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Women in AWSome:Be Visible


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First AWS Association Women Meet up

Published in: Technology
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Women in AWSome:Be Visible

  1. 1. Meet Core leader Women Group Hello to all a short intro about myself. • System Administrator (Linux & Win) • Cisco Network Engr • Python user • DevOps Engr (Cloud) • Certified Ethical Hacker v8.0 • Certified PCI DSS Implementor V3.0 • IT System Auditor “I am a proud batanguena” joined Conduent as Information Security Analyst, Lead She loves to read, dance and yoga during free time.
  2. 2. Meet the AWS UG PH Women Community (Manila and Cebu 2017-2018]
  3. 3. AWS Users Group Community
  4. 4. Key take ways Part 1 : AWS Asian Women Community increase participation. Part 2 :AWS Cloud IAM (basics) our daily life.
  5. 5. AWS User groups are peer-to-peer communities
  6. 6. Why women in I.T skeptical to participate in peer to peer community based group?
  7. 7. Why women in I.T skeptical to participate in peer to peer community based group?
  8. 8. Why women in I.T skeptical to participate in peer to peer community based group?
  9. 9. AWS Asian Women: Increase Women in I.T roles & Visibility  Comfort ability of training  work setting  make a career in technology more attainable  inspirational - goal
  10. 10. AWS Asian Women: workforce in Cloud security Picture : credit to Udemy
  11. 11. Value Women in workforce : Cloud security  Directions in Information Security  Operation practices and priorities of security organization.  Able to do things from multiple perspective  drive to align Security with business strategy.
  12. 12. Ways to help us visible group community?  > Do you have a clear understandingof the roles and what they require as skills to be hire able?  > What can you offer to the company, as added value?  > What are the skills that you can reuse from your previous career?
  13. 13. “With ordinary talent and extra-ordinary perseverance All things are attainable.” Thomas Fawell Buston Hire able = Skills set + Certification+ level of experience
  14. 14. AWS Women’s Group Community PEER-TO-PEER COMMUNITIES which meet regularly  to share ideas  Answer users community questions  learn about new AWS services and best practices.
  15. 15. Part 2 : Cloud Security IAM in daily life
  16. 16. Part 2 : Cloud Security IAM in daily life Granular permissions * AWS (MFA)
  17. 17. AWS IAM?
  18. 18. How to access AWS IAM?
  19. 19. 1. Principal 2. Request 3. Authentication 4. Authorization 5. Actions 6. Resources The IAM infrastructure
  20. 20. Understanding how IAM works (Basics) . Principal action on an AWS resource allow users and services to assume a role Request ▸ Actions (or operations) ▸ Resources upon which the actions are performed ▸ Principal informationAuthentication  you must be authenticated (signed in to AWS) to send a request to AWS. Authenticate from the API or CLI, you must provide your access key and secret key Use MFA Authorization ▸ By default, all requests are denied. ▸ An explicit allow overrides this default. ▸ An explicit deny overrides any allows.
  21. 21. AWS Women’s PH Group – Games to know
  22. 22. AWS Womens Group – Games to know A __________, is an entity that can take an action on an AWS resource.
  23. 23. AWS Womens Group – Games to know
  24. 24. Come and join Women Community
  25. 25. Come and join AWS UG PH Women Community