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  1. 1. Email: Ph: (+55) 11-9264-1268 (+55) 33- 3235-2023 Pankaj Kumar Skill Set:- • Platforms: Motorola , Nokia, Lucent , Nortel,Huawei,UTStarcom,Cisco • Motorola CBSC, Nokia DX200, Access point,UTStarcom, Inc. FMC,iCBSC,mSwitch,IPTV • Test Management – Unit test, SIT, performance testing, defect management and solution implementation • EVDO Network Management – Integration, testing EVDO NW Elements • EVDO - BSS OA&M involves Huawei BSC & BTS Equipments (Solaris 8 / Oracle) • Understanding cell site planning, frequency reuse and QOS • CDMA-1X– Implementation, Testing & Upgrade of CBSC Elements. Includes Motorola CBSC & BTS, Cisco Routers, switches & MGX. • Lucent Switch - Lucent’s 5ESS, Lucent’s Autoplex Flexent, ECP &DCS (CDMA). • Nortel Switch- DMS-100/250 Switch Translations • GSM – OMC-R,BSS(Solaris 2.5.1 / Informix) • Tuning of BSS parameters – Hopping, Handovers, Power control. • Protocols & Signaling - CCS7,SIP,H.323,MGCP,MF,V5.2, R-2 MFC, Q-931 (ISDN) • Programs/Packages -Visio 2002 Professional, MS Office , MapInfo • Expertise in Macro Cell Planning, Design, Optimization • CDMA PN planning, PN verifications, RF Call Trace, OCNS Loading. • CTP (Motorola Call Trace Product), CAT (Call Trace Analysis) tools for call tracing and for measurement reports to investigate TA, Path Balancing, and Cell Overreach problems. • TCP/IP ,DNS,PPP, DHCP, X25 , Frame Relay, ATM • LAN/WAN Tools:Ethereal,Sniffer • Solaris 2.5.1 Administration / Informix DBA, Solstice Disksuite, Veritas, Linux Administration • CW tests, Model tuning, Predictions, C/I, C/A plots, Frequency planning using PLANET. • Routing Protocols : OSPF,RIP,BGP,PPP,SNMP,VLAN • Other Tools: MapInfo, TEMS, ASSET, Viper, Nitro, etc. • Optimization Tools - CAIT, SMAP & Actix Analyzer (Post Processing tool), Planet (GSM), TEMS, Grayson, Agilent • CELLPLANNER V 3.4(ERICSSON) planning Tool. • TEMS Investigation, 3.2, 5.0, 5.1 (Ericsson) for GSM RF Drive test. • Agilent 6473 Drive Test (Agilent) • FICS (File Information Conversion System(Ericsson) • GPS 12 XL, GPS 72 (Garmin). • Site Mapper,Anritsu Site Master • NET PLAN (MOTOROLA) • NOKIA NETACT PLANNING TOOL,MapInfo 5.0, 6.0. Professional Experience UTStarcom, Inc.Brazil (Feb’06-till date) Technical Leader Technical team leader who provide the expertise to the local GSSI team. Responsible to setup the field trials, deployments of IPTV, Soft switch & moving media-2000 solutions. • Currently supporting the IPTV platform in Brasilia for Latin America's Customers. Developing new procedures and practices for the deployment of IPTV systems across Latin America. Key person to install, integrate, commission the IPTV Platform in Brazil Telecom. • Involvement with UTSTAR’s Softswitch, FMC, IPTV & CDMA solutions field trials. Guide the installations, commissioning & evaluation of UTStarcom, Inc. products. • Worked closely with IP Technologies, Data Management, and developement, Testing & Sales team to ensure smooth & Successful Deployment. Huawei Tech Brazil-TSD (May’05-Feb’06) (RF Engineer)
  2. 2. Email: Ph: (+55) 11-9264-1268 (+55) 33- 3235-2023 A Key Member of TSD Group, responsible for Planning, Design, implementattion & Support of Huawei CDMA EVDO/1X Networks. • Supervised& Guide the installations, commissioning & evaluation of Huawei BSS (EVDO) Systems. Trials. Participate in site technical visits to identify RF equipment locations and antenna orientation, Setting BTS parameters, Analyze network performance data, Verify RF related site engineering drawings, Perform site build verification and acceptance, Generate RF engineering related reports as required. • Perform system dimensioning tasks, including traffic analysis as required, Perform RF planning related GIS work as required, Analyze RF equipment specifications, Perform RF network design, planning and optimization activities as required, Perform Frequency planning and interference analysis, Generate site search area maps, Seek to gain a good knowledge of the mobile radio propagation aspects and prediction models. • Perform propagation model tuning, Assess and procure planning databases; topography, morphology and demography, Assessment of planning tools. Supervise & guide the Drive testing team for CW and modulated signal measurement. Train RF engineers as required in setting up drive test equipment and calibrating test equipment. Analysis of the field collected data, generating the required documentation and reports. • Traffic trending and analysis for a dynamic, multicarrier CDMA network, capacity planning and implementation. Work together with the network operations technicians in identification and reparation of chronic problems. • Proactive network problem solving utilizing