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Betting Industry Guide: Affiliate Marketing for C-Level Executives

Summary of the key aspects of Affiliate Marketing in the Online Betting space for the C-Suite. The 5 Key Areas of Affiliates that every C-Level Executive should now.

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Betting Industry Guide: Affiliate Marketing for C-Level Executives

  1. 1. this is the Affiliate Management For C-Level Executives Betting Industry Guide
  2. 2. this is the Affiliate Marketing is a Key Marketing Channel for Online Betting Sites.
  3. 3. this is the New Customer Acquisition Branding Customer Retention Affiliate Marketing Contribution to Your Business It’s not just about customer acquisition...
  4. 4. this is the Dealing with Bonus Hunters and Arbers is Key to Profitability1.
  5. 5. this is the Matched Betting Site Affiliate Site Bonus Hunters & Arbers Operator Site Not Profitable: 80% of Traffic from Matched Betting Site Profitable: 20% of Traffic from Affiliate site Overall profitability can be achieved by reducing the percentage of bonus hunters and arbers. This can be done by adjusting the acquisition offer. Traffic is disguised as coming from affiliates Urls taken from Affiliate site
  6. 6. this is the High Conversion Rates Help You Negotiate Down CPA2.
  7. 7. this is the Operator A- 1000 Affiliate Clicks = 10 Conversions CPA = £150 CPC = £1,500/1,000 = £1.50 Operator B - 1000 Affiliate Clicks = 15 Conversions CPA = £150 CPC = £2,250/1000 = £2.25 Can pay CPA of £100 and give the Affiliate the same CPC (revenue per click from the affiliate’s perspective) as Operator A.
  8. 8. this is the CRM is the key to the profitability of your Affiliate Program3.
  9. 9. this is the Poor CRM = Poor Affiliate Program
  10. 10. this is the watch your CHURN
  11. 11. this is the Trading strategy impacts affiliate acquisition from odds grid sites and overall retention 4.
  12. 12. this is the Higher Margin Odds Grids and Bet slip Affiliates(Trading Strategy)
  13. 13. this is the Lower Margin Odds Grids and Bet slip Affiliates(Trading Strategy)
  14. 14. this is the Cross sell from Sports to Casino is essential for the success of your program 5.
  15. 15. this is the Casino is KING. Make sure your Casino Team are well resourced to drive CLV.
  16. 16. this is the “If you would like to find out how to start an affiliate program from scratch or would like some advice on how to turn your affiliate program from making losses to driving profits drop me a line below” Paddy Casey, Co-Founder, The Unit. Drop us a line