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1. Opening of the meeting.doc


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1. Opening of the meeting.doc

  1. 1. Report of CJK 9th NGN-WG Meeting April 10, 2007 1. Opening of the meeting The 9th CJK NGN-WG meeting was held at Jeju, Korea on April 9 and 10, 2007. We had a participation of 29 from CCSA (7), TTC(7), and TTA(15). It was chaired by Mr. Taesang CHOI of TTA, with Ms. Duo LIU of CCSA and Mr. Naotaka MORITA of TTC as vice chair persons. 2. Approval of the Agenda The agenda given by CJK_NGN_9_001r1 was approved. 3. Document list and allocation Annex A to the meeting report shows the document list and its arrangement at this meeting. All documents are available at the web site below. 4. Status Report of ITU-T FG IPTV Ad-hoc Group
  2. 2. CJK_NGN_9_017: Activities of CJK Editing Team for FG-IPTV Mr. Imanaka (TTC) summarized the achievement of CJK editing activities on IPTV documents so far. He also proposed a table that shows which Questions and SGs should be assigned for FG IPTV deliverables for creating subsequent Recommendations. The meeting well recognized its purpose with modifications and agreed the following: 1) If joint contributions are ready before the meeting, the meeting supports to submit them to FG IPTV meeting in May 2) For the assignment mapping table, submit it as a preliminary material to IPTV JCA for further discussion. The modified mapping table is attached in Annex B. 3) For July meeting contribution preparation, the meeting agreed to continue the discussion on a e-mail reflector of the IPTV Ad-hoc group Regarding the IPTV architecture, CCSA informed their ongoing activity how to harmonized two functional architectures for IPTV, which are currently on the table. 5. Technical Discussions on IPTV Issues CJK_NGN_9_005: Multimedia Multicast Session Management Web Service Mr. Kum (TTA) proposed initiating a study on “Multimedia Multicast Session Management Web Service”, which allows for a third party to control a multicast session, its members, and channel presence information via open interface based on web service. He illustrated several interesting example services such as community TV, scheduled T-Learning, Caller-ID on TV, etc. It can be useful for IPTV value added service providers and mobile IPTV service providers. There were good discussions regarding the relationship between the proposal and the NGN and IPTV architecture. After lengthy discussion, the meeting recognized Mr. Kum’s proposal and other’s opinions to be a basis for further investigation on this issue. CJK_NGN_9_015: Mobile IPTV over wireless networks in NGN Mr. Park (TTA) described his intention to propose establishing a new question on mobile IPTV over wireless networks for NGN in ITU-T SG13 and seek the support
  3. 3. from the CJK members. Discussions on the scope of the proposed work and its relationship with the existing mobility work in the ITU-T SGs such as SG19 were made. After extensive discussion, the meeting generally agreed the importance of the work and there were no particular objections to the proposal of establishing a new question dealing with the identified issues. The meeting suggested that the analysis of the possible gaps or missing capabilities would be helpful to identify and initiate specific study items. CJK_NGN_9_010: Questions of NGN Release documents Ms. Liu (CCSA) presented various issues and questions regarding NGN Release2 capabilities and their scope, the complexity of R1 FRA and its relationship with R2 FRA, the speed of NGN protocol standards development, and the progression of R2 documents. She asked NGN-WG members, especially SG13 management team members, to provide their view on this. Mr. Morita (TTC) and Mr. LEE (TTA) who are the vice chairmen of the SG13 gave their opinions regarding these questions as follows:  The scope of R2 includes the mobility and streaming services  Which documents belong to R1 or R2 will be clarified at the end of this study period.  The FRA document is the base of further architecture documents. New architecture documents could be developed separately and also could be possible to modify the current FRA document if some new FEs are general.  The speed of signaling protocols development is not satisfactory, so the new structure of next period is very important for coordinating the different stages ranging from requirements to signaling.  Each document and contribution should propose the future work to be done clearly such as stage 1, stage2, or stage3.  There may be two more NGN-GSI meetings and at least one is together with Working Party meetings in order to consent some documents after the next January SG13 plenary meeting The meeting agreed that the next study period issue should be discussed among CJK, such as study areas, structure, and working methods. CJK_NGN_9_004: Clarification for IPTV functions Mr. Kim (TTA) analyzed functional architectures of NGN and IPTV. He proposed that IPTV Functions should be aligned with NGN functions which enable to build a single
