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Company Description


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Company Description

  1. 1. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12733 Divitel has a highly flexible team of specialists and is valued for that by our customers. In support of larger projects we also partner with specialists from other About Divitel domains if such expertise required. Divitel ensures that these is specialists work against our high quality standards. The company Divitel has established a reputation as a systemintegrator for professional systems in the European DVB and broadcast market. The company has a broad experience in the fields of digital and analogue TV, broadcast, RF Networks, terrestrial and satellite transmission and IPTV solutions. DVB, RF and IPTV are the expertises of Divitel, which has proven to be a skilled integration partner for digital video and broadcasting solutions. Divitel has a trackrecord for being a successful and reliable partner for broadcast solutions. Systems have been delivered to a large number of customers and many of these systems are recognized as highly sophisticated solutions. Most Divitel projects are carried out on a turn- key basis, where Divitel takes responsibility from design to delivery and maintenance & support of the project. NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  2. 2. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12733 Support Divitel offers support and after-sales services to customers for fast follow-up. Also Divitel offers second- line support, preventive maintenance and repair services. Since content delivery is the life-line of our customers, these services are designed to act as quick as possible and to ensure continuity of signal delivery. Remote control facilities like Consilium™ to delivered systems give Divitel the possibility to detect any malfunctioning in the platform and to analyse what is going on directly without any travelling. In most of the cases problems can be solved or prevented from remote, sometimes interacting with local engineers on- site. The Divitel companyprofile lists a number of reference projects and customers and gives a general overview of the Divitel expertise. (more info on our website Due to their experience in DVB projects, Divitel is confident to be able to offer a well-considered and balanced system which is capable to be expanded and flexible to anticipate to future requirements. Training Divitel also offers extensive training possibilities on sold solutions. A tailor-made product instructed by the technical specialists who have been involved in the design and realization of the platform and can build on a long history of experience in the field. The positive experiences with hands-on trainings on the actual platforms prove the effectiveness of this approach. NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  3. 3. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12733 As an independent system integrator, Divitel prefers to enter into partnerships with other companies in the market, which could be both manufacturers and Business know-how customers. A number of strategic and business partnerships have already been achieved. These solid Being around in DVB systems from partnerships strengthen the mutual the incubation of the technology, expertise and ensure the most Divitel has serviced customers in the appropriate solution per business CATV world. Divitel operates as a case. By continuously monitoring turn-key solution provider. Projects and analysing market trends and involve research, consultancy, business needs Divitel is able to design, installation, integration, advise solutions which are training and documentation. sustainable for a long term and in Services continue after the which cost of ownership versus conclusion of an installation project. investments and financing are taken Divitel keeps providing support to into account. users and advise the customer on new possibilities and Divitel provides visible solutions; enhancements to further improve our customer’s business your solution! opportunities and to stay ahead of their competitors. Divitel staff is well educated and have thorough knowledge on DVB and IP technology. Also analogue audio and video and RF systems are known very well. Regularly Divitel staff is attending additional training on all relevant subjects with regards to technology developments, business opportunities and new products on the market. NATO UNCLASSIFIED
  4. 4. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12733 Divitel B.V. P.O. box 1066 7301 BH APELDOORN tel.: 055 – 576 02 42 fax.: 055 – 578 5075 email: website: NATO UNCLASSIFIED