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DMS-120 ~ Product Brochure

Real-time HD video recording, relaying, playback and streaming over IP networks

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DMS 120 Technical Specifications

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DMS 120 PB-rev5


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DMS 120 PB-rev5

  1. 1. DMS-120 ~ Product Brochure Real-time HD video recording, relaying, playback and streaming over IP networks DMS-120 Digital Media Server Product Features • Digital media distribution over IP networks IP Video Systems’ DMS 120 Digital Media Server is a • Live video streaming from multiple input sources comprehensive platform for operating a Media-over-IP • Virtual channels from stored video content service in LAN and WAN networks. • Time-shifted video with PVR function • Video-on-demand & media downloads • Integrated multi-channel real-time SD encoder - 4, 8 or 12 channels of full D1 @ 30fps - Standards compliant MPEG-2/4 encoding • Secure and self standing media delivery platform • Network appliance for easy installation and integration into current LAN or WAN networks • Multi-user Network PVR Ready • PVR features with live stream pause capability IP Video Systems’ DMS-120 - Quick response pause/play controls - Instant replay and catch-up. Multiple live video sources or stored content can be • Client features: set up as channels. SD or HD quality TV programming - Zero-Install auto-download IPTV player can be combined with streaming video-on-demand - Support for CE IPTV set top boxes - Interface for interactive programming guide content and media downloads of music, movies, • Full web management with local stand alone or games, television shows, special interest videos and from IP Video Systems Management System (IMS) audio books. Similarly, corporations can use it for live • Real time streaming status video broadcasts, scheduled or ad hoc training ses- sions or customer presentations - all on a PC or a TV Applications via a Set Top Box. • Hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals - live and time-shifted IP TV/video in SD and HD Enter- The DMS 120 integrates the highest performance and prises, colleges - business IP TV, training, video density of real-time video compression and intelligent broadcast and on demand streaming technology to provide a fast channel video • Airports, train stations and transports on demand experience. It supports a full featured - Live TV, sponsored programming, information multi-user network PVR giving each user a personal- bulletin board, and media streaming/downloads ized media viewing capability. • Trains and planes - on board and in flight enter- tainment including Live TV IP Video Systems’ DMS 120 network appliance engi- • Convention centers - conference video broadcasts neered product offers ease of installation and man- of keynotes and multiple sessions agement. The DMS 120 enables instant, secure distri- • Health clubs:- Live TV, VOD, group lessons and sponsored programming bution of live or time-shifted, on-demand content to a number of users on LAN or WAN IP networks. It can operate in a stand-alone mode or in a network of cen- Benefits • Complete recording, relay, streaming and media trally managed remote digital media servers. distribution solution when configured with - IP Video Systems’ Video to Data V2D-I50 IP Video Systems’ DMS 120 Digital Media Server can and XP-200 encoders and decoders be configured with 4/8/12 input encoders for live • Server for capturing and synchronized stream video recording and distribution over IP net- viewing on multiple V2D Rx and PC clients works. • IPVS Authoring tool for distributing recorded streams on DVD/CD media • PC Client Media Player for software playback - Full native HD stream decoding IP Video Systems Inc. 1287 Anvilwood Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (408) 400-4200
  2. 2. DMS 120 Technical Specifications V2D I50 V2D XP-200 Receivers Transmitter LAN/WAN IP Network V2D I50 Receivers to HD Display V2D I50 Transmitter V2D XP-200 PC Laptop Transmitter Media Client Set Top Box to TV DMS 120 Digital Media Server Functional Diagram DMS 120 Digital Media Server with multiple HD/SD Inputs and HD live streams: IPVS Management System recording, relaying and distributing digital media IMS web based configuration content over IP networks and deployment software Inputs and Outputs Network Connectivity Video Video resolution 1920 x 1080i, 1280 x 720p (HD) Ethernet Protocol 720 x 480 @ 30fps NTSC, Traffic type Variable bit-rate with configurable 720 x 576 @ 25fps PAL maximum and burst rate settings. QCIF, CIF, Full D1 Frame Rate Configurable fixed frame rate settings Video Interface 4—12 x composite NTSC or PAL Video Encoding MPEG-2 MP @ ML IP Protocols MPEG-4 Simple Profile @ L3 (planned) Protocols Unicast/Multicast Vide Streams 50 Unicast Streams RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP/IP Multicast - limited by network band- width Management Audio Interfaces HTTPS, HTTP Line in/out 4—12 x RCA stereo left/right pair Commands Web-based management and Optional mini AUX connector menu-based system Serial Port Configuration data Stored on removable Compact Flash Connector type 1 full duplex RS-232 complaint card Expansion 1 x USB 2.0 Port Certification and Compliances UL and FCC (preliminary) UL60950 Media Storage Options for multi-channel SD/HD video content (preliminary) FCC Part 15 Class A General Control 1 x 1/8 mini connector IR out Power 100 VAC to 220 VAC, approx. 250W Form factor 19” rack-mountable Network Interface Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.5” x 17” x 17” Interface type 2 x 10/100/1000BaseT Connector type RJ45 Weight Approx. 30 lbs Preliminary product specification subject to change. IP Video Systems logo, V2D Enabling the I50, XP-200, DMS 120, and “Enabling the Advanced Visual Enterprise”, are the trademarks of IP Video Systems, Inc. Advanced Visual Enterprise © Copyright 2007 by IP Video Systems Inc. All rights reserved. IP Video Systems Inc. 1287 Anvilwood Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (408) 400-4200