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Knowledge Networks - Embracing a Knowledge Ecosystem - a Case Study at Autodesk


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Knowledge-as-a-Service Using Cloud-Based Aggregation and Delivery

The Autodesk Knowledge Network is a strategy with a set of programs and technologies that enable and accelerate the contribution of a broad range of subject-matter experts in an overall ecosystem of knowledge. It has a specific business goal: helping customers be more productive with software offerings that can be complex and require deep professional expertise.

In contrast to thinking of knowledge management as a single technology, the core of the Autodesk Knowledge Network is a set of cloud-based web services that aggregate content from a variety of sources, using text analytics, taxonomy data, and rules engines to categorize the content and enrich the tagging. In addition to traditional sources of knowledge, like a robust KCS program and a structured CMS, the Autodesk Knowledge Network is able to automatically leverage knowledge contributions via forums, blogs, YouTube, and other sources. This empowers a broad virtual ecosystem of employees, partners, and customers to contribute. A flexible set of web services allows the same knowledge assets to be presented to customers, allowing this investment to be leveraged across in-product, web-based, and mobile access points. Community engagement with the content allows the "crowdsourcing" of curation to bring the most helpful and relevant content to the top and provide feedback to authors on content effectiveness and quality.

Learn how Autodesk is enabling customer productivity and success in this informative session.

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Knowledge Networks - Embracing a Knowledge Ecosystem - a Case Study at Autodesk

