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The Gift of Roger Federer to Corporate America


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Businesses have a lot to learn from the trajectory of Roger Federer's career and his continued success on the tennis court.

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The Gift of Roger Federer to Corporate America

  1. 1. The Gift of Roger Federer to Corporate America
  2. 2. The Man, the Brand. Federer is the ideal brand ambassador for many companies—many out of his native Switzerland, others that simply strive to exude quality.
  3. 3. The competition is always nipping at your heels. In 2016, Federer’s longtime rival, Rafael Nadal, held a commanding 23-11 lead in their head-to-head matchups. By the end of 2017, he had beaten Nadal five times in a row. Every Athlete’s Struggle. Source: ATP World Tour
  4. 4. At one time, Federer was known as someone who would lose his temper often. He has even called his past self “a hot head.” But now he is considered among the most calm and composed players you’ll find on and off the court, even following crushing losses. He’s learned to live in the moment. Key Transformations. Source: Shutterstock
  5. 5. Lessons for Corporate America. Federer’s ongoing success offers many takeaways for companies looking to grow their business and build a loyal, engaged audience. Source: Shutterstock
  6. 6. Play the (CX) Ball. After returning from a knee injury, Federer revealed the mindset that helped him succeed: Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Shutterstock “
  7. 7. For brands, “playing the ball” means focusing on your customer experience. How do you interact with your customers in a meaningful way? How can you continue to improve these interactions? Play the (CX) Ball.
  8. 8. Keep it in Perspective. Learn to relax. Rely on your high-level goals and WHY to ground you following failure. Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Shutterstock “
  9. 9. Adapt and Adjust. Don’t rely on past successes to carry you through new challenges. Today’s fast-paced market demands genuine innovation from brands. Your Business New Tools Coaching Adjust
  10. 10. Get Outside Help as Needed. Change is difficult. Seek out external talent when necessary to make the tough, essential adjustments. Don’t be afraid to bring in a “coach” to help bring your business to the next level. Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
  11. 11. In 2010, Old Spice teamed up with a prominent ad agency to launch an awareness campaign that generated buzz and revenue. The company took a calculated risk in an unorthodox approach, but it paid off in a big way. Get Outside Help as Needed.
  12. 12. When you’re up against stiff competition, making small, incremental changes just isn’t enough. Question the status quo constantly. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure your ongoing success. No Room for Comfort Zones. Source: Shutterstock
  13. 13. Short-term success is easy. Playing at the highest level requires a certain mindset. Reinvent your approach to your business in the same way Roger Federer has reinvigorated his game. Sustaining Momentum. Source: