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What is minecraft about and why is it so addictive


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Minecraft has been one of the most successful games of the last five years. But why is it so popular and addictive? What does it have to offer? Find out all the answers and all the game's features in this presentation!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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What is minecraft about and why is it so addictive

  2. 2. Let’s start from the very beginning…  Marcus Persson, a Swedish game developer known as Notch, imagined a universe made of blocks…and in 2009 he turned into a game: Minecraft  First came a base of earth and sky, then the trees, the rocks, the lava…it looked like a natural world, but something was missing: OTHER PEOPLE, INTERACTION!  An individual and a multiplayer mode were created, but Notched wanted a Survival mode as well. In the classic stage all kinds of monsters and animals were added to the Minecraft Universe, but they were all passive…  In the Indev stage something really relevant was added: CRAFTING, the possibility to create objects for the game.
  3. 3. And then….  In the Infdev stage the game became a sandbox, the universe had no limits. From that stage on every friday came with a new addition: new items, new slimes…  Alpha stage: the survival multiplayer mode was created, now playing against all kind of creatures with your friends was possible!  Beta stage: all kinds of stuff were added in that stage: the sandstone, lower light, wolves that could be trained with bones, electric storms, intense raining…  Versions came with improvements and additions…1.6, 1.7, 1.8…until reaching the final version of the game, 1.0.0.
  4. 4. But that was not the end…  Since the version 1.0.0 was released the updates on the game have been on a non-stop dynamic until reaching the current 1.8.7 version.
  5. 5. The basics: what is Minecraft about?  To simplify it: Minecraft is an open-world game without a concrete goal and it is basically about transporting, placing and destroying tridimensional cubic blocks to modify your surroundings. Every mode has, of course, its own missions. Here’s a little video to illustrate this explanation:
  6. 6. Plenty of versions…it’s easy to lose count  The number of updates that have followed its theoretically “final version” has been mad, and keeping track of all the improvements is a really difficult task. To make it easier and appealing we created an infographic that goes over mods, creations and even famous players. CLICK IN THE PICTURE TO SEE IT!
  7. 7. Minecraft’s mods  Just like any other videogame worth his salt, Minecraft has plenty of mods that his creative users built in order to go one step further and adapt the game to their ideal conception of it. There are hundreds of them, and some have even been integrated into the game by Mojang. Here’s a list of the 4 best Minecraft’s Mods ever made. CLICK IN THE PICTURE TO SEE THEM!
  8. 8. Minecraft’s skins  Minecraft’s default protagonist is Steve, a character with no personality nor morals that just responds to the player’s commands.  Steve is not, however, the only option. The very creative mod community has also created entirely new skins for the player’s avatar. Check out the most awesome ones clicking here!
  9. 9. Minecraft’s maps  Minecraft’s most adventurous players have the option to install custom worlds in the game that focus in one type of experience: the maps. From puzzle maps to parkour ones there are maps to fit every taste! Check out the most amazing Minecraft’s maps clicking here or you can even download them clicking here!
  10. 10. Minecraft’s buildings  It is a common trait in games that allow freedom when building to have a percentage of players that take constructions to the limit, building architecture that goes beyond what we thought was possible in such games. Minecraft is no different, and by clicking here you can check the 5 most ambitious Minecraft buildings ever conceived.
  11. 11. Why is Minecraft so addictive?  Games with goals inevitably come to an end by the time all of them have been completed. Minecraft, however, is a sandbox game, and there are no goals whatsoever. That fact and its constant updates and new possibilities inspire millions of users to keep playing day after day, becoming on of the most successful videogames on earth in the last five years. JUST ONE MORE BLOCK!
  12. 12. Minecraft, a YouTube success  Gameplays have been a huge deal on YouTube for a while now, game fans love to see what are almost considered “personalities” in this video social media platform play their favorite videogames. Minecraft is by far the most successful videogame among this kind of videos, so much so that YouTubers get millions of views and subscribers! Discover the best Minecraft Youtubers clicking here!
  13. 13. Alternatives to Minecraft  Being such an outstanding and lucrative game it is not strange that some alternatives have been released. They cannot even be considered competence, but they share a large number of characteristics. The most famous ones are Roblox, Minetest and Block Story.
  14. 14. Resources  The best Minecraft seeds of 2015  Cool tricks and tips for Minecraft PC  The language of Minecraft: famous quotes  Herobrine, the Minecraft urban legend  How to play survival mode  Top 5 Minecraft textures  How to make your own Minecraft mod  Top 4 Minecraft mods ever made
  15. 15. News  What’s coming in Minecraft 1.9  Minecraft 1.9 announcements  New and mysterious things coming to Minecraft  Minecraft 1.8 updates and much more  Minecraft’s Fear Clinic helps teens quit smoking
  16. 16. Minecraft download, time to enjoy!