  1. 1. Embracing a Knowledge Ecosystem Knowledge-as-a-Service Using Cloud-Based Aggregation and Delivery Tom Williams | Autodesk 05.05.2014
  2. 2. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN #ADSK_AKN Autodesk Knowledge Network 2
  3. 3. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN We help people imagine, design, and create a better world We help people imagine, design, and create a better world Helping is more than just providing the tools 3
  4. 4. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Is this you? 1. Employees, partners, customers share knowledge all over the place? 2. That knowledge needs to be delivered to multiple ‘channels’? 3. Pace of business change is accelerating? 4. Extreme need to scale? 5. Knowledge management vendors want to sell ‘all in one’ solutions to you? 4
  6. 6. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Fragmented Online Resources 6
  7. 7. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Inconsistent Delivery & Measurement Trisoft CMS Online Help SFDC Case Management 21M page views/mo 1.7M content pages/yr 14 languages 2.4M page views/mo 40,000 threads/yr 6 languages Lithium Forums 10 languages Knowledgebase Contact Us 9.5M page views/mo (for /support) 3,000 articles/yr 1 language SFDC Articles Lithium Tribal Knowledgebase 7
  8. 8. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Opportunity: Context-Driven Relevancy 8
  9. 9. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN 9 Highly-motivated global ecosystem of highly-specialized expertise and knowledge • Employees • Resellers • Training Centers • Student Expert program • Highly-engaged community of users • Designated experts in large accounts Opportunity: Established Ecosystem
  11. 11. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN What is a “Knowledge Network”? “Knowledge Management”, but:  Beyond the bounds of a single enterprise  Embracing a broad ecosystem of multiple sources and contributors of knowledge assets  Blended, multifaceted approach 11
  12. 12. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN No single CMS - Aggregate & Standardize Content Embracing Ecosystem Complexity Tutorials & Help Wiki Support Knowledge Base YouTube Discussion Groups Blogs IN PRODUCT BROWSER MOBILE Design for Multichannel Delivery 12
  13. 13. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Tutorials & Help Wiki Support Knowledge Base YouTube Discussion Groups Blogs Autodesk Screencast Community Programs IN PRODUCT BROWSER MOBILE Third- Party Content Accelerate Community Contribution 13 Tools Programs Content
  14. 14. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Autodesk Partners Community FeedbackViewSearchBrowse Rate Aggregate Qualify Analyze Enrich Index Classify Translate 14
  16. 16. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Service-Oriented Architecture, in the Cloud Java Web Services on Amazon WS JSONP/XML RESTful Query SEARCH JSONP/XML RESTful Request CONTENT JSONP/XML RESTful Request USER FEEDBACK IN PRODUCT BROWSER MOBILE 16
  17. 17. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN 17 Conceptual Architecture Knowledge Assets Knowledge-as-a Service Presentation Layer In-Product Viewer Tutorials & Learning Materials YouTube Blogs. Help Documentation SFDC Articles – Customer Service & Support SaaS Products In-Product Features Desktop Products Autodesk Web Sites Mobile browsers Google Contextual Help Search Web Site Web Services Apps Partner & other 3rd Parties Lithium Community Accepted Solutions Autodesk Partners Customers Discovery - Search - Faceted Navigation - Feeds Syndication - Syndicate knowledge in a presentation neutral format Feedback - Usage - Ratings - Comments AutodeskKnowledgeNetwork Framework & Tools - Taxonomy - Content Guidelines - Tagging Standards Access Points
  18. 18. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Help Content Restructuring Program 1. “Topic-based Authoring” – ‘atomization’ / ‘chunking’ – Web-ready –‘Every page is the first page’ – Well-formed “Lego blocks”, modular, reusable – Meta tagging standards to drive search-ready content – Clean, simple, constrained DITA 2. Keep it light, do it right – High-quality, simple, helpful content – Think mobile and web, not print – Get rid of complex over-designed ‘cruft’ 18
  19. 19. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Cloud-based Documentation Pipeline 19 Online Help Content • DITA content standard – Industry standard XML – Modular, reusable – Highly-localizable • DITA Open Toolkit running in the Cloud – Extremely scalable – Rapid, automated transformation – Well-formed HTML • Optimized for responsive, multichannel delivery DITA Open Toolkit Cloud Storage Web-ready format (JSONP) Support & Service Content • SFDC Articles extracted to Cloud and transformed
  20. 20. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Intelligent Crawling & Aggregation Autodesk knowledge of content informs data extraction: • Selective extraction • Utilize hidden and custom metadata • Intelligently handle ‘duplicate’ content • Weight content according to source • Tune with weightings on different fields 20
  21. 21. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Auto-Classification & Auto-Tagging • Text analytics applied to extracted content to ‘recognize’ known taxonomy terms, classify content • Enriches and standardizes metadata and tagging • Core technology: GATE (open source) 21
  22. 22. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Excellence in Search Relevancy Custom relevancy model • Leverages enriched ‘hidden’ data • Tunable according to communication channel • Influenced by taxonomy of product functionality Integrated into Autodesk’s ‘hero’ products for four releases now Core technology: SolrCloud 22
  23. 23. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Proof – Relevancy for Autodesk Users • Side-by-side blind comparison against Google Site Search • AutoCAD 2011 Web-based Help • Judged by 14 internal AutoCAD experts • Test cases based on real world users as well as AutoCAD test plans 23
  24. 24. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Syndicate for Multichannel Delivery Syndicate answers from: • Help Documentation • SFDC Articles – Support & Service Knowledgebase • Lithium Discussion Forums (Accepted Solutions) • YouTube Channels • Blogs • Autodesk web sites Content stored in the Cloud in presentation-neutral, web-ready formats (XML/JSONP) 24
  25. 25. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Crowd-Sourced Curation by Community Universal user feedback mechanisms across different presentations of content Engagement Helpfulness Sharing Comments Usage 25
  26. 26. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Expanding Knowledge Contribution 26 Autodesk Screencast – Simple free utility for recording and sharing an information-rich tutorial or demonstration See it:
  27. 27. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Encourage Contribution with Creative Commons • “Open Source” licensing of learning and support content • Makes contribution more inviting • Facilitates reuse, translation, remixing 27 See it:
  29. 29. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN As of today… 4 million visits per month • 5 million content items in 15 languages • 1.1 million unique pages transformed from DITA in the cloud in 2014 so far • 9,900 SFDC Articles – support knowledge base • 26,000 blog articles • 36,000 “Accepted Solutions” from Lithium forums • 9,300 YouTube videos 29
  30. 30. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN 30 See it: Web site:
  31. 31. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN 31 In-product Online Help:
  32. 32. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN 32 Learning paths:
  33. 33. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN 33 In-product user interfaces:
  34. 34. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN 34 iOS App:
  36. 36. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Lessons Learned • Cloud infrastructure and open source technologies = great ROI • Aggregation is flexible, “Future-proof” • Deliver something early, then iteratively expand • A successful solution begets new problems – Content quality is our next big challenge • Expanding analytics and feedback loops also a critical focus where we’re playing catch-up 36
  38. 38. #ADSK_AKN#ADSK_AKN Contact Information #ADSK_AKN Autodesk Knowledge Network 38