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Application Form


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Application Form

  1. 1. Open IPTV Forum Application Form (Send to: Date: ______________________ Company Information Company Name Address Homepage URL http:// Main Area of Business Telecom Carriers (Select one) Service / Contents Providers Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Network Products Manufacturers Home Network Product Manufactures Hardware / Software Technology Providers Other (specify): Annual Revenue Number of Employees Application Contact Information Contact Name Title Address (if different from above) Phone Number Fax Number E-Mail Address Application Form v. 1.0 Page 1
  2. 2. Participation within the Open IPTV Forum Companies that are commercially active in the IPTV area and that are committed to actively contribute towards the Forum objectives and technology directions are welcome. Also, member companies will be expected to contribute adequate staff expertise to the key working groups in order to drive the Forum work forward towards our goal. Please state your company’s current commercial activities in the IPTV area. Please state the projected areas of contribution to the Open IPTV Standard. Please state how much expert resources could be contributed to the Forum activities. Application Form v. 1.0 Page 2
  3. 3. Application Form v. 1.0 Page 3