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Best Consumer Device CPE


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Best Consumer Device CPE

  1. 1. Awards Application Payment Details Please note that entries are £195 + vat per entry. Payment must be made before your entry will be submitted to the judges. Please charge my Credit Card: Visa MasterCard AMEX Diners Club Enclosed is a cheque made payable to Informa UK Ltd (PI0810) Card Number: _________________________________________________________________________ Expiry Date: __/__/__ C V V: _ _ _ (Last 3 digits on signature strip on back of credit card/ 4 digit number on front of AMEX cards) Card Holder’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Card Billing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Holder:______________________________________________ Date: ________________ Yes I agree that my card can be charged for the Awards Submission per below (£195 + VAT) Please return your completed form to
  2. 2. Name of Person Completing the Form: Company Address: Email Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Company you are nominating: _______________________________________ Company PR contact (inc name and email address): ________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Have you completed the credit card form above? Y/N Please return your completed form to
  3. 3. Best Consumer Device/CPE Recognizes excellence in consumer equipment, including the initial IP video receive equipment, screens & video consumption equipment, devices that can be paired directly with the initial receive equipment, devices that reside on a home network connected to the initial receive equipment, and devices that can be paired directly with equipment on the home network - provided in all cases that the video consumed is IP video routed to the consumer or home via a network connection. Any equipment in the home that does not receive its video content directly or indirectly via an IP network connection is excluded from this category. Thus devices playing hard media only, like a DVD player, do not qualify. 1. Describe the impact the new consumer device / CPE has had in its target market(s), which would involve factors like consumer uptake, competitive response and the degree to which it can be illustrated that the new service met the aims of the service provider introducing it (for example, reducing churn, increasing revenues etc) (400 words max) Best Consumer Device/CPE cont… 2. Describe the extent to which the consumer device / CPE is unique or innovative. (800 words max) Please return your completed form to
  4. 4. 3. The degree to which the marketplace needed, or was demanding, such a device/CPE. Evidence of this need could include consumer uptake or the existence of competitive offerings, or market research. (500 words max) Please return your completed form to