  4. 4. service platform to cover multiple services. The effort was appreciated by the meeting. Further discussion and coordination will be continued via e-mail discussion within FG IPTV ad-hoc. CJK_NGN_9_012: The discussion IPTV works in the ITU-T SG13 Mr. Xu (CCSA) raised an issue about the interaction of NACF with application support functions and service support functions. The meeting noted for the importance of the proposed issue and agreed to take it to be a basis for further investigation. The meeting suggested referring to the relevant SDO’s documents for a starting point. CJK_NGN_9_003: WG4 output documents with related document in the last CJK NGN meeting Ms. Liu (CCSA) described issues and suggestion on the alignment between two working documents in FG IPTV WG4 for the consistency. The meeting clearly recognized the issue and expected to be solved by the close collaboration among relevant experts. Some remarks were made that the discussion should be done in a productive manner and respect agreements once they were reached. Cooperation sprit was well taken by the relevant experts. CJK_NGN_9_002, 016, 018: Proposal of Extension for FG IPTV Activities Ms. Liu (CCSA) and Mr. Imanaka (TTC) proposed cooperation of the extension of FG-IPTV activity which was proposed to ITU-T SG13 meeting in April and in IPTV JCA to progress the ongoing work. The proposals were the result of extensive e-mail discussion before the meeting. The meeting unanimously agreed the proposal. 6. Joint Session between NGN-WG & N-ID-WG for USN Issue N-ID_9_007: A standardization initiative on Ubiquitous Sensor Network During the management team meeting before the NGN-WG meeting, NGN-WG and N-ID WG agreed to have a joint meeting on USN issue due to the common interest. During this meeting, Mr. Kim (TTA) presented various USN issues which include major technical aspects such as USN management, QoS, accounting and billing, security, directory service, etc. There were extensive discussions on various aspects of the proposal. Due to the nature of overlapping issues, the meeting agreed to proceed this study by both NGN and N-ID WGs jointly. Contributions are invited on this topic.
  5. 5. 7. Technical Discussions on Multicast Issues CJK_NGN_9_012: Proposal for initiating new NGN Work on Multicast Architecture Mr. Lee (TTA) presented the proposal for initiating a new work on multicast architecture including multicast capability in NGN service stratum on behalf of the contributor. The proposal was submitted as a contribution to ITU-T SG13 meeting in April. There were lengthy discussions on the relationship between the proposal and transport multicast. Since the contributor was absent, clarifications were requested such as consistency with transport multicast and its service assumed. The meeting agreed to discuss it further at the CJK NGN-WG ad-hoc meeting on April 15 in Geneva. 8. Technical Discussions on CJK NGN Test-bed Issues CJK_NGN_9_007 and 008: Status Report and Proposal for Next Steps of Test-bed Activities from CCSA Ms. Zhang (CCSA) introduced the successful results of the first phase of the CJK test- bed activity. Scenarios 2 and 4 were performed. Before going into the next step, she asked the confirmation of the necessity of remaining test scenarios and possible priority of the scenarios. CJK_NGN_9_020: Status Report and Next Steps of Test-bed Activities from TTA Mr. Choi (TTA) showed some examples of detailed test results and also proposed next steps on the testing activities. SDOs currently involved in the test will further discuss the next testing scenarios, testing items, and specific testing schedules through e-mail discussions. The current testing is based on the Call Server model, however, the meeting also recognized the interest of IMS-based testing by all SDOs and encourage them to bring their decisions on the possibility of joining the testing by the next CJK NNG-WG meeting.
