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Part two


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Part two

  1. 1. How Effective is the Combination of my Main Product and Ancillary Texts?
  2. 2. Cover and BackThis is my CD Cover, I have designed this cover to reflect the rebellious nature of the music and the video. I have had to make the most adjustments to this cover, mostly due the original name Fallen and the logo I had created, unfortunately shared many similarities with the brand “Fallen Footwear” therefore I had to change anything that had the original logo on and edit the logo to look different. The nature of this cover is excellent as in the video, Tom and Lee wear their hoods up to conceal their true identity and this cover shows none of the band and their identity making them mysterious and fills them with a sense of enigma as to their true identity. My CD back is perhaps the most least changed of the products to begin with. I designed it to show the band members in circles, since in my opinion I believe that the band should always be seen at least one point on an album other-wise the person listening to the album arent going to know who is performing the album. This again to some artists is considered unconventional who keep their identity hidden, such as KISS and Slipknot. Most bands however choose not show their faces since, unlike a groomed pop artist such as Justin Beiber their face will not sell albums. I then realised that as Rock group their faces do not sell an album, especially on the rear of an album, therefore I kept the circle feature yet altered so the track list span around.
  3. 3. PosterMy poster was perhaps themost interesting creation as Ioriginally intended it to featurethe band it. However myresearch and audiencefeedback once again showedthe error in my way and thatmost posters do not have theband on them. Similarly it isuseful that I removed the bandsince it allows the productgroup to look more like acollection and so that peoplewill know that this looks similarto the album and therefore isFlare’s tour to go with thealbum.
  4. 4. How My Digi-Pak Relates to the Genre Similar to these examples: Iron Maiden use theThe common colours associated with the yellow as their striking colour and the rest is eitherRock music genre’s are a mixture or murky black or grey. “Piece Of Mind,”browns, greens and other dark colours withone distinct bright colour standing out on thepage. Judas Priest, have an entirely black background with My CD cover uses a bright, powerful a single striking image. “British Steel” background colour and a powerful yellow in the centre which stands out. Out of the albums on the right, This Aerosmith cover is slightly unconventional to Iron Maidens, Piece of Mind album my theory, however it still incorporates the same and Aerosmith’s Nine Lives stand idea, the stand out parts are of course the red out due there use of colour. and orange parts with the blue being more darker and more subtle. “Nine Lives” This Mötley Crüe album follows the conventional trend of having a solid black background but has a very striking unconventional image on the cover perhaps one of the reasons why I didn’t choose to incorporate an image on the cover since it is difficult to do it effectively like this “Shout At The Devil” album.
  5. 5. What I have Learnt from Audience Feedback?When I was creating my products, it was vitally important to gainan audiences perspective on what they wanted my products to belike, since after all they would be one who would buy the album if itwere to actually go on the sale. The audience can be very harsh;in my case with my colour scheme (although quite late on in theproduct development) saying how it didn’t look at all like the genreI was attempting to replicate. The audience know what they wantfrom a product, they know if they would want that album in theirhome next to their other albums and in my case originally theyobviously didn’t want to but I think with the aid from the audiencefeedback that my product has evolved into a professional lookingproduct that would be accepted into the genre that is rock.