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Darfur Action Network


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Darfur Action Network

  1. 1. UFB Open Deliberations 9/11/07 Darfur Action Network At end of month STAND, an organization that DAN is under, is having a conference and the group would like to send students to the conference 2 main fees associated with conference: $50 registration fee and travel expenses At info sessions, about 20 students have expressed interst in the conference and 8 have already registered to go Students will fly Southwest to BWI; tickets are about $140 Conference will educate students about legislation occurring in Darfur and how to talk to/ contact legislators, Students will also get to hear from anti-genocide speakers and visit Holocaust Memorial Museum Students at info sessions were mostly freshman, but there were also many upper classmen and new members of the group that expressed interest in going to the conference No money in budget to fund conference expenses because they did not know about the conference in the spring WORD! Trying to fund an event that would bring 5 of the world’s most talented Spoken Word poets to Brown Group has grown over the last year to include about 27 members and it is the only Spoken Word group on campus One of the speakers has expressed interest in specifically coming to Brown, and the only date that they can come is September 30th Speakers have requested $2000 and three hotel rooms Name of Event: “Solomon’s Sparrow’s Electric Whale Revival” Budget Request: Total: $2390 Performance Fee: $2000 Three hotel rooms: $330
  2. 2. Printing and Publicity: $60 Supplies: 5 microphones provided by Brown Media Services ($0) Outside Financial Assitance: Brenda Allen, Associate Provost & Director of Instituional Diversity has agreed to donate $300 Kelly Garrett, coordinator LGBTQ Resource Center has agree to give $50 if event does occur Estimate of Attendees: 300 Space: Upper Solomon (already reserved) They have considered charging an admittance fee for the event Undergraduate Council of Students UCS works on advocacy projects and tries to create a voice for students Past and Current projects: dorm renovations, improving financial aid, working on increasing Swearer center service learning projects, making sure that student concerns are heard Other student services: airport bus, flex meal plans, DVD rental in Sci Li, IPTV Next Monday, UCS is going to hold an agenda setting forum UCS also appoints students to various committees, and works closely with student groups UCS has 27 voting members and associate members UCS wants to present itself well so that it can attract more associate members who will help in accomplishing projects UCS and UFB need to work together to accomplish projects, e.g. possibly raising the student group social fund, funding contracts, funding student groups UCS also decided whether or not to raise the SA fee, which has a huge impact on UFB UCS is also trying to work on getting money back from the contract with the student body lawyer UCS may request money from UFB for a laptop