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Bobby Rai CV.doc

  1. 1. CV – Bobby Rai Personal Details Nationality: British D.O.B: 5 July 1978 Address: 88 Icknield Way Gender: Male Letchworth Marital Status: Married Hertfordshire SG6 4AW Telephone: 07931 142876 E-Mail: Skills Summary ISEB certified Test Analyst with over 5 years experience of testing highly complex software/systems within the public sector, telecoms and finance industries. In-depth knowledge of producing quality deliverables for various phases of both i) the Systems Development Lifecycle (unit, integration, systems, user acceptance testing, business readiness testing etc), and ii) the Test Life Cycle (planning, creating, executing, recording and reporting on test coverage/completion etc). Producing test artefacts through the use of various methodologies (V-model, Agile, Waterfall etc). Highly skilled in creating testcases with the intention of i) identifying defects and ii) ensuring a new product/software component under test is meeting requirements extracted from source documentation. Experience of liaising with both in-house and external development teams to communicate defects identified during testing, and retesting after a fix has been applied. Expert capability of relationship building with teams external to the test/QA function and ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship is created. Well skilled in regression testing previously tested products (or functions within a product) to ensure defects have not been introduced as a result of the implementation of new components/code. Highly proficient and motivated in meeting deadlines and project milestones, whilst ensuring channels of communication are open and progress is reported to all relevant parties (project management, development etc). Technical Summary Operating Systems: Windows 3.1x, 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0 server, XP, Dos, Unix, Linux, IBM AS/400, IBM OS/390. Environments: IPTV, BT Retail, BT Wholesale, Openreach, Apps/Servers: J2EE, Apache Tomcat, JSP, Siebel/CRM (including Smartscript), MS-Project, Lotus Notes, DNS, TCP/IP, Mediation, Geneva (Infinys) Billing Systems. Databases: MS Access, ODBC, Informix, Oracle, DB2, SQL Configuration: PVCS, VSS, ITIL Test Tools: Mercury Quality Centre 9.0, Mercury Test Director 8.0 (administration level), WinRunner, Rational Clearcase & Clearquest, FileAid, CICS, Atio X-plor Revenue Assurance, KeySpammer, ATTA Autotester, Remedy (BMC software), MS Visio Languages: HTML, XML, JavaScript, VB Script, TSL, J2EE, Java, Visual Basic 6.0, JCL, SAS Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. CV – Bobby Rai Professional Qualifications 2004 ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing (self-study) 2003 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA – self study) 2001 Computer Programming & E-Commerce Training (Oxford House Technical Training College, London) 2000 BA (Hons) Business Information Systems – 2nd class degree awarded. Work Experience 04/2007 – Present Experian (Eiger systems division), Rugby, CV21 1DZ Job Title: Test Analyst Projects: Testing payment software (developed using Java & J2EE) which authenticates and processes financial transactions via BACSTEL-IP and ETS delivery channels between client organisations and Voca ( Achievements & Responsibilities: Creating Test artefacts (scripts/flow charts etc) which reference Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) to verify the encrypted transmission and retrieval of payment data/reports (AUDDIS/ADDACS) . Verifying whether report data is being merged and transformed into various formats using XSL Transformations (XSLTs). Testing whether system events are correctly audited and alerts are generated when processes are deliberately corrupted. Ensuring data is automatically processed as soon as corresponding files are dropped into specified locations. Liaising with System Designers, Software Engineers and Business Analysts to discuss discrepancies in documentation (i.e static testing) and ensure vague detail is addressed within subsequent document versions. 10/2006 – 03/2007 BT, London, EC1A 7AJ Job Title: Test Analyst Projects: WLR3 - Testing the decoupling of BT Wholesale (provisioning) and BT Retail (ordering) systems to ensure equal operating conditions between BT and other competing communication providers (i.e Tiscali). Achievements & Responsibilities: Defining test aims, expected results and pre-requisites (data, environments, components etc) for a number of work-streams (including the creation of customer bills/letters and self provisioning of BT products via IVR/ website etc). Quality checking/auditing/signing off/making recommendations to change the end-to- end system integration test scripts (prior to test execution) developed by an external off shore scripting team working for Identifying whether test Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. CV – Bobby Rai scripts are meeting both test aims & expected results identified by myself, and BT templates & standards. Verifying test execution results to ensure i) scripts have been adhered to ii) adequate execution evidence has been attached to scripts iii)defects have been raised if discrepancies exist between actual and expected results. Ensuring inclusion onto mandatory reviewer lists for documentation (high level designs/functional specification/detailed design etc) prior to release into the public domain. Testing Siebel CRM applications and checking integration between data inputted within Siebel and various back end systems/data warehouses etc 12/2005 – 10/2006 Tiscali (previously Homechoice/Video Networks), SG1 1AL Job Title: Test Analyst Projects: Testing enhancements made to the Homechoice IPTV service via the Set Top Box (STB) – specifically, ensuring that broadcast channels could still be received when specific back office services are failing. Testing a web-based sales order channel for both bundled (TV, internet, telephony) and unbundled (internet only) services. Testing maintenance & emergency fixes for existing products released into the live environment. Achievements & Responsibilities: Using a Linux based in-house automated testing tool to measure the reliability of software builds against a baseline configuration. Providing guidance and suggestions on future software enhancements (via a development TWIKI/meetings/workshops etc) for in-house testing tools. Business readiness testing (BRT) for the web-based sales order channel. Simulating actual operations using the live environment to mimic "Day 1" (and onward) operations. Specifically, my input ensured i) customer services had enough knowledge to support the enhanced product set ii) the Siebel based ordering system had been successfully modified to take new orders, iii) fulfilment/despatch of new products met existing SLAs, iv) meaningful descriptions were added to bills for new products. Creating classifications for defect criticality and repair priority based upon IEEE Std 729-1983, to ensure i) all parties (Development/UAT/Project management) share a common understanding of the classifications and ii) Defect analysis - identifying root causes and trends within defects. Implementing the classifications within Test Director via administration access, whilst also making general process improvements to enhance the quality and output of testing. Developing spreadsheets which outline the order of execution for test cases (taking into consideration test environment constraints, pre-requisites for testcase execution, entry/exit criteria for individual testcases). Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. CV – Bobby Rai Providing test estimates, based upon both the quantity of testcases needed to meet pre-determined completion criteria and the amount of time/resources needed for test planning and execution. Liaising closely with project management; providing updates on test progress in relation to deadlines and milestones outlined within project plans (communicating deviations from the plan, unforeseen issues etc). Building test labs within Test Director for test cycles, whilst keeping track of version numbers for software builds/components used within each cycle. Chairing defect meetings involving development and UAT, with the aim of resolving contentious defects, ensuring adherence to fault tolerances etc. Creating daily status reports during test execution which outline the number of testcases passed/failed, defects opened/closed etc. Negative testing – terminating connections to various servers/network components to generate expected fault codes and messages. Ensuring testcases are mapped to requirements extracted from various documentation (functional/requirement/design specifications etc). Preparing test data on Siebel prior to test execution for various scenarios identified during test case creation. 01/2005 – 07/2005 Legal Services Commission, London, WC1X 8TX Job Title: Test Analyst Project: Testing an operating system upgrade (1300+ users) from Windows NT to XP. Achievements & Responsibilities: Testing both new & existing hardware/software for defects, security, compatibility issues and conflicts on a XP platform. Ensuring specific user profiles have the correct privileges and restrictions. Verifying whether actual behaviour matches expected behaviour after changes made to registry keys. Developing regression scripts via Mercury Winrunner, to be executed on a test environment after the implementation of new XP security patches and updates. Utilising both rapid & exploratory testing techniques to execute tests in a time- effective but structured manner. Acting as a backup resource for release management: using PVCS to release the correct version of code into various environments (Test/UAT/Production etc) Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. CV – Bobby Rai 01/2004 – 12/2004 Virgin Media (Previously NTL), Luton, LU2 9EX Job Title: Test Analyst Project: Testing the end-to-end accuracy (from switch/exchange sites  mediation  rating  billing) of data packets on the NTL network via the analysis of Caller Detail Records (CDR’s). Achievements & Responsibilities: Testing 3rd party hardware developed by which aimed to automatically generate CDR’s on the NTL network. Testing 3rd party web-interface developed by (upon an Oracle and Unix platform), which aimed to Mediate and Rate CDR’s generated by 3rd party hardware after pulling information from various data feeds and databases. Building a close & collaborative working relationship with Atio, Cartesian and IBM (who provided IT support to NTL) to ensure the project progressed as smooth as possible. Comparing CDR’s generated from 3rd party sources to CDR’s generated on the live NTL network with the intention of finding discrepancies and defects. Creating automated test scripts for execution on 3rd party hardware, using guidelines issued from OFCOM as a basis of requirements. Creating and maintaining an Incident Log which recorded non-operation of 3rd party hardware/software (to see if service level agreements were being met etc). Devising a list of enhancement requests to improve both 3rd party hardware & software which (upon approval from NTL senior management) would form part of future builds/releases/firmware updates etc. 11/2001 – 01/2004 Hewitt Associates, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 4UL Job Title: Test Analyst Project: Testing benefits packages (i.e critical illness insurance, private medical cover) for delivery to employees of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS). Creating functional specification documentation for benefits; subsequently used by development for coding purposes. Achievements & Responsibilities: Testing front-end interfaces with which RBS employees could elect benefits (web portals, graphical user interfaces and interactive voice response systems). Verifying whether front-end inputs have been successfully captured and stored within the back office (DB2 databases etc). Peer reviewing test scripts for content, completeness and correctness whilst making recommendations for improvement. Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. CV – Bobby Rai Training junior testers to develop test techniques (negative testing, equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis). Developing quantitative reports, based upon both RBS and internal requests through the use of relational databases and structured query language (SQL). Managing client requested change with website development teams based in the USA as part of User Acceptance Testing by RBS personnel. Testing batch processing jobs (payroll files etc) developed using JCL/SAS on IBM os/ 390 mainframes. Business Analysis - turning client requests for new benefits/changes to existing benefits into functional specification documentation. 07/1998 – 07/1999 Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, SW1H 0BG Job Title: Strategic Analyst (12 month Industrial Placement) Projects: Testing the Police Services first ever intranet prior to a phased roll-out. Data Analysis - Identifying emerging trends from a number of performance indicators relating to criminal activity. Achievements & Responsibilities: Testing both functional and non-functional attributes of a prototype intranet. Providing feedback on stylistic issues and aesthetics of intranet design. Turning large quantities of unprocessed data into precise and targeted information that would help senior management with decision making. Personal Profile I enjoy playing team sports such as football, cricket and tennis, and have recently started mountain bike riding and going on countryside walks. Within the next few months, I intend to start learning a second European language. During my spare time, I enjoy reading newspapers and journals such as The Economist and The Independent newspaper. References available on request Page 6 of 6