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  1. 1. Korea Tech Preview 2007 Product Preview CATEGORY: I. AUDIO & VIDEO KOTRA, Dallas October 17, 2007
  2. 2. Korea Tech Preview 2007 Category Contents   COMPANY PRODUCTS HOMEPAGE PAGE   AUDIO & VIDEO 1 ALBAS KOREA Co.Ltd. LCD TV 1 2 Bigson. Co. Ltd Tft lcd mobile video, portable dvd combo, 2 cctv monitors, ccd sensor camera 3 Digital STREAM Technology Inc. Photo Frame Antenna, Digital to Analog 3~4 Converter Box 4 GOLDWIN Co., Ltd. LCD TV 5 5 JOINON IP TV (Internet Protocol Television) 6 6 SDT Information Technology Co.Ltd HD Home Network Multimedia Player 7 7 Topfield Co. Ltd. Personal Video Recorder (64M), Set Top 8 Box 8 UBICOD Home Network Multimedia Player 9
  3. 3. ALBAS KOREA Co. Ltd. [IPTV] □ Product ● Main Feature  Interactive whiteboard power to PDP, offers instant usage on any windows screen  Supports pen, writing brush, highlighter and makers, expressed by pressure with WYWIWYG (What You Write Is What You Get) features.  Recorder all screen activity and audio as a digital video file  Supported by PBP and PIP features, viewing of two content sources feature  Supporting diverse array of AV systems for effective multi- media curriculum. □ Company Profile ● Company Name: ALBAS KOREA Co., Ltd. ● Website: ● Items: LCD TV 1
  4. 4. BIGSON BTC-1020D [Mobile DVD player] □ Product ● Main Feature  Playback System(DVD,VCD,SVCD,CD-DA,CD-R/RW.MP3)  Built-in FM Transmitter (Available Frequency : 88.0 ~ 90.0 MHz) & TV tuner  Screen Swivel (Left 220˚. Right 90˚), Built-in IR Transmitter for Wireless Headphones  Resolution: 800(RGB) x 480(V)  Screen Size: Available 10.2” & 9.2” TFT LCD □ Company Profile ● Company Name: BIGSON. CO., LTD ● Web site: www. 2
  5. 5. ● Items: AV Products: flip down monitor with DVD, Mobile DVR (1CH with mirror type, 4CH), TFT LCD Monitor, PMP Digital Stream [Photo-Frame Antenna] □ Product ● Main Feature ☞ HDTV Indoor Antenna hidden in stylish photo frame that holds 5 x 7 inch photo.  Optimized for receiving HDTV signal including both UHF and VHF reception  Low noise and high gain in weak signal area  Landscape or portrait orientation with table mount or wall hanger □ Company Profile ● Company Name: Digital Stream Technology Inc. 3
  6. 6. ● Website: ● Items: ATSC Built-in Module/Digital-to-Analog HD/SD Set Top Box/HD Stream Player. igital Stream [Digital-to-Analog Converter Box] □ Product ● Main Feature ☞ Enjoy free-to-air Digital broadcasting in your Analog TV  Meets NTIA technical standards  Meet Energy Star requirement (Lower than 1W at Standby mode )  Cost-effective ATSC off-air receiver  Supports All 18 ATSC formats  Simple EPG, Easy-to-use, User-Friendly UI/OSD  CH3/4 RF Output, CVBS/LR Output  RoHS Compliance 4
  7. 7.  Integrated SMPS □ Company Profile ● Company Name: Digital Stream Technology ● Website: ● Items: ATSC Built-in Module/Digital-to-Analog HD/SD Set Top Box/HD Stream Player Goldwin [LCD TV] □ Product ● Main Feature ☞ GOLDWIN is specialized in LCD TV. To be competitive in the potential LCD TV market, Goldwin is now devoting its effort to raise quality & price competitiveness by well-experienced professional team with the excellent technologies which help develop new type & functional LCD TV.  Monitor type design  3D-Comb filter  Motion Adaptive De-interlace(3D) 5
  8. 8.  Noise reduction  Compatible all Digital Format (HDMI,COMPONENT,D-SUB)  Teletext (TOP/FLOP,250page memory)  Contrast Ratio 800:1 □ Company Profile ● Company Name: Goldwin Co., Ltd. ● Web site: ● Items: LCD TV JoinOn [Internet Protocol Television] Product ● Main Feature ☞ A system where a digital television service is delivered by using Internet Protocol over a network infrastructure  Provided in conjunction with Video on Demand  Enable to be bundled with Internet services such as Web access and VoIP 6
  9. 9. □ Company Profile ● Company Name: JoinOn ● Website: ● Items: IPTV, Digital Signage, LCD TV Euraka-LX351HD [HD Home Network Multimedia Player] □ Product ● Main Feature 7
  10. 10. ☞ Enjoy DIVX with HD quality, powered by NDAS – Network Direct Attached Storage  Wired or wireless connection to Eureka HD as external hard disk device  Digital HD File Playback – maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixel  Supporting updated CODEC like HD (tp, trp, ts), WMV9, MPEG1/2, Divx, Xvid  DVD Juke box function – accurate playback of DVD titles copied from the originals  Digital HD in auto-mode – bookmark function, selected-range replay function □ Company Profile ● Company Name: SDT Information Technology Co., Ltd. ● Website: ● Items: Wireless Networking Routers and Components TOPFEILD Co., Ltd. [Digital Television Receiver] □ Product High Definition Digital PVR Digital PVR with Wireless LAN High Definition Digital Receiver with CI ● Main Feature ☞ TOPFIELD brings you higher level of your video standard. 8
  11. 11.  Fully DVB compliant, and Playback of your favorite channel  Dual Recording with Twin tuner, and Playback of recorded programs  PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function, and Multimedia file(XviD) Playback  Scheduling timer recording by using EPG (Electronic Program Guide)  Parental lock facility by service and program event  MP3 Playback  Trick System (Super high & low Speed playback X2, X4, X6, etc.)  Bookmark & Skip System (Playback of repeat your favorite part) □ Company Profile ● Company Name: TOPFIELD Co., Ltd. ● Web site: ● Items: Digital Set Top Box, Digital Personal Video Recorder UTV Bono Lite [Home Network Multimedia Player] Product ● Main Feature ☞ Enjoy your own contents at anytime and anywhere 9
  12. 12.  ATSC receiver : watch HD digital TV channels  Place-shift function: watch TV programs in your home via Internet  Media center: Watch movies or photos (media files) on PC through Big screen TV  Home Viewer: see inside of home via Internet □ Company Profile ● Company Name: Ubicod Co. Ltd ● Website: ● Items: Media player with ATSC tuner 10