  6. 6. CJK_NGN_9_014: Proposal for CJK NGN IPTV Testbed Setup Mr. Hwang (TTA) introduced their activities on IPTV testing and proposed to setup testing collaboration over the CJK NGN test-bed. The meeting recognized the importance of the testing but some clarifications were requested regarding the schedule, the scope of working items, the rationale of international IPTV testing, and some other technical issues such as the meaning of SIP-based IPTV. The proposal was appreciated by the meeting. The meeting generally agreed to consider further on the issue and suggested to bring contributions incorporating the comments made to future meetings. 9. Technical Discussions on Beyond NGN Release 1 Issues CJK_NGN_9_011: The Candidate of the NGN FPBN – PTDN (Public Telcom Data Network ) Mr. Xu (CCSA) presented information about NGN Future Packet Based Network – Public Telecommunications Data Network. This presentation was made as a follow-up of the previous meeting request. Clarifications on some issues such as the meaning of universal network edge providing separation of Internal Network” from “External Network” and comprehensive specification of major interfaces were made. The meeting appreciated for information and agreed to study further on the issue inside CJK. More contributions are also invited. CJK_NGN_9_013: IPv6 based NGN Mr. Park (TTA) presented the objectives, definition, scope, requirements, functional architecture, and relationship with other networks of IPv6 based NGN. He also emphasized that the study direction was slightly modified from “Impacts of IPv6 into NGN” to “IPv6 based NGN” for the sake of easier understanding. According to the request from TTA, the meeting agreed to treat the issue identified by the contribution as a major item to be discussed in CJK NGN-WG ad-hoc meeting on April 15 in Geneva. CJK_NGN_9_021: Current situation of standardization study in Japan Mr. Imanaka (TTC) provided the latest information of standardization activities in Japan including a new structure to promote home networking study. The meeting appreciated the provided information.
  7. 7. 10. Discussions on CJK Cooperation and Position on the Mission of the SG13 Next Study Period CJK_NGN_9_023: Proposal regarding upgrade of CJK capabilities Mr. Lee (TTA) proposed a working method to improve in standard activity of CJK. The main proposal was to produce white papers as working document of our cooperation efforts for the CJK internal use only. He also proposed some initial study items. The meeting agreed the proposal in principle. In terms of the study item selection the meeting recommended to discuss it further over e-mail reflector which will be lead by Mr. Lee. The decisions are planned to be made by the next CJK NGN- WG meeting. During the discussion, it was also recognized that other SDO’s were seeking synergy effect to create common IMS, which may have influence to CJK NGN activity. The meeting agreed to have further consideration among CJK. CJK_NGN_9_009: SG13 mission for the next study period Mr. Lee (TTA) presented a proposal to SG13 meeting in April. It encouraged consideration of the mission of SG13. It proposed introduction of a new phrase to express the vision of the next study period, i.e., “Next Generation Ubiquitous Networking”. The meeting appreciated the input and agreed to start the creation of the mission statement based on the proposal. 11. New Management Team From the next meeting, the following new management team was agreed. Chair person: Naotaka MORITA of TTC Vice chair person: Heyuan XU of CCSA Vice chair person: Taesang CHOI of TTA 12. Future meeting plan Regarding ad hoc level, the next NGN-WG ad-hoc meeting will be held at ITU-T building in Geneva, from 9:00 to 12:00 on Sunday, April 15th of 2007 chaired by Mr.
