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Delivering converged entertainment and communication services ...


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Delivering converged entertainment and communication services ...

  1. 1. White Paper Delivering converged entertainment and communication services with IPTV and VoIP Multimedia for regional carriers As regional service providers combine The trouble is, the services are still sepa- > The user experiences are separate. interactive video with voice and data rate everywhere except on the bill in the Content and devices are tied to access. services to form triple-play bundles, will customer’s mailbox. With each service, the user uses a their subscribers be watching IP televi- different device with a totally unique In the traditional business model: sion (IPTV) or engaging in a new look and feel. The services do not and multimedia experience? There is an > The networks are separate. Voice has typically cannot interact with each other elegant and cost-effective way to not just traditionally delivered on a wireline — and too often, the learning curve for deliver a video, voice and data bundle network, data on a broadband network each device is too steep for most users to — but to seamlessly integrate them into and video on cable or satellite. master. Users are demanding services a richly interactive and personalized Mobility services have been restricted that are easier to adopt. experience. to voice, only recently expanding to > The billing systems are separate. include data service. A provider may Subscribers may see all of their service The triple-play bundles video, voice and be maintaining two or three separate charges integrated into one bill, but data into one service package, with one network infrastructures to deliver all behind the scenes there are disparate monthly bill. The immediate goals of of these services. billing systems and subscriber databases offering a triple-play bundle are twofold: that must be maintained separately for > Win a greater share of wallet each service. > Reduce churn Both cable and wireline operators are pursuing triple-play offers to maintain a competitive edge. Cable operators are adding digital voice services to their existing video and high-speed data offer- ings. Local telephone companies are adding video services to their established voice and Internet data services. Both types of operators are hoping to win over customers by offering the conven- ience of a single monthly bill from a single provider and an attractive bundled price — compared to buying the same services individually.
  2. 2. With all this duplication of infrastruc- ture, operating expenses are high. It is complex and costly to introduce new services. Even if you could create a consistent user experience for a service across multiple media, the application would have to be developed separately on each platform. For users, there is little benefit in moving all of their services to one provider except for the promise of a better price. Worse yet, this triple-play offering is easy to duplicate. A competitor can come along and bundle exactly the same services at a lower price. If you’re a service provider, what’s your edge? networks. Voice or data services can be Extend voice services into converged into an IPTV environment the TV environment Compete on an enhanced with the same look and feel as on a SIP While watching TV, the user receives an service experience (Session Initiation Protocol)-based wire- online prompt showing the caller ID of instead of price line or wireless device. This architecture an incoming call. The phone doesn’t ring If you are bundling discrete services and establishes a path for evolution to IMS, (a user-selectable setting), so nobody hoping to win customers on the allure which will provide a true converged else in the household is disturbed. The of bundled prices, you are essentially network facilitating any voice, data or subscriber can choose to either: resigning yourself to competing on video service to be deployed on any price. How long do you want to “win” device. > Accept the call — The phone rings by eroding your own profit margin, and the call can be answered on the With a unified IP-based network envi- home phone or a speakerphone especially if the company is footing the ronment, the service provider is not associated with the TV. costs of separate infrastructures for these competing solely on price, but with an bundled services? With advances in IP, > Reject the call — The phone never integrated offering that offers a richer VoIP and IMS technologies, there are rings and the call is discarded. user experience. By increasing the value now better options: > Forward to voice mail — The caller of their service offer, the provider can gain A unified IP-based network envi- significantly higher average revenue per can leave a voice mail message, and ronment provides a cost-effective user (ARPU) and increase user loyalty. the subscriber sees a message-waiting way to converge entertainment indicator on the TV screen. The Will consumers see value in an subscriber does not have to get up to and communication services integrated triple-play offer? see who is calling, which is particu- This enables voice, data and video serv- ices to be delivered over any access type, New service opportunities larly welcome if the calling party is not of interest. Who wants to inter- creating one consistent user experience with VoIP multimedia that is independent of a user’s access or rupt a favorite TV show to