site statistics, field drive data, and customer feedback to enhance networks. Daily reporting to RF manager of trends and problem.CDMA network and site design to meet the goals of the market/company. Working with the development group in site selection, technical representation in public hearings for new sites, and site integration into live networks. Motorola Brazil -CBSC Engineer (Jan’05-Apr’05) (On Contract)  In brief, duties include providing technical support to client’s 1x CDMA system. Implementations testing and activation of new features for Motorola RAN N/W on customer requests. The scope of work includes CBSC Upgrade, integration, expansion, and network maintenance of CDMA N/W, which include Motorola’s BTS (CBTS&PBTS), CBSC and Motorola’s switch. Perform Software/Hardware upgrade of Motorola’s CBSC from Rel: 16.1 to Rel: 16.4.1.This includes various NE upgrade OMC-R, UNO, OMC-IP, CAT & MGX, MM & SDU. Motorola India( Mar’04-Dec’04) CDMA System Engineer  Core Member of Motorola FOA Group responsible for testing of Wireless Features, making recommendations for improvements in network and ensuring that software features provided meets customer objectives and specifications. Areas of Expertise are: • Provided support for Packetisation (Ckt. to PKT conversion), Upgrade of CBSC & BTS Sites. Well versed with the EBR to IBR conversion of BTS & Integration of PKT BTS with CBSC. • Led a team to perform test & integrate MM2.MM2 is the latest Mobility manager platform capable of providing 6000 erlang traffic. Participated in EVDO Beta trials in India. Integrated the EVDO functionality with the existing CBSC using additional H/W & S/W.Responsible to demonstrated the EVDO Features & complete the acceptance testing of EVDO network elements. • Make recommendations to improve dropped calls, handoffs failures, blocking after Analyze UNO traffic and system performance reports. Analyze data for hand-off, coverage or interference problems and report back to account team. Using drive test data switch logs and input from RF engineers and field personnel, look at ways to improve existing coverage. Well versed with RF parameters & analysis for Motorola’s Radio Network Planning, Tuning & Handover parameters. • Proactive network problem solving utilizing site statistics, field drive data, and customer feedback to enhance networks. Traffic trending and analysis for a dynamic, multicarrier CDMA network, capacity planning and implementation. Work together with the network operations technicians in identification and reparation of chronic problems. Nutek (I) Pvt. Ltd.-India(Apr’01-Feb’04) RF Team Leader RF Design & Planning Work: • Involved in all aspects in RF design, planning, implementation, optimization, and traffic engineering for an AMR FR /HR Dual Band GSM GPRS cellular mobile network. • Use Planet EV 4.1 for new sites coverage, capacity and frequency planning with AFP and IFP
  3. 3. Email: Ph: (+55) 11-9264-1268 (+55) 33- 3235-2023 • Assist teams to generate predictions on planning tool to monitor different analysis layers like best server, best serving sector,C/I,C/A,Worst and Best carrier etc & create different type of outputs like Traffic Maps, Neighbor Plan, Interference Matrix, BSIC Plan etc. • Apply MapBasic GSM applications and different other techniques in MapInfo 8 to perform manual frequency & neighbor planning • Drive testing & analysis of CW data (Propagation Model Tuning) of cities to obtain tuned value of Planet general model coefficients, & Clutter coefficients (Clutter absorption losses) values with minimized RMS and mean error using Planet EV 4.1 using AMT (Automatic Model Tuner). • Supervise teams to carry out RF Site Surveys for acquiring new Macro and Micro cell sites for BSNL. • Involved in indoor RF design & planning activities and re-design and relocation of sites. RF Optimization Work: • Monitor Statistics of Quality of Service (QoS) indicators like CDR, HSR, CSSR, Call establishment failure, TCH and SDCCH blocking, Neighbor relationship inconsistencies, handover distribution, UL and DL BER, Call drop distribution, interference analysis etc. to meet required Key Performance indicators (KPIs) standards and troubleshoot hardware related issues • Fine-tuning of parameters associated with Uplink & Downlink Power control on RxQuality and Rxlevel basis to enhance power control efficiency of AMR FR/HR and EFR • Implemented directed retry, Automatic cell tiering, and Traffic handover features to reduce interference and blocking in network. • Lead RF Teams to carry out Drive testing using Ericsson TEMS 5.1 both on routine basis as well as for resolving specific issues such as Co-channels, faulty/inadequate neighbors, and low transmit power, external interference, and power control window optimization, hardware related issues e.t.c • Assist teams to perform BSS Parameters audit on routine basis to improve network overall performance. • Using TEMS Deskcat 5.2 & MapInfo 7.8 for post processing and analysis of drive test data. • Optimize parameters related to AMR FR /HR Codec mode usage, FR and HR Priority, AMR Power control and AMR handovers for different environments. • Creation of Methods and Procedures relating to optimization, RF and network system monitoring and troubleshooting. • Improve power budget handovers up to 70 % by optimizing parameters related Rxqual, Rxlev, distance, power budget handover and Traffic HO. • Optimizing parameters involved in traffic balancing on dual band cells for capturing more than 80% traffic on 1800 TRX and removing blocking on 900 TRX. • Monitor paging load on BSC and cell level for LAC & BSC dimensioning using Nortel tool. Lucent support Engineer (Apr’99-Mar’01) (On Contract) Projects: 1. Job Assignment (6 months), in Saudi Arabia with Saudi telecom 2. Worked for Telephonica (6 months) in San Salvador to provide maintenance, support and training on Gateway switch (Lucent 5ESS Autoplex System). 3. On Contract (1 year) with Lucent Tech for Local / Toll Project in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for Local Operator Telemar. Responsibilities: • Actively involved in System Testing & Integration (Hardware & Software).Expertise in Implementations and testing of new features for system on customer requests. • Expertise in Software/Generic updates for all the 5ess CDMA Network Elements. Expertise in Translation that applicable to Call Routing, Roaming, Cell sites & RF parameters. • Provided support for growth of new hardware and software in the switch, which includes growth of SM’s and related peripherals in 5ESS and new growth activities in Autoplex System • Analyze network performance reports, and give recommendations for improving overall network system performance statistic. Tools used were Lucent proprietary SPAT, SPA and clarity tool for 5ESS • Integration of Modular/Series II/Micro cells, retrofit implementation for ECP and 5ESS switches & providing technical hands on training to customer on need basis. • Technical acceptance and preliminary performance monitoring for 3 Autoplex 1000 (TDMA) systems’s and First point of contact to the customer for resolving technical problems. Analyze switching complexes for unnecessary/corrupt data fill, outdated software loads, and correct engineering parameters. Coordinate fix actions with the engineering staff. • Actively involved in the following activities:
  4. 4. Email: Ph: (+55) 11-9264-1268 (+55) 33- 3235-2023 - RC/V activities for Routing, Translation, Subscriber Functionality, Trunk Growth. - Software Updates Application and feature Testing of various Subscriber Features on PSTN - Efficiently utilizing different 5E-CTS tools for problem resolution. Nutek (I) Pvt. Ltd.-India-(Mar’96 – Mar’99) (GSM Engineer)  Installation, commissioning and Maintenance of GSM Network elements from Nokia NSS switching subsystems, MSC, HLR & VLR. Implementation of CCS7 signaling, Routing, Number planning, Digit Analysis and PSTN Engineering. Responsible for expansion of Switch Capacity and Hardware, Retrofits Change Note implementation. Software upgrades in MSC. • Actively involved in integration, commissioning and Expansions of MSCi and HLRi. Integration of SGSN network element of GPRS to Nokia MSC / HLR, Network optimization work. Switch Planning Data building for the Nokia GSM network, Integrating NMS2000, SMSC, VMS and IN to Nokia MSC / HLR. Building SS7 signaling network, Building the Routing configurations. Network NSS Parameter changes implementation & trouble shooting for Network NSS problems and Emergency support. • Conducted deployment and upgrade of 5ESS Equipments across different sites in India for OSPS project. Key member within a specialized team specifically tasked to meet Lucent's Y2K rollout commitments. Engineering consultant for software updates, systems growth, retrofits planning. Extra Informations ∗ English and Portuguese: very good, Spanish: regular,French:Learning ∗ database: Oracle, SQL,mysql & Informix; Courses & Training:  AT&T O&M for 5ess OSPS Switch – Madras  Lucent Installation and Maintenance of Any media access System – Brazil  Lucent Advanced Training for Retrofit --Bangalore  Motorola Training on Basic CDMA Concepts– Hyderabad  Motorola Training on Basic SC Family Products– Hyderabad  Huawei Advanced Training on EVDO Products – Brazil  Nortel DMS 100 Family Technical Overview – NJ (USA)  Nortel DMS100/250 Complex Translations – NJ (USA)  UTStarcom Soft switch Overview – Sao Paulo, Brazil  UTStarcom Moving-Media 2000 Overview – Sao Paulo, Brazil