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  1. 1. Communication Technologies & Equipment Broadband Multiservice Networks 2006 General Information Goals: • Keep readers up to date on unique advantages of systems, solutions, technologies, equipment, and services provided by leading manufacturers, development engineers, and suppliers • Provide audience with the system, equipment, and supplier selection criteria • Provide additional information about Russian and international leading companies’ activities in the field of Broadband Multi-Service Network Equipment and Technologies I. Materials Submission Format 1. Product/System Information Module • Minimum volume – 1 type page • One type page may contain information about 2-12 products 2. Manufacturer/Supplier Ads • Page/double type page – in combination with a product information module at your option • 2, 3, 4 covers • 1st and 2nd page in the table of contents • double page before the table of contents 3. Equipment/Technologies Related Articles • Minimum volume - 1 type page II. Circulation and Frequency • Circulation 10000 (А4 Format) • Annual III. Circulation Catalogue is circulated to qualified subscribers in all parts of Russia. We have all professional information of subscribers provided by them when subscribing. 5706 copies to big enterprises; oil, natural gas, chemical industry; finances, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, power engineering, construction, transport, authorities, TV; 1500 copies to communication operators; 1170 copies to resellers, installers, regional telecommunication companies; 1324 copies to field exhibitions on telecommunications and TV between February 7, 2005 and February 7, 2006; 500 copies – paid subscription and stock. IV. Deadlines Materials (Including Copy) Deadline - December 23, 2005 Issue Date - February 4, 2006
  2. 2. V. Contact Information Groteck Co. Ltd., Mailing Address: 127055, Moscow, PO 55. Office: Miusskaya Sq. 7. Phone: (095) 251-6654, 251-29-70. Fax: (095) 251-3389 If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact: Project Coordinator – Ms.Kritskaya Tatyana, Order Processing Manager – Ms. Ashinskaya Julia, TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Operator Level Solutions and Equipment: 1. Main Commuting and Routing Equipment (main ATM/IP/MPLS-switches and IP-routers) 2. Network Wall Routers and IP-Services Platform (Wall Routers, Broadband Access Servers, Voice IP-Gates, etc.) 3. Multi-Service Switches and Access Concentrator (Multi-Service АТМ-Switches/Concentrators, Voice ATM-gates) 4. Metro Ethernet-Networks Routers and Switches Multi-Service Transport Systems (multi-service platforms NG SDH, RPR) 5. Broadband Access Equipment (DSL-access equipment, PON, Ethernet-access) 6. Content Conversion and Distribution Systems 6.1. Software-Hardware Complex for IP TV, VoD (Video on Demand) 6.2. Video Content Protection Systems, Middleware 6.3. Software-Hardware Platforms for Mobile Content Services II. Corporate Level Solutions and Equipments: 1. Level 3 Ethernet Modular Switches 2. Level 3 Ethernet Fixed Configuration Switches 3. Level 2 Ethernet Guided Switches 4. Access Routers, FRAD, VoIP Equipment III. Multi-Service Networks Mounting Equipment, Operation and Maintenance: 1. Control Equipment 2. Cable 3. Switch Room Equipment 4. Tools 5. Constant Power Supply Systems and Conditioning Equipment IV.Projects & Introduction of New Equipment and Services. NGN Solutions Reference Section
  3. 3. Companies’ Information – List of advertisers in alphabetical order: name of a company; address information; contact persons; licensing information; period of operation on the market; brief description of a company (production, supply, dealers, distributors); ad Web page reference. Text Volume: 2500 symbols. Trade Marks Reference Book – List of trade marks grouped by sections. Inside the section: list of trade marks in an alphabetical order, including trade mark image, name of a trade mark company owner and its Web address, name of a company who provided information and its Web page. This section is designed for readers to search for the equipment of a specific firm. Web-Navigator (Advanced) - Internet address, site description, and screen shot. Information volume: 500 symbols. Index of Equipment Presented in the Catalogue – List of all equipment presented in the catalogue, manufacturers given in an alphabetical order with reference to a Web page. The section is designed for a quick search for specific equipment Cumulative Index of All Catalogue Participants – List of equipment class, services and complex solutions offered. RATE CARD • 1 type page – 1665 Euro • 2 type pages - 10 % discount • 3 type pages - 15 % discount • 4 type pages - 20 % discount • 5 type pages - 25 % discount • 2nd cover - 3112 Euro • 3rd cover - 2801 Euro • 4th cover - 3839 Euro • double page before the table of contents -3942 Euro • 1st page in the table of contents -2946 Euro • 2nd page in the table of contents -2739 Euro * VAT is not included. MATERIALS SUBMISSION 1. Text of an article submitted has the following advertiser to distribute the number of modules requirements (including place for headline and to promote specific product. picture): Product information should contain product image, • 5500 symbols (including spaces) on one company/manufacturer logo, product name, product type page description (purpose, features, capabilities, and characteristics). • 11500 symbols (including spaces) on 2 type pages Information about manufacturer, certification, and product time on the Russian market is presented in 2. When placing product information module one the Index of Equipment in the Reference section of should be aware of the following: the catalogue. • Maximum of 12 product descriptions (12 product information modules) may be placed on Description Text Volume (maximum, one type page and minimum of 2 product with 2×2 cm equipment image) is: descriptions. 400 symbols for 1 module • Advertiser may submit any number of product 1300 symbols for 2 modules information modules (from 2 to 12). It is up to an 2200 symbols for 3 modules 3000 symbols for 4 modules
  4. 4. Broadband Multiservice Networks – 2006 Buyers’ Guide Distribution Program By Industry Sectors Telecommunications; 41,1% Information Technologies; Security; 6,0% 11,1% Military and Law Enforcement; 3,9% Government Authorities; 2,0% Television and Radio; 6,2% Other; 1,3% Fuel and Energy Complex; Public Organizations; 0,2% 7,3% Manufacturing; 9,2% Education/Science; 1,6% Construction; 3,3% Public Health Services; 0,2% Transport; 1,5% Culture/Sports ; 0,3% Trade; 2,1% Financing; Insurance; Banks; Public Services; 1,8% 1,0% By Decision Maker Makes Decision -21,5% Participates in Decision Making -37,5 % Prepares Decision Do not Participate in 39,5% Decision Making -1,5 %
  5. 5. By Job Title Organization Other - 1,6% Heads - 20,6% Technical Specialists - 44,4% Department Heads - 34,4% By Regions North West Region - 2,4 % Ural Region -6 % Moscow and Moscow Region -37,3 % St.Petersburg and St.Petersburg Region - 8,1% Privolzhsky Region -16 % Far East Region - 2,2 % South Region -9 % Siberian Region 9,6 % Central Region -9,1 %