take a over IPTV device. This takes the triple-play offer message for another household One initial opportunity for service member, when voice mail can do just to the next level. By linking IPTV and convergence involves adding voice and VoIP multimedia with an evolution as well or better? The service also data functionality to IPTV. Following supports click-to-call capability, path to IMS, television set-top boxes are some service opportunities that are become multimedia SIP end points, whereby a subscriber can place a call possible with currently available VoIP using the remote control, either from along with mobile phones, PCs and multimedia and IPTV technologies, other consumer entertainment devices. an address book or a list of received and a set-top box or card for the calls. In the future, subscribers will Users can enjoy a consistent user experi- user’s television. ence across various devices and access also be able to place and receive video calls using a TV-mounted webcam. 2
  3. 3. Extend data services into > Single sign-on — Users can log onto the TV environment a service using one device and their Data integration can also take several sessions can be continued in another Voice services on TV forms. For example, subscribers could device without having to sign in > Caller ID on TV exchange instant messages (IMs) with again. For example, when a subscriber others on their personal buddy lists, signs on and accesses VoIP services > Telephony click-to-call while watching a TV show. Thanks to from their TV set, there is no need > Call handling “presence” capabilities, the system to sign in again when switching over knows whether the subscriber’s buddy to watch the rest of the show on a — Call Ignore and Reject is watching the IPTV service, and if PC client. The service is seamless — Forward to voice mail so, sets up the IM connection for them between devices. > Voice mail indicator and to share a back-and-forth chat while Enablers such as presence and a retrieval watching TV. The two subscribers can Network buddy list can be delivered then share the viewing experience, > Video calling over a VoIP multimedia network and trading comments about what they’re (two- or three-way) IPTV. The evolution of the network to watching, even though they’re in IMS will extend these across multiple different places. Data services on TV devices and add additional enablers Picture-sharing is another popular such as Single Sign-on. > Chat — Standalone IM/ option. Suppose you want to share multi-user chat digital photos with a distant friend or A typical example of colleague who doesn’t have a PC or IPTV/VoIP multimedia > Information sharing Internet connection. You could send services in use — Web page and image push the photos to the service provider’s Following is a hypothetical example — Central picture share photo exchange service, which in turn of how these integrated capabilities can uploads them to the recipient’s set-top > Friends list and presence be used in the real world, to transform box. That person receives a notification the entertainment and communication — Who’s online; where are you? that pictures are available for viewing, experience. > Address book similar to and selects “slideshow” on the TV Mary, who is in the middle of a big Outlook/PDA remote control to view the photographs on the TV screen. remodeling project, is watching a home-improvement show for inspira- Establish a consistent user tion. Her personal avatar appears on experience across access the television screen and plays a short media and devices multimedia video clip of her interior The unified service experience is made designer, who is also watching the show possible by core service enablers such as: and wants to share some ideas based > Presence — Subscribers can see if on the home they’re viewing. Mary uses someone on their buddy list is online, the remote control on the set-top box to whether that person is on a mobile accept the incoming session. A picture device, a PC or watching their IPTV. in picture window opens up, and Mary sees her designer appear. > Network buddy list — This is the subscriber’s circle of cohorts for Together, they agree on some light sharing interactive services. The buddy fixtures and decide to open a group list would be the same on the PC, chat session with Mary’s husband, mobile device or IPTV. Greg, who is at the home improvement store. They text chat with Greg to ask him to check out fixtures of the type 3
  4. 4. they just saw on TV. Using his video streaming mobile handset, Greg captures some short video of the lighting fixtures, and the IMS applica- tion plays the video clip to both women simultaneously. Recognizing the pres- ence of an active group session, an advertisement application linked to the home-improvement show sends out an overlay video clip offering the chance for the group to sign up, for a small fee, to participate in an information session about selecting and installing home lighting. Greg and Mary accept and enjoy the multimedia learning Benefits of the IPTV- > Deploy new services faster, since an session from their mobile handsets VoIP multimedia-based application can be created in one place and TV sets. triple-play and deployed across all access networks and devices, with a core billing system Mary then uses her handset to instruct For service providers, SIP-based VoIP that aggregates billing data. the IPTV application to track remod- multimedia over IPTV offers a number eling ideas on her subscribed channels. of benefits: For end users, VoIP multimedia over While Greg