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Online Betting - Why Your Customers Sign-up

The real reasons why customers sign-up to new, tier 2 and tier 3 betting sites. Important overview for marketers working for operators in those classes.

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Online Betting - Why Your Customers Sign-up

  1. 1. Online Sports Betting Real Reasons Why Your Customers Sign-Up The Uncomfortable Truth this is the
  2. 2. This is for New Sportsbooks, so if you are working at a Tier 1 sit back and have a laugh at what the Tier 2s and 3s have to deal with. this is the
  3. 3. If you don’t work at a Tier 1 then we know this will resonate. If you are new to the industry, feel free to steal this deck and pass it off as your own. Especially if you are planning on using it to bluff a job interview! this is the
  4. 4. The reality is that you are one of many and they can pick your competitors over you in the swipe of a thumb. Your customers are likely to already have accounts with Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. this is the
  5. 5. So then, why would they go to the hassle of setting up an account with you? this is the
  6. 6. Reason 1: They have exhausted their account balance with another operator and are prepared to sign-up with you to get a Free Bet. this is the
  7. 7. Reason 2: A bad customer service experience with one of your competitors has caused the user to become annoyed and therefore leave them to join you. this is the
  8. 8. Reason 3: (Pre-Gamstop) They have self-excluded from everywhere else. this is the
  9. 9. Reason 4: You have better prices than the bookies they currently use. this is the
  10. 10. Reason 5: They are using your offers for matched betting because you were listed on a site such as this is the
  11. 11. Reason 6: They are arbing (not using your offers just your prices on their own). this is the
  12. 12. Reason 7: They got a new phone and want to install lots of new apps. this is the
  13. 13. Reason 8: They have been bet factored/restricted on all their other accounts so they set one up with you, where they can get some action. this is the
  14. 14. Reason 9: It’s Cheltenham this is the
  15. 15. Reason 10: It’s The Grand National (Please shut off your sign-up offer at least) this is the
  16. 16. So, what doesn’t cause them to sign-up to your new Sportsbook? this is the
  17. 17. Product Innovation: The tier one folks have that. this is the
  18. 18. Live Betting: The tier one folks have that. this is the
  19. 19. Live Streaming: The tier one folks have that. this is the
  20. 20. Your Brand: You have to build one first. Are you prepared to focus on ATL and not just on Direct Response advertising? this is the
  21. 21. So, how can you make it work? Ultimately, make a promise to your customers and keep it. Your prices, customer service, stake limits and UX are areas you can look at. this is the
  22. 22. The question shouldn’t be “What makes our users sign-up.” It should be “What makes our users come back.” this is the
  23. 23. Once you have decided on your promise to your customers. Where, when and how you advertise is of key importance. You must be front of mind when prospective customers are looking to sign-up to another betting account (hopefully you). this is the
  24. 24. “We can help your online sportsbook/casino increase revenue and reduce ad costs. Drop us a line to find out how” Paddy Casey, Co-Founder, The Unit. this is the About The Unit The unit is a revenue maximisation agency for the betting sector. Everybody who works at the agency has worked for a sports betting or casino operator. We have experts in PPC, SEO, affiliates, UX, design and development at your disposal.