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GoogleAds - How to Get Lower CPAs on High CPC Keywords


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Using the "Bait and Boost" technique you can get cheaper CPCs on your PPC campaigns. This step by step guide contains the eight steps involved in setting this up.
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GoogleAds - How to Get Lower CPAs on High CPC Keywords

  1. 1. this is the PPC TIP How to Get Cheaper Generic Conversions (Bait and Boost Technique)
  2. 2. this is the We call this the “Bait and Boost” technique.
  3. 3. this is the Use content as bait to build a cookie pool for RLSAs.
  4. 4. this is the Appear top position when people on the list search for your generic term.
  5. 5. this is the Your Ads will perform better and your CPA will be lower.
  6. 6. this is the So, what are the steps?
  7. 7. this is the 1. Create Content
  8. 8. this is the Like Ebook Embedded Video YouTube Video Blog Post Embedded deck Q&A Session Online Seminar Step by Step Guide Embedded Podcast etc.
  9. 9. this is the 2. Set up a new audience list in Google Analytics
  10. 10. this is the 3. Trigger a goal or page view when the content is consumed
  11. 11. this is the 4. Import the list from GA to Google Ads.
  12. 12. this is the 5. Push the content ● YouTube ● LinkedIn ● Twitter ● Facebook ● Slideshare ● Scribd ● Medium ● Reddit ● LinkedIn Groups ● Facebook Groups ● Instagram ● Email ● Browser Pushes
  13. 13. this is the 6. Drop >1000 cookies.
  14. 14. this is the 7. Bid adjust upwards for the audience list.
  15. 15. this is the 8. Appear top position on search for your audience list.
  16. 16. this is the CTR Conversion Rate
  17. 17. this is the CPA
  18. 18. this is the “We have lots of ways to help you get better performance on PPC. Hit me up on LinkedIn to find out more.” Paddy Casey, Co-Founder, The Unit. Drop us a line