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Business IPTV


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Business IPTV

  1. 1. HughesNet Digital Media Services Business IPTV Employee Training and Corporate Communications Made Easy
  2. 2. HughesNet® Business IPTV service—the one decision for effective business communications When was the last time a single decision made a real improvement in the way your company does business? Choosing HughesNet Business IPTV service can make that difference. HughesNet Business IPTV Highlights With HughesNet Business IPTV service, you can ■ Up-to-the-minute corporate information easily distribute top-quality training modules ■ Improved HR information dissemination and other corporate video communications to ■ More productive distance learning initiatives all your business locations without breaking the ■ Compliance training that’s easy to track corporate budget to do it. ■ Reduced travel time and costs What’s more, Hughes does it all with a cost- effective, end-to-end solution that grows with HughesNet Business IPTV is the right answer for: your business. Hughes designs, installs, oper- ates, and manages custom rich-media distribu- ■ Employee training tion networks for Fortune 500 companies. We can do the same for your business—with the ■ Special event broadcasting dependability you’d expect from the technology leader. ■ Desktop, kiosk or conference room video options ■ Video streaming or on-demand delivery Corporate video doesn’t need to be compli- cated, expensive, or a drain on your valuable IT ■ Corporate communications resources. Isn’t it time to make the choice that meets all your mission-critical communications needs now and in to the future? It’s time for HughesNet Business IPTV!
  3. 3. B u si n ess IP T V Corporate communications made easy Companies with a private video network have a strategic advantage over their competition. They know that an IPTV network lets their executives, senior managers and depart- mental experts speak directly to employees, at any office location, simultaneously. Now all employees can be “on the same page” regardless of their branch location—improving employee morale and customer satisfaction. With Hughes, your business can take advan- tage of all the benefits of a managed, private video network without overburdening your IT resources. Hughes makes business IPTV easy, integrating all the technology, broadband network connectivity and professional services necessary for a complete, cutting-edge private video network. HughesNet Business IPTV lets you engage with your employees directly, cutting ■ Content management—Hughes offers media through distance and layers of management format transcoding and encoding services ensuring real impact across your business. to ensure your content looks the way you intend it to—ensuring compatibility with your network components. Compliance training ■ Video Network Operations Center (NOC)— How do you deliver engaging training content Hughes owns and operates a state-of-the- to ensure that your employees adhere to com- art video NOC to give you the transmission pliance regulations and ethics policies? How capacity required for the best quality, do you ensure all stakeholders understand the end-to-end rich-media delivery possible. company’s vision? How do you keep morale ■ Hardware sourcing—Rely on Hughes to up to reduce costly employee turnover? You choose the best-of-breed media players, need a network solution that allows you to network distribution technology and digital easily and cost effectively deliver high-quality monitors to meet your business network video—you need HughesNet Business IPTV. requirements. ■ Installation, maintenance and customer support—Hughes provides turnkey instal- From content to screen lation and maintenance of branch loca- HughesNet Business IPTV manages the tion equipment, including media players complex job of designing, deploying, and and display screens. You’ll also have one operating a custom rich-media network. point of contact for responsive customer This fully managed service integrates: service. ■ Network monitoring and reporting—Hughes ■ Project design and consulting—From the proactively monitors remote components design concept to the finished product, to increase your end-to-end system reli- Hughes has years of experience creating ability and to minimise downtime. As your custom corporate communications and managed services provider, we watch the training networks. system so you don’t have to.
  4. 4. ■ High-Availability VPN—delivers unsurpassed network availability for your branch loca- tions—up to 99.99+%. A Snapshot of Hughes ■ Access Continuity—ensures your branch locations stay online in the event of a land- ■ Worldwide market leader in broadband satellite line disruption. services and technology ■ Emergency Services—ensures your locations ■ Over 17 years of experience managing large-scale stay online in the event of a disaster—ready enterprise networks for immediate deployment. ■ Recognised by the Yankee Group as a top-tier managed network provider1 One name, one complete solution: Hughes ■ Over 225,000 enterprise sites in North America for Other providers only offer part of the solution. many Fortune 500 companies Hughes brings you the wholly integrated solu- tion—from media players and display monitors to ■ Global service delivery with sales offices and operations content management and operations services, to worldwide reliable broadband network capacity. ■ $970 million in revenue (2007) ■ Europe’s largest service provider for managed Hughes has been providing market-tested, private video networks to leading Fortune 500 compa- broadband satellite and terrestrial networks nies for over 17 years. With Hughes video solu- tions at over 25,000 locations, a million hours of private video content distribution, and over 225,000 enterprise sites deployed, industry ana- lysts have named Hughes a top supplier of fully The HughesNet Managed Services suite managed services in North America. Hughes offers an extensive portfolio of managed service options to meet a variety of business Time after time, corporate leaders have evaluated needs, including: the competition and chosen Hughes. When busi- ness communications matter, private video IPTV ■ Digital Signage—delivers targeted, high- networks are by far the best choice. When you impact rich-media content to your customers make the move to IPTV, make the smart business at the point-of-purchase. decision—HughesNet Business IPTV service. ■ Optimised VPN—leverages landline and wire- less technologies to deliver secure and reliable broadband connectivity to all your 1 Yankee Group Decision/NoteSM Market Analysis, February 24, locations. 2006, “How to succeed in the $25 Billion Managed Service Market,” Anton Denissov. To learn more about HughesNet Business IPTV service or other HughesNet Managed Services, please contact us at or visit our website at ©2009 Hughes Network Systems, LLC. Hughes and HughesNet are registered trademarks of Hughes Network Systems, LLC. All information is subject to change. All rights reserved. HN101 JUL 09