and Mary are at work, the IPTV enhances the communication and > Win new subscribers (and keep the network-based recording capability entertainment experience with value- ones you’ve got) by offering a richer creates an index of the targeted content. added capabilities. The traditional TV home entertainment experience than Whenever they choose, they can readily viewing experience can be combined can be achieved with competitors’ navigate through the recorded program with diverse types of person-to-person standard triple-play offerings. choices and access them from any of or group communications — such as their SIP-based multimedia devices. > Gain new revenues by delivering a chat, instant messaging, caller ID, differentiated, value-added service — videoconferencing or video mailbox — When offered with a SIP-based founda- personalized and interactive — to enrich the experience. Subscribers can tion with future migration to IMS, supplemented with revenues from create, manage and share their unique IPTV changes the session from simply carefully targeted advertisements. libraries of content — both commercial watching TV to experiencing TV… Building on a VoIP multimedia over and personal. For instance, they can from a passive and solitary activity into IPTV architecture, the migration to establish video surveillance for home a richly interactive one. IMS will allow this service experience security, share photographs and video Subscribers not only require low prices to be extended over multiple access blogs with friends, push Web pages or and the convenience of a single vendor, networks and devices. The following send a favorite pre-recorded TV show they also want a simpler and more are some of the incremental values to a fellow subscriber. natural user experience, regardless of delivered over IMS. In spite of the diversity of service oppor- the device or access they use. > Reduce operating expenses by reusing tunities, the user experience is simpler a variety of functions across the triple- It is not just about individual services — and familiar from one device to play environment, such as subscriber, (four — if we add mobility to the triple another — and services can be personal- service and user profile data, authenti- play experience) at a great price. It’s ized to meet users’ needs across devices. cation, authorization, Digital Rights about integrating the user experience Management (DRM), charging across multiple domains. support, and the media and data servers that optimize delivery to various device types. 4
  5. 5. The architecture of the converged entertainment In spite of the diversity of service opportunities, and communication envi- ronment the user experience is simpler — and familiar from How can service providers deliver a one device to another — and services can be converged IPTV/VoIP triple-play service personalized to meet users’ needs across devices. offer? Here’s a high-level view of the core elements in delivering a “converged triple-play” architecture. In the future, it may well be possible to Closing thoughts A key element in Nortel’s VoIP multi- simplify the architecture by providing media over IPTV architecture is the It is not enough to create a basic triple- more intelligent STB clients. Nortel Entertainment and Communications play service offering that delivers three believes this architecture is optimal at Convergence Module (ECCM). separate services on a single bill. Yes, present as: customers do want the convenience and ECCM follows a client server architec- > It minimizes the complexity of the simplicity of a single provider — and ture model. The client resides on the client such that it is deployable on they do appreciate the discounts they set-top box (STB) and interworks with the maximum number of STBs can get with bundled services. If you’re the middleware client software to handle willing to compete solely on price, this the presentation of the advanced appli- > It makes interfacing to multiple is the way to go. However, customers cation features to the consumer. The servers and protocols more easily are eager for more than a price break client can be kept very simple and light- tested and deployed and a single bill. They are looking for weight such that it can be deployed on > It enables the churn associated with advanced services with simplicity in the maximum number of STBs. services innovation to be managed managing and using both the service The light-weight ECCM client com- more easily and the devices — and they’re willing to municates with the ECCM server via A converged service offer builds loyalty pay a bit of a premium for it. Nortel’s HTTP. The ECCM server resides for existing customers and creates a VoIP multimedia and IPTV solutions within the network and provides compelling reason to attract new ones. can get you quickly into this emerging support for a large number of client market. Nortel can help. Visit us at devices. The ECCM server supports the and interfacing to multiple application servers to ensure the real-time delivery of services to the consumer. IPTV with VoIP Multimedia enriches the user experience > Use a variety of personal, mobile devices to experience TV and interactive sessions > Add multimedia capabilities to the TV and mobile devices > Share pre-recorded and personal content with other subscribers > Manage and view video content from anywhere > Combine video with personal or group communication services to increase productivity, entertain and create online communities 5
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