONS JULIAN Julian Caselli is the assistant manager at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza. Julian has been Latinos Chef for many of the successful fundraising scholarship in 2008 and 2009 dinners. Julian’s expertise stems from his chef skills from places as Colombia, Venesula and Europe. His love for his cooking shows in every planned meal he prepares. 1
  2. 2. Join Latinos Unidos next fundraising dinner and find out for yourself! You will ask Julian to prepare something special for you. I know I have! 2009 RECAP January 2009 Presenter: Rossany Brugger Public Health Planning: Trip to VerMeer Pella Manufacturing Iowa Immigration Education Coalition Dinner menu Three former Latinos Unidos scholarship winners to showscase Latinos Unidos on website: Claudia Schabel, Principal Financial Francisco Guzman, Restaurant Manager Esperanza Pintor, U of I February 2009 Speakers: Lila Douglas, Primary Care and US Census Bureau - Wendi A. Muir, Partnership Specialist In the News: Mauricio Matheu made the Des Moines Register playing his guitar. It was a delight to learn more about Mauricio other than knowing he worked for Wells Fargo. Mauricio has been a member of Latinos Unidos for a number of years and has been involved in a variety of different events. Planning: Trip to: VerMeer Pella Manufacturing - April Iowa Immigration Education Coalition Lena joined IPTV Will need 4 Latinos Unidos members to participate in the IPTV festival on March 15th Noon to 5:30 pm. Website Dan Sadowski has been updating the website. Memberships Karen Miranda chairing and working on gmail account. March New developments: New treasurer: Wells Fargo personal banker 2
  3. 3. Dora Carmargo, Vice President 23 books collected for Iowa prisons. Thanks to Ann Morris and Sol Varisco and others who provided books. The four Latinos Unidos scholarship judges for 2009: • Ewa Pratt, representing DMAAC and chair • Jennifer Nostrala, representing Simpson • Marsha McPheren, representing Grandview • Kirk Powman from U.N.I. April Our dinner will be May 2nd same place last year, Julian Caselli, chef and a different menu. Latino Resource Fair / Mini Medical Clinic Sponsored by University of Iowa will be here in at Des Moines Papa Johns May, 20th from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Meet the legislatures and to have them leave the session with a positive look at the Latinos in Iowa. Our goal is to meet and greet them again on first day in 2010 with the introduction of the Latino and Immigration reform bill. Jose Ramos did great job doing out T shirts to be represented at IPBS Telethon. Those attending were: Jesus Estrada, Mauricio Matheu, Ann Morris, Ivonne Desfassiaux and Lena Robison. May Julian’s menu for May’s fundraising dinner: Picadillo Cubano in Salsa, White rice, Black beans, salad, Roast pork or Stuffed Pork loins and Flan. Mauricio Matheu entertained the audience with his guitar expertise. Joyce Cook for the first time learned what cooking with a Latino flavor was like. Lilia also provided volunteers. Latinos Unidos took a tour of the VerMeer Plant in Pella. Go to the website and see the pictures. June Presenters: Penny Nichols and Joe Gonzales, HOLA AND HONRA Wendi A. Muir, Partnership Specialist, Bureau US Census The scholarship application is due on June 15, 2009. July Presenter: Sandra Sanchez, AFSC The annual Latinos Unidos Picnic hosted over 122 individuals with food from all over the world, a piñata and games. Thanks to Tyson Foods for the Carnitas. This was the largest crowd for our annual picnic and it was wonderful to host so many. August Latinos Unidos finally made it to La Vida Loca Winery. It was simply delightful and we have made plans to return in 2010. Julian and those attending made out the menu for the Award ceremony dinner. 3
  4. 4. Dan Sadowski and Kristi shared information about his survey and research around the state and how it would help the Latinos in Iowa suffering from Diabetes. September Latinos Unidos scholarship dinner was such a success and the most funds we have ever made $800 plus. Dinner menu was planned: Italiano/Colombiano, Salad, Cuban, Garlic Roast pork, Guatamalan, Arroz Blanco, papas chorriadas Colombianas fricase de pollo cubano, Equador, platanos maduros fritos. Vegetarian: Pasta italiana; Dessert: Arroz con leche, receta colombiana; Drinks Agua de tamarindo, Coffee and ice water. Latinos Unidos 10 scholarship Recipients: 4 Year Applicants Ruiz-Stanbary Maya Grinnell College Cedeno Victor Drake University Elizalde Leslie Maria Buena Vista University Roman Irene Wartburg College Solis Julie Drake University Taber Jon Upper Iowa Universtiy Alonso Ana Rosa ISU 2 Year Applicants Alvarez Diego Marshalltown Community College Graduate Applicants .Castelan Jose Antonio ISU Latinos Unidos covered the Nicaragua Booth this year with the help of Joy and Olga who shared their items from Nicaragua. Thank you so much and thank you Latinos Unidos volunteers. October Mauricio Matheu represented Latinos Unidos at the Great Des Moines Partnership. Many of our Latinos Unidos scholarship winner and members assisted at the Latino Conference. November Presenters: US Cellular Guest speakers: Tasha Weier and Laurie Haeder Employment opportunities and benefits. Community opportunities for schools log on to their website. Latinos Unidos set up a booth at the HOLA Center Legal clinic. Mauricio Matheu provided the audience with the value of using Facebook; to invite more individuals interested in Latinos Unidos. December Latinos Unidos last meeting for 2009 at BOSTON’S GOURMET PIZZA was cancelled due to the weather. However, one family of 4 was selected and actually have been instrumental in making Latinos Unidos a success. The second check was sent to a Postville family. _______________________________________________________________________________ 4
  5. 5. 2009 Latinos Unidos of Iowa, Inc. Officers & Board of Directors: President Public Relations: • Lena Avila Robison Vice President • Dora Camargo Board Members: Treasurer Jerry Tormey • Wells Fargo Banker Jesus Estrada Secretary Claudia Schabel • Ivonne Desfassiaux Maria Heidebrecht Juan Carlos Cadenillas Newsletter – vacant Promoting – Mauricio Matheu Latinos Unidos physical years ends in March 2010. If any one is interested in joining us contact us. Benefits of volunteering (an intangible asset-helping others helps you) and those reasons are: • Gain valuable life experiences and skills • Meeting interesting people • Get academic credit (some schools offer credit) • Send a signal that you’d be an asset Contact Latinos Unidos if you are interested in volunteering and become a member of a strong and committed nonprofit organization. Lena Avila Robison at 515-79-6840 or; Maurico Matheu at; Latinos Unidos Facebook. And Thank you for being a part of Latinos Unidos your supporter and for volunteering. 5