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04 Jean-Pierre TEMIM..


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04 Jean-Pierre TEMIM..

  1. 1. The Home Network, a new expansion field for Telcos Jean-Pierre Temime France Telecom Group Technology Division France Telecom – Technology Division
  2. 2. Orange is present in the Home Network… Through 3 major components  The Livebox for the Internet Broadband Access  Access Management  Flow distribution (Wi-Fi, PLC)  The Set Top Box for Video Services  Standard Bouquet (~40 channels)  Premium Channels  Video On Demand  Interactive Services  The Home Network Manager (under study) to help the customer A multiscreen Interface ?  Device Management Which form factor? A Portal ? A Device ?  Content Management A Remote Control ? A Software ? France Telecom – Technology Division 2
  3. 3. The Orange Home Network Ecosystem PC World CE World 1. Livebox and Set Top Box 2. Labelled devices and 1 accessories Livebox 3. Simplified customer 2 experience Set-up box 4. Three-screen 3 availability TV, PC, Mobile Home Manager 5. Orange Services TV World Voice world France Telecom – Technology Division 3
  4. 4. The Home Networks will enrich ORANGE TV “Watch/Listen your PC contents on TV/Hifi” “Store your files (TV, music, video,…) and enjoy it from any device connected” VOIP REMOTE ACCESS “Access your home Livebox contents remotely” Mini / Ultimate UNIK INTERNET “Watch enhanced TV Liveradio on wifi mobile” “Watch TV on PC” “Simple & intuitive interface to manage & use digital contents on any devices Home Manager France Telecom – Technology Division 4
  5. 5. FT Home Network Strategy Orange Services Three-screen availability Orange Music TV, PC, Mobile Livebox and Set Top Box Orange Photo service Remote access to Home The Livebox for the Orange TV Network content Internet Broadband Access HD TV on Set Top Box Content sharing Access Management HQ Voice P2P services Flow distribution (Wi-Fi, PLC) The Set Top Box for Video Services Standard Bouquet (~40 channels) Premium Channels Video On Demand Interactive Services Simplified customer experience Simple connectivity (Wi-Fi, PLC) Labelled devices and Simple management of accessories connected devices and Digital photo frame, content : Home Network Manager (under study) Liveradio, Device Management Storage devices, … Content Management Partnerships France Telecom – Technology Division 5
  6. 6. From a PC network to an Audiovisual Network  A new generation of communicating devices is appearing on the market  Game consoles first  TV set, Digital camera, Hard Disk Drive  DVD player, DVR  Sensors, cameras, healthcare devices  What else? Washing machine?... France Telecom – Technology Division 6
  7. 7. Points to be watched  Connectivity  Orange adopted the IEEE 802.11n standard already available in the Business Livebox  PLC may be used to convey the TV flow between the Livebox and the Set Top Box  Work is ongoing to test all possible configurations  Handshaking protocol: DLNA/UPnP  Orange is a member of the DLNA and has implemented a DLNA Test bed in Orange Labs  Liveboxes should be DLNA compliant in 2008  Digital Right Management (DRM)  Orange uses OMA DRM, OMA BCAST and WMDRM for downloading or streaming  Viaccess provides DRM/CAS for TV channels France Telecom – Technology Division 7
  8. 8. FT is active in Standardisation  Home Gateway Initiative (HGI)  Use cases and specifications  Open IPTV Forum (OIF)  IPTV and connection with the Home Gateway  Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)  Connection with the Mobile  Potential partnerships  Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc.  Awox, Baracoda, EPS/Securitas, HP, Orb , etc. France Telecom – Technology Division 8
  9. 9. Thank You France Telecom – Technology Division 9