  8. 8. Naotaka MORITA (to be confirmed). The second ad hoc may take place depending on the results of the first ad hoc in Geneva. From TTC, contributions 28, 82, 83 and 84 were proposed to be discussed. IPTV ad-hoc meeting will be held at Bled, Slovenia before the next FG IPTV meeting. Regarding the WG level, the 10th NGN-WG meeting will be held hosted by CCSA in China on 17th 19th October 2007. Confirmation should be made with FGIPTV schedule. The 11th NGN-WG meeting will be held hosted by TTC in Japan, in Spring 2008. It may be in conjunction with CJK plenary. 13. Closure of the meeting The chairman gave his thanks to all participants. Thanks a lot to contributors and the leaders on each group. And special thanks to TTA for its excellent local arrangements. -------------------
  9. 9. Annex A. The 9th CJK NGN WG Meeting Documents N DOCUME SOURC DESCRIPTION FILE O NT E 1 001 TTA Draft Agenda CJK_NGN_9_001 2 002 CCSA FG IPTV proposal CJK_NGN_9_002 3 003 CCSA WG4 output documents CJK_NGN_9_003 4 004 TTA Clarification for IPTV Functions CJK_NGN_9_004 5 005 TTA Multimedia Multicast Session Management Web Service CJK_NGN_9_005 6 006 TTA Mobile IPTV and Wireless Implication for NGN CJK_NGN_9_006 7 007 CCSA Status Report of Test-bed from CCSA CJK_NGN_9_007 8 008 CCSA Feasibility Analysis and Proposal for next phases test CJK_NGN_9_008 9 009 TTA SG13 mission for the next study period CJK_NGN_9_009 10 010 CCSA Questions of NGN Release documents CJK_NGN_9_010 11 011 CCSA The Candidate of the NGN FPBN——PTDN(Public CJK_NGN_9_011 Telcom Data Network) 12 012 CCSA The discussion IPTV works in the ITU-T SG13 CJK_NGN_9_012 13 013 TTA IPv6 based NGN CJK_NGN_9_013 14 014 TTA Proposal for CJK NGN IPTV Testbed Setup CJK_NGN_9_014 15 015 TTA Mobile IPTV over Wireless Networks in NGN CJK_NGN_9_015 16 016 TTC Proposal of cooperation for FG-IPTV extension in SG13 CJK_NGN_9_016 17 017 TTC Activities of CJK editing team for FG-IPTV documents CJK_NGN_9_017 18 018 TTC Proposal of cooperation in IPTV-JCA CJK_NGN_9_018 19 019 TTC Japanese contributions in SG13 CJK_NGN_9_019 20 020 TTA CJK NGN Test-bed Activity Testing Screenshots and CJK_NGN_9_020 Next Steps 21 021 TTC Current situation of standardization study in Japan CJK_NGN_9_021 22 022 TTA Proposal for initiating new NGN Work on Multicast CJK_NGN_9_022 Architecture 23 023 TTA Modified proposal regarding upgrade of CJK CJK_NGN_9_023 capabilities (Updated document of CJK7_014)
  10. 10. Annex B. Candidate of Target Q/SGs for FG-IPTV Deliverables WG Current Draft Draft Title Candidate of Target Q/SG 1 FG IPTV-DOC-0060 Working Document: IPTV Service Requirements Q2/13 1 FG IPTV-DOC-0062 Working document: IPTV Architecture Q3/13 1 FG IPTV-DOC-0055 Working Document: IPTV service scenarios [Note1] Q1/13, (Q8/13) 2 FG IPTV-DOC-0063 Working document: Quality of Experience Q4/13, SG12, SG9 Requirements for IPTV 2 FG IPTV-DOC-0064 Working document: Traffic Management Q4/13 Mechanism for the Support of IPTV Services 2 FG IPTV-DOC-0065 Working document: Application layer reliability Q4/13,SG16 solutions for IPTV 2 FG IPTV-DOC-0066 Working document: Performance monitoring for Q4/13 IPTV 3 FG IPTV-DOC-0067 Working document: IPTV Security Aspects Q15/13 4 FG IPTV-DOC-0068 Working Document: IPTV Network Control Aspects Q3/13, SG11 5 FG IPTV-DOC-0069 Working Document: Aspects of IPTV End Systems SG16, SG9 6 FG IPTV-DOC-0070 Working Document: IPTV Middleware, Application SG16 and Content Platforms Note 1: The scope and title of the IPTV service scenario